This Industry Exposé is as crazy as the NCR weather!

The Pulse Industry Exposé is our bread and butter. It is this kind of knowledge sharing that inspired The Pulse in the first place. We have kept our eyes open and our ears to the ground to identify the status (whether they are cancelled, pre-solicitation, or awarded) of impactful contracts across the Federal Government. We have also identified past and upcoming industry conferences and events. This information is not exhaustive, but it is contextual. We are not only telling you the what - we strive to make connections that provide you with the why. 

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USACE W912P517R0004 $ 25,000,000 - 3-Apr-18 Cancelled due to lack of available funding.
Combat Training Center-Joint Readiness Training Center (JRTC),
Fort Polk, Louisiana
Contracting Command
W900KK16RJRTC1 - $ 35,833,501.43 4-Apr-18 US Army decided to fill this requirement through the Alliant contract vehicle. Here is another example of consolidation through GWACs.
Vehicle Pressure Washer NGB W91ZRU18Q5001 - - 4-Apr-18 Someone in the Contracting Office sounds a little bitter. Government reasoning for cancellation: "Solicitation has been canceled due to inability by user to properly define requirements for the pressure washer. The user's need for a vehicle pressure washer still exists, so the Government anticipates a future solicitation to fulfill this requirement. No date has been determined for issuance of an upcoming solicitation at this time."
Strong Bonds Event April 2018 NGB W912NR18Q5009 - - 5-Apr-18 Talk about cold blooded. RFP was released March 28th, due April 4th, and cancelled April 5th due to "change in mission scope". Couldn't let GovCon know a little sooner?
126th Yellow Ribbon Event NGB W91SMC18Q2603 - - 5-Apr-18 Solicitation was cancelled "due to a change in mission requirements". Bummer.
USACE W912QR17R0045 $21,000,000 - 6-Apr-18 Cancelled due to lack of available funding.
Sexual Assault Response Presentations for Security Overseas
19FS1A18Q6000 - - 10-Apr-18 Well this is disappointing. Requirement was "suspended indefinitely".
F-35 Jets Joint Program DoD - - - 11-Apr-18 The U.S. Department of Defense has stopped accepting most deliveries of F-35 jets from Lockheed Martin Corp (LMT.N) because of a dispute over who will cover costs for fixing a production error, Reuters reported. When the Pentagon stops taking delivery of F-35s, foreign customers can also be affected. So far at least two foreign governments have stopped accepting F-35s as a result of this issue, two of the sources said.
DOS 19AQMM18N0043 $225,000,000 $178,754,113.43 11-Apr-18 Interesting. Last funding action was April 12th to the tune of $11K with the PoP ending at the end of May. These services are critical to the efficient operation of the department and include Tier I IT contact handling (450,000 tickets annually), deskside Tier II IT support (over 209,000 service requests & 100,000 incidents annually), service asset and configuration management (SACM) for over 35,000 assets, and other services. We wonder if they're possibly revisiting their acquisition strategy? Your guess is as good as ours!
USPSC Senior Humanitarian Advisor (Multiple Positions) USAID 720FDA18B00052 - - 13-Apr-18 OFDA has decided to cancel this solicitation because the Place of Performance will be changed. OFDA intends to re-solicit the position with the new Place of Performance.

RCO EW AI Challenge
Contracting Command
W56JSR18S0001  -   -  Mar-18 Apr-18 The Army is developing a means of better classifying signals of interest using Artificial Intelligence (AI). The Army RCO is in pursuit of innovative solutions for fighting in an increasingly defense electromagnetic environment against adversaries with well-developed electronic warfare (EW) capabilities. The challenge event will be conducted via the website.
Science Camp Instructor USAF NAF1  -   -  - Apr-18 CANNON,AFB Youth Center is looking for teachers/students interested in leading a,Science Camp and assisting participating youth in gaining an increased level,of understanding science. Lessons must include age appropriate instruction,for youth ages 5-18 with a timeframe of 23-27 April and an average of three,hours a class between 5-8pm.
