Industry Exposé (OCTOBER 26, 2017)


What goes well with your AM coffee? Our first Industry Exposé!

Today we give you our bread and butter. It is this kind of knowledge sharing that inspired The Pulse in the first place. We have kept our eyes open and our ears to the ground to identify the status (whether they are cancelled, pre-solicitation, active, or awarded) of impactful contracts across the Federal Government. We have also identified past and upcoming industry conferences and events. This information is not exhaustive, but it is contextual. We are not only telling you the what--we strive to make connections that provide you with the why. 

We have provided a quick snapshot of what you can expect to see in our October 26th report below. For information on upcoming industry events and our full exposé including solicitation numbers, the industry estimated values, and important dates – click here.

Cancelled Bids

Navy NAVFAC Southeast AEC Design Build and/or Plans Specifications Multiple Award Construction Contract for Key West Florida AOR. Right before Irma? Talk about timing.

DHS Specialized Security Training for TSA. The Program Office confirmed that this effort will compete among 3 vendors (Leidos, Northrop Grumman, and General Dynamics) on an established Multiple Award IDIQ Contract. The Solicitation will not be available on FBOs or open to the public competitive acquisition. Could this mean that the private sector competition for TSA services is only available to those three?

Air Force Pharmacy Automation. The Contracting Office confirmed that it will no longer pursue an enterprise-wide/worldwide Pharmacy Automation IDIQ program. It stated that it will conduct base-by-base acquisition via a GSA Schedule contract vehicle. Could this be tied to the VA pharmacy Pre-RFP holdup?  

DOJ BOP College Level Program for Federal Correctional Institution in Waseca Minnesota. DOJ BOP determined that the cancellation is in the best interest of the Government.  The Contracting Office stated that it is uncertain when or if this requirement will be solicited.         

Air Force Air Force Global Strike Command Vector IV PLRF Cables. Cancelled because some information being posted should have been…redacted...?

DOS Packing and Shipping Services, U. S. Embassy Kyiv, Ukraine. The Government decided to revise the SOW and estimated quantities of packing and shipping services to the Ukraine. This revision will take time to complete.

SEC eDiscovery Application. The SEC determined that it would be more advantageous to the government to meet this requirement with its existing eD2 contract. More work going on the eD2 contract - more consolidation.   

Pre-Solicitation Bids

DHS OCPO Exploratory Research in Preventing Nuclear and Radiological Terrorism for the DHS Domestic Nuclear Detection Office. We think the title says it all. Just in case, here are some guidelines on how to survive a nuclear attack

NASA Ames Research Center Small Spacecraft Prototyping Engineering Development & Integration (SSPEDI). As of late September, the Government expressed their intentions to extend incumbent contracts for Millennium Engineering and Integration Company (NNA10DF16B) from November 9, 2017 through November 8, 2018; Northrop Grumman (NNA11AA03B) from November 9, 2017 through May 8, 2018; and Sierra Nevada Corporation (NNA11AA05B) from November 9, 2017 through June 1, 2018. Per FPDS, Millennium has brought in over $244M under this contract with Northrop Grumman closing in at over $81M and Sierra Nevada at $48.5M. The other two incumbents, PNP Innovations Inc. and Ducommun Inc., did not get seconds on dessert. The Government stated that they project a solicitation sometime between October and November. We are thinking it is closer to the end of this year.   

NASA Shared Services Center Data Center Facility Operations Management Support Services. We really like that NASA created their own special website for this one ( - oh and that funding is on the rise. We like that too. Since NASA is one of the three designated agencies, we are pretty sure it’s safe to say that this is staying under the Alliant GWAC.   

WHS DOD CIO Mission Support Services (DoD CIO CMSS). Six awardees under the current contract (in revenue order): BAH, CACI, SAIC, LM, Analytic Services and Caliber Associates. Per FPDS, all PoP's end in mid to late 2018. BAH leads the pack with $85M with CACI trailing badly at just $29M. The latest funding action was in favor of SAIC for $5K in May 2017.  In total, this contract has spent over $162M throughout the PoP.       

USACE Middle East District Women's Participation Program, Police Town Phase II, Kabul, Afghanistan. USACE AEC FEMALE POLICE TOWN PHASE I (FPT) was due on August 4, 2017, and is still in source selection. Not sure how they will release phase II without an awardee on phase I so be on the lookout.    

DHS ICE CIO TECS Modernization Support Services. This recompete means throwing your hat in the ring with two heavy hitters: Booz Allen Hamilton (BAH) & Palantir Technologies. From our analysis on FPDS, Palantir is responsible for running the Investigating Case Management (ICM) system. The most recent funding action came just one month ago to the tune of $709K. To date, Palantir has brought in just under $40M under this contract. BAH is responsible for the technical oversight and support services for the TECS Modernization Program Office. The most recent FPDS action was in August 2017 for just a little over $3M. To date, BAH has brought in $17M under this contract. Both PoPs started in 2014. BAH is set to end in early 2018, whereas Palantir is set to end late 2019. This contract supports the Administration's top priority, (illegal) immigration, and ICE & CBP can expect to see their funding increase in FY18. Furthermore, starting on October 18, DHS announced that immigration files will be expanded to include "social media handles, aliases, associated identifiable information, and search results" - so this can only result in a scope increase and additional funding. It has been rumored that Peter Thiel, a backer of Palantir Technologies, has been offered the top U.S. intelligence post on President Trump's Intelligence Advisory Board. How do you compete with that? Another competitor on the scene that might make things interesting is Giant Oak, a little-known American firm specializing in finding "the people behind the data" to "identify illicit actions, actors, and networks," according to its tagline

NASA GODDARD Space Exploration Networks Services and Evolution (SENSE). Per FPDS, Peraton Inc. (incumbent) has received over $1.2B over the PoP which is ending in April 2018. Latest funding action was in early October for $1.9M. According to a google search, Peraton is rumored to be teaming up with EXB Solutions on this one - but the articles are suspiciously unavailable now. Hmm.  