Personnel Security Investigation Services Army
Contracting Command
W91CRB18R0010  $49,660,000.00  $ 20,964,839.90 Apr-18 Apr-18 The,U.S. Army Intelligence and Security Command, Personnel Security Investigation,Center of Excellence (PSI-CoE) serves as the Army's centralized activity for,the accurate and efficient administrative validation, review and submission,of all Army (Active, Guard, and Reserve) background investigations required,for Security Clearances, Federal Employment, and Common Access Card (CAC),issuance, while providing customer service and support to Army Stakeholders,worldwide. PSI-CoE requires non-personnel services for the administrative,processing, validation, review, and call center support for personnel,security/suitability background investigations in support of the US Army,missions worldwide. The follow-on contract is looking to be a single award 8a,IDIQ - but be careful, the current incumbent is also an 8a and has been,supporting these requirements since 2014.
Quality Control of the Crash Injury Research and Engineering
Network (CIREN)
693JJ918R000050  -   $1,562,554.00 Apr-18 May-18 The,CIREN program provides insight into developing trends in motor vehicle crash,injury causation. This insight translates into emerging research topics, and,CIREN research projects frequently graduate to full research programs. This,soon-to-be re-competed contract seeks to provide the Office of Vehicle Safety,Research with a mechanism to ensure the quality, completeness, compliance,,and consistency of data collected in the CIREN program. Utilization of a,third-party quality control agent ensures NHTSA can provide the public with,timely data from the investigations of seriously injured victims of traffic,crashes. The findings of the CIREN program will broaden the knowledge of a,wide range of crash victims, crash modes, and injury mechanisms, and shall ultimately,provide a basis for improved vehicle and restraint design. The long-term,outcome of CIREN helps lead to a reduction in serious injuries and fatalities,from motor vehicle crashes. Ordering period of the current incumbent,contract, held by Trustees of Indiana University, is up in September of this,year.
Intelligence Information Reports DSS HS002118Q0003  $2,553,000.00  $2,553,274.00 May-18 May-18 The,Office of Acquisitions, Defense Security Service (DSS), Quantico, Virginia,22134 intends to award an IDIQ contract for GovCon to generate Intelligence,Information Reports (IIRs) in support of the Collection Management Branch,(CMB) at DSS. The Government is on a tight timeline because their current,contract supporting these requirements, held by Celestar Corporation, ended,in January of this year.
Contracting Command
W911QY18R0008  $249,000,000.00  $274,343,445.22 May-18 Aug-18 Last,awarded in 2012, this large Omnibus (formally known as JPEO-CBP-OPETS),currently carries 42 GovCon incumbents - including some heavy hitters like,Patricio Enterprises, TASC (Engility), Huntington Ingalls (Camber), and,Millennium Corporation just to name a few. JPE-CBD is implementing a new,acquisition strategy on this go around where they are splitting this IDIQ,into three separate MA IDIQ's (Acquisition, Logistics/Medical, and Business,Analytics). What is even more interesting is the Government is projecting,only three awardees per MA IDIQ - making this a large consolidation (and,teaming) effort. Patricio Enterprises leads the current IDIQ pack by a large,margin bringing in over $106.52M over the PoP - followed by Huntington,Ingalls at $68M and Tauri Group at $21M.,According to the November 2017 briefing slides, JPE-CBD plans for ~140,FTEs in total for the JE-OPETS-BEI MA IDIQ with about 20 different labor,categories. The slides also reference a timeline that seems to be slipping -,calling for a Contractor On-Ramp for each MA IDIQ to being early January 2019,and all FTE's/TOs to be in place by February 2019. PoP ends in June so we,anticipate this being a late summer blockbuster. Last go around got 70 proposals,submitted - any one want to wager we will see that double? Maybe triple? Keep,your eye on this one!
Advanced Training and Support for Department of Navy (DON)
Acquisition Workforce Excellence
ID11180043  -   -  - May-18 GSA is,working to determine the availability of potential SB GovCons for a tentative,requirement of Advanced Training and Support for Department of Navy,Acquisition Workforce Excellence, under the GSA 00CORP - PSS Schedule,relevant to SIN 874-1, 874-4, and 100-03.
Army Enterprise Data Center (AEDC) Army
Contracting Command
PANAPG18P0000132023  -   -  Jun-18 TBD:
Shaping Opportunity
Procrastination,is a nasty habit that we can all relate to. Back in December 2016, the,Secretary of the Army, frustrated by the Service’s poorly-executed effort to,meet its data center closure targets, issued Directive 2016-38 mandating the,Army close 60% of its roughly 1,200 data centers by the end of FY18 and 75%,by FY25. The 227 closures scheduled for the end of FY18, in addition to the,60 closures scheduled for the end of FY17 (not sure if those all happened),,means that the Army estimates it is running enterprise systems and,applications in at least 287 of its data centers. More importantly, the Army,has slowly been moving towards establishing four CONUS AEDCs to consolidate,and manage Army applications in a centralized manner - the four,being Ft. Bragg, Ft. Carson, Ft. Knox, and,Redstone Arsenal. Of these four locations, only the AEDC at Redstone begun to,take shape in Q2 of FY17, including the private commercial cloud being stood,up there by IBM in late 2016 as part of the pilot Army Private Cloud,Enterprise (ACPE) contract (Contract No.: W91QUZ12D0002). There have been,other movements as well such as using ALTESS as a "staging area",(which is also set to close), the award of the Army Cloud Computing,Enterprise Transformation (ACCENT) BOA (Sol. No.: W52P1J16R0194) in early,2017, September 30th is only a few months away - and the contract support,still isn't in place. Looks like this still has a long way to go.
USAF RFIRIKD1802  -   -  Jun-18 Jul-18 The,Air Force Research Laboratory, Information Directorate, Rome NY (AFRL/RI),,has a requirement for performing specialized software research, software,development, integration, deployment, familiarization, testing, installation,,maintenance, and lifecycle support. This effort will enable research,,enhancement, and maintenance of Multi-Level Access (MLA) data, information,,processes, and systems. MLA solutions are a type of Cross Domain (CD) system,that provides authorized users the ability to securely access data from,multiple security domains from a single client device, while protecting the,security domains from unauthorized access or malicious attack.
Automated Dynamic Malware Analysis Tools DOS 19AQMM18N0045  -   $10,682,139.99 Jun-18 May-18 The,current incumbent contract, held by International Systems Marketing, was,awarded back in 2013 with the PoP ending December 2017. We can't seem to,locate a bridge contract or notice - so we aren't sure what DOS has been,doing as a stop-gap measure, but hopefully this procurement comes sooner,rather than later.
Information Technology Services, Office, Chief Army Reserve
Contracting Command
W9124718T0005  $4,564,000.00  $4,564,249.21 Jun-18 May-18 The,United States Army Reserve (USAR) plays a critical role in defending our,nation and it is vital that the Office of the Chief Army Reserve (OCAR) G-6,receives IT services that provide technical excellence to support enterprise,level IT requirements for the Chief, Army Reserve (CAR) and a support staff,of ~700 users. A continuing need is anticipated for the services, which are,currently being fulfilled through contract W91QUZ-11-D-0011-1N01 by,NETCENTRICS. After doing some digging, it looks like the PoP for this TO was,up in February of this year, with no bridge contract. Since this is an IDIQ,,it is hard to tell if the services are continuing under another TO.
Contracting Command
W911QY18R0001  $249,000,000.00  $274,343,445.22 Jun-18 Jul-18 See analysis for JE-OPETS-BEI.,According to the November 2017 briefing slides, JPE-CBD plans for ~140 FTEs,in total for the JE-OPETS-LM MA IDIQ with about 14 different labor,categories.