HHS CMS Current Sources of Income and Employment Verification. In March 2018, CMS exercised their option year with Talx Corporation to the tune of $18,500,000.00. The contract completion date is 03/2018. This is obviously impacted by what the Administration/Congress decides to do with healthcare. In September, GAO put out a great report on three states using data sources from HHS for eligibility and finding that there were few indications of potentially improper enrollments. 

DSS Market Research for conducting Background Investigations. We think we can all agree that the background investigation process needs a makeover. We will keep an eye out to see if DSS follows-up on the Sources Sought request that was due back on October 6th.         

IRS Enterprise Case Management. IRS picked up the ball again in April to start researching solutions for a better approach to Enterprise Case Management. According to a 2016 Report from the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration, the IRS currently maintains 90 separate case management systems utilizing Entellitrak. We are hoping that the IRS follows through with their recent FBO posting where they state their intent to follow-up with potential bidders with one-on-one meetings.        

DHA Naval Medical Research Support (OMNIBUS IV). The timeframe for this solicitation has pushed right at least three times this year. The Government stated in early October that this is solicitation is planned to be released in Winter 2017 but can't give a timeline. Per our research on FPDS, a majority of the TO's awarded under this contract have a PoP end date of late-2018 or late-2019. The last big spending push under this contract came in July 2017 but not much movement since. An estimated $275M has been spent under this contract from various customers to include: Air Force, Navy and Army. 25 contracts awarded with only two major players: Henry M Jackson Foundation ($68M) and BAH ($66M).

IRS Contact Center Maintenance and Support (ICCSS). RFI response due date was pushed back until tomorrow (October 27th) - so hurry and help us all by helping the IRS figure out their interoperability with other existing IRS CCE elements for its Contact Center Services Division (CCSD) aka maybe make tax season less miserable?         

GSA Entity Validation Services. First RFI was released in February 2017 and now there is a second one that is due on November 20th. We found out about this one by following GSA on twitter, so we thought was cool. Give them a follow @USGSA.

Active Bids

GSA CFO Administrative Support Service CO NCR. Great opportunity for professional service GovCons to get their foot in the door.                 

NASA Ames Research Center Safety and Mission Assurance. According to the CIO of NASA, America is trying to stay a leader in the field of aeronautics, and this is on the radar for the Administration.            

Navy Navi Air Sys Command Strategic and Organizational Development. This is hot off the presses and just released this morning. GO, GO, GO!

Army ACC Water Sampling for Puerto Rico. Not much analysis needed here. Hoping GovCons are going after this one with purpose and intent!

Navy NAVAIR Initiative Program Management Contractor Services (NAVAIR PM CSS MAC). This SBSA will be a competition. An opportunity to provide all program, project and acquisition management and support for NAVAIR weapon system program? Yes, please.                   

Awarded Bids

DHS ICE Houston Detention Center. Corrections Corporation of America (or now CoreCivic) has been supporting this contract for the Houston Detention Center since 2009 and has brought in over $322M in funding since contract inception. The Geo Group Inc. just started work in May 2017 and only has $600 in funding action so far. Growing number of these awards due to the Administration's promise for privatization of the prison system. The for-profit prison industry is dominated by two publicly-traded companies: Corrections Corporation of America and GEO Group together control 73% of the private prison market in the United States.

DHS UCIS Data and Business Intelligence Support Services III (DBIS III). A Cost Plus Fixed Fee Task Order, #HSSCCG17J00025, was awarded to Sevatec Inc., on June 9, 2017, in the amount of $50,343,531.82. Four offers were received according to FPDS. Total PoP is 03/2017 - 06/2021. Only action obligation so far is $10,649,409.42.

DOS Design-Build Construction Services, Balkh Infrastructure Project, Balkh, Afghanistan. We just thought this was cool because it is to help build women dormitories at Balkh University (so you know, girl power!).

DOE NNSA Savannah River Site Liquid Waste (SRLWP). We just wanted to give a shout out to whatever brilliant capture or BD mind put this JV together. Savannah River EcoManagement, LLC (SRE) comprises BWXT Technical Services Group, Inc., Bechtel National, Inc. and Honeywell International, Inc - hard to compete against that.

MDA TEAMS Predictive Engineering. Torch Technologies is being awarded an $86M competitive CPFF contract to provide a digital representation of adversary missiles and flight test targets common across all Ballistic Missile Defense System (BMDS) programs. This is in line with September reporting that the Pentagon was preparing to ask Congress to transfer $416M from Army operations and maintenance accounts, and dump it into missile defense programs that would help deal with the threat from North Korea. 

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