Contracting Command
W911QY18R0002  $ 249,000,000.00  $274,343,445.22 Jun-18 Jun-18 See analysis for JE-OPETS-BEI. This,MA IDIQ is not like the others because it will be competed as a SBSA.,According to the November 2017 briefing slides, JPE-CBD plans for ~135 FTEs,in total for the JE-OPETS-A MA IDIQ with about 9 different labor categories.,We are thinking that this one will probably be competed before the two full,and open spin offs.
DoD Ammunition Inventory Enterprise WHS HQ003418RXXXX  -   -  Jun-18 TBD:
Shaping Opportunity
Washington,Headquarters Services (WHS) is issuing notice seeking GovCons capable of,providing a Information Decision Support Tool for the DoD Ammunition,Inventory Enterprise. The DoD Reform Lead for Logistics and Supply Chain is,exploring the feasibility and benefits of an information decision support,tool to support the DoD ammunition inventory enterprise. It is envisioned,that the tool will be comprised of a munitions common operational picture,(COP) that will have specific requirements, outputs, and data elements (e.g.,a dashboard), and an artificial intelligence (AI)/machine learning (ML),capability that takes information from the COP when applied to use cases or,scenarios and provides a series of options to the DoD for decision making,purposes. The initiative would provide the first ever tool with complete,enterprise stockpile visibility, real time data-driven health and readiness,metrics, the ability to measure the impact of decisions and subsequent,cascading order of effects on readiness to meet operational plans and the,ability to evaluate alternatives, substitutions, trade-offs and associated,costs, replenishment time lines and ability to store.
FDsys/GovInfo System Administrator and Support GPO FDsysgovinfoSystemAdministrator  -   -  - Jun-18 Part 1 of 3: GPO requires the,services of GovCons to provide System Administration and IT solutions for,their Federal Digital System (FDsys)/govinfo Program. GPO launched govinfo in,February 2016 as a beta website to eventually replace its predecessor, GPO’s,Federal Digital System (FDsys). In December 2018, govinfo will replace its,predecessor site, the Federal Digital System (FDsys). It looks like Harris,Corporation has been the most involved with this program (GPO information on,FPDS is limited). The Pre-Solicitation notice says to "look out for the,solicitation!" - so we will be keeping an eye out for this.
FDsys/GovInfo Search and Web Application Development and Support GPO FDsysgovinfoSearchandWebApplication  -   -  - Jun-18 Part 2 of 3: Same thing - but now,for search and web application development and support!
FDsys/GovInfo Repository and Processor Development and Support GPO FDsysgovinfoRepositoryandProcessorDevelopment  -   -  - Jun-18 Part 3 of 3: And last but not least,- GPO also will need some help with the repository and processor development,and support.
36C10G18Q9081, 36C10G18Q9082, 36C10G18Q9083, 36C10G18Q9084, 36C10G18Q9085,
36C10G18Q9086, 36C10G18Q9087
 -   -  Jul-18 TBD:
Shaping Opportunity
Looks,like VHA has the same problem as GSA PBS does. VHA lacks accurate and,complete architectural documentation across the real property portfolio to,manage and track information about its facilities. VHA is seeking responses,from GovCons with existing business knowledge and experience to determine the,best level of effort, business processes, costs, and technologies to provide,accurate, contemporary, up-to-date spatial layout and spatial data (e.g.,,room details such as Department Ownership, Net Square Footage and,Departmental Gross Square Footage, functional use) for existing facilities,under its stewardship. In addition to solution recommendations and GovCon,capabilities - VHA is also looking for timelines, pricing, etc. - so this is,a real shaping opportunity. Responses to the RFI is due April 24th by 5:00 PM,EST.
Board of Veteran Appeals (BVA) Surge Support Claims File Review
Request for Information
VA 36C10X18Q9097  -   $3,920,894.05 Jul-18 Jun-18 VA,claims file revise requirements were part of the "alternative",assigned tasks of the VA Community Care Network (CCN) IDIQ, but since that is,on hold at the moment - the VA is looking to GovCon for a stop-gap solution.,The Board of Veterans’ Appeals (Board) anticipates an increase in workload,and is seeking to obtain paralegal support for the Board related to the,administration of Veterans benefits appeals processing.,We can't seem to find one distinct program,for these types of requirements, but we did some digging on FPDS and found,the following GovCons that have recently played in this area: Maximus,(Contract No. VA74114C0009), Trauner Consulting Services (Contract No.:,VA24516F0015), Primeaux Health Strategies (Contract No.: VA644C20045),,Enterprise Technology Solutions (Contract No.: $36,795.96), BRSI L.P.,(Contract No.: VA496C11504), Triwest Healthcare Alliance Corp. (Contract No.:,VA79113D0054), and Health Net Inc. (Contract No.: VA79113D0053). RFI,responses are due April 23rd by 12:00 PM EST.
AEC INTERNATIONAL MAINTENANCE ASSISTANCE PROGRAM (IMAP III) DOS 19AQMM18R0191  $100,000,000.00  $ 78,000,000.00 Jul-18 May-18 DOS is,seeking SB GovCon firms to continue to provide Facility Maintenance Support,Services worldwide for 282 U.S. Embassy missions. The current incumbent,contract, held by Afognak Native Corporation, was competed under SAP back in,2013 and has an ending PoP of June 2018. RFI responses are due April 26th by,2:00 PM EST.
Pharmacological Study DOJ
15DDHQ18N00000014  -   -  Jul-18 TBD:
Shaping Opportunity
The,DEA consistently seeks to obtain information and comments from industry that,will provide the agency with insight into market conditions and/or scientific,advances that will aid in the refinements of requirements and the formation,of an acquisition strategy for in vivo rodent testing to determine abuse,potential of new and emerging drugs. Responses to the RFI are due May 11th by,10AM EST.
National Integrated Ballistics Information Network (NIBIN)  DOJ
RFINIBIN2018  $73,437,000.00  $82,202,841.97 Jul-18 Aug-18 The,Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) is seeking to,revise, modernize and improve the National Integrated Ballistics Information,Network (NIBIN). NIBIN today links over 175 local and state law enforcement,agencies, allowing these agencies to solve crimes by comparing ballistics,data within their regions or nationally in order to generate matches and link,criminal investigative cases by the firearms used. ATF is interested in a,web-based system or networked system with high redundancy and fault tolerance,that they can use to plug and play imaging equipment that is interoperable,with any Government-furnished workstations and servers. The current contract,is held by Forensic Technology WAI Inc. with the PoP ending in October of this,year.
Media Monitoring Services DHS
RNBO1800041  -   $11,496,566.72 Jun-18 TBD:
Shaping Opportunity
Looks,like DHS NPPD is looking to re-start their Media Monitoring program. General,Dynamics was the last to provide these services to DHS NPPD back in 2015,where it looks like the services were competed Full and Open under a GSA,Schedule. Rather than re-starting a new program - could DHS use this,opportunity to work with the IC (hello - NMEC?) and maybe collab a little? Or,maybe just talk to their ICE and CBP counterparts to get in on their media,monitoring program which has gained some media attention over the past weeks.,Time will tell!
GSA Team Collaboration Tools and Services GSA RFITC04042018  -   -  Jul-18 TBD:
Shaping Opportunity
Reported,back in 2016 - GSA 18F's slack security exposed GSA data and now they are,just getting around to possibly,replacing it.
1605DC18R00021  -   $7,918,084.24 Jul-18 TBD:
Shaping Opportunity
It,looks like VA is looking to re-start it's NVTAC Homeless Veterans',Registration Program (HVRP). According to our search on FPDS, Atlas Research,was the last to provide these services to VA ending in 2015. Atlas provided,these services across 25-cities. The new scope of the RFI is more focused on,FTE counts than scope so we aren't sure how large or small this re-upped,program could be, but it is a great thing to have GovCon support.
VA Mobile Applications Platform VA 36C10B18Q2846  -   $122,107,126.75 Jul-18 TBD:
Shaping Opportunity
The,VA is looking to replace their VA Mobile Infrastructure Services (VA MIS),platform, currently hosted by Booz Allen Hamilton, Terremark, and Dell,Federal, with the VA Mobile Applications Platform (MAP) solution. Currently,there are between 20-30 mobile applications and supporting services hosted in,the VA Mobile Framework (VAMF) production environment. To make things even,more complicated, the VA MIS platform currently consists of three hosting,environments (one external, two internal) – and there are additional,operational environments currently being commissioned in the VA Enterprise,Cloud (VAEC) located in Amazon AWS GovCloud and Microsoft Azure Government,Cloud. These environments will host all new application deployments and will,eventually be utilized to host all services currently located in ECE, MAE,,and VAMF as those systems are phased out during FY18. We wish all of GovCon,good luck with this hot mess. For more details and quotes from VA leadership,regarding the VA’s lofty cloud initiatives, make sure you read Jason Miller’s,(@jmillerWFED) tweets from the #FCWCloud Event.
SENTRY System Modernization  DOJ
15BNAS18N00000003  -   -  Sep-18 TBD:
Shaping Opportunity
The,Federal Bureau of Prisons consists of 122 institutions throughout the United,States and is responsible for the custody and care of ~183,000 Federal,offenders. In the spirit of IT Modernization (and some additional FY18,Omnibus funding), the Bureau is seeking detailed information from GovCon,about the IT tools and services that can assist the Bureau in further,modernizing its inmate management system, SENTRY. As part of this,modernization effort, the Bureau is also looking for flexibility to enable implementation,of a micro services architecture such that horizontal and vertical scaling,can be deployed, including to a cloud platform. RFI responses are due May,21st by 5:00 PM EST.
Microbusiness Market Potential for U. S. Postal Service USPS
6HQOIG18A0008  -   -  - TBD:
Shaping Opportunity
Microbusinesses,,as defined by the Small Business Administration (SBA), are companies with 1,to 9 employees and make up over three-quarters of all private sector,enterprises in the United States. Every sector of the economy from,agriculture to finance to e-commerce is largely comprised of microbusinesses.,Relatedly, these organizations may be significant users of direct mail,advertising, parcel shipping and delivery, and other postal services. The,USPS OIG is interested in determining the market and revenue potential of,microbusinesses for the USPS.
Federal Advisory Committee Support FAA 29859  -   -  - TBD:
Shaping Opportunity
FAA,is looking to industry regarding the logistical maintenance of three Federal,Advisory Committees (FACs): Drone Advisory Committee (DAC), NextGen Advisory,Committee (NAC), and Program Management Committee (PMC). The FACs will,provide an open venue for developing consensus among diverse, competing,interests on critical aviation modernization issues. The FAA desires to,establish a forum within which interested stakeholders can actively engage in,constructively solving difficult challenges in air transportation system,modernization.
Contracting Command
W911QX18Q0005  -   -  - TBD:
Shaping Opportunity
Teaching,really smart Engineers to write proposals. Oh, a tale as old as time. The,Vehicle Technology Directorate (VTD) of the U.S. Army Research Laboratory,(ARL) has a requirement for a Grant/Proposal Writing Training class. VTD is,the principal U.S. Army organization responsible for the pursuit of,mobility-related science and technologies leading to advanced capabilities,and improved reliability for Army air and ground vehicles. The objective of,this effort is to provide an on-site Grant/Proposal writing training class,(maximum class size of 16) to VTD Scientists and Engineers. VTD Scientists',and Engineers' work will benefit greatly by knowing how to effectively write,Grants/Proposals.
National Vehicle Maintenance DOJ
DJM18A41Nationalvehiclemaint  -   -  - TBD:
Shaping Opportunity
USMS,is looking to consolidate fleet management, maintenance, and fuel management,activities,on the operational and,strategic level for a cost effective innovative vehicle maintenance contract,,to include major repairs and 24/7 emergency repair/towing support. Even more,interesting, USMS is looking to GovCon to provide and maintain a robust web,based Fleet Maintenance system that will enable the view of purchase orders,,alerts, maintenance expenses, reports, trends and all other associated data,derived from the vehicle maintenance services rendered. The estimated,ordering is ~4,800 vehicles annually.
Carbon-Phenolic for NASA Re-Entry Heatshields NASA 80ARC018RFICP  -   -  - TBD:
Shaping Opportunity
If,there was an award for "Most Artistic Federal Government Program/Project,Synopsis Writer" - it would be NASA. We *swoon* at each one of their,procurement postings - no matter how much we don't understand it. Here is,just an snippet: "To date,NASA has utilized carbon phenolic (CP) heatshields for its most demanding,reentry missions, Pioneer Venus (PV) and Galileo (mission to Jupiter). These,heat shields consisted of a Tape Wrapped Carbon Phenolic (TWCP) frustum and a,Chop Molded Carbon Phenolic (CMCP) spherical nose. TWCP has uses beyond NASA,thermal protection system (TPS) requirements, such as in rocket nozzles;,however, CMCP is essentially a NASA-unique CP material that has very few,other applications. It has been more than 30 years since NASA has flown a,mission requiring CMCP TPS materials and therefore industry's capability to,support CMCP fabrication now and in the future is unclear."
IT & Cyber Security Courses USMC M3300018SSG6016  -   -  - TBD:
Shaping Opportunity
The,Regional Contacting Officer, MCIWEST is looking to identify GovCons that are,able to provide 12 specific Network/Systems Management and Cyber Security,Courses for Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton.,Specific courses include: CompTIA Security+, CompTIA Advanced Security,Practitioner, Interconnecting Cisco Networking Devices (ICND) Part 1 and 2,,Windows Server Administration (MTA), and Red Hat Administration I and II. RFI,does not state when they would like these classes to take place, but we do,like the initiative!

Management Systems Information Technology Support Services (FMS-ITSS)
PGBC APP20170034 $ 100,000,000 - - After review of the RFI responses submitted back in 2017, PGBC published their list,of potential offerors (at least the ones that permitted their names to be,used) that are allowed to bid on the upcoming FM-ITSS Advisory Multi-Step,Request. The lucky winners are at least Booz Allen Hamilton and Aderas.,Proposals are set to be released late this month - so like now?
Industrial Base Analysis and Sustainment BAA Army
Contracting Command
W52P1J18RIBAS - - - This Broad Area Announcement (BAA) is to obtain innovative ideas and projects for,the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Manufacturing and Industrial,Base Policy (DASD MIBP) to address critical issues in the industrial base and,to address supply chain vulnerabilities for investments made under provisions,of Title 10, section 2508, Industrial Base Analysis and Sustainment (IBAS),Program. There is no defined expiration, so this BAA will continue as long as,it is in the best interest Government.
Consultancy for the General Comptroller of Colombia DOS
PR6983902RFQ - - 20-Apr-18 Do you think they meant to put the due date as 4/20?
Army Science Board Army
Contracting Command
W91CRB18R0027 - $848,882.00 23-Apr-18 The Office of the Deputy Under Secretary of the Army (ODUSA), Army Science Board,requires analytical, advisory assistance and program management support. This,requirement is set-aside 100% for SDVOSB. Proposals are due April 23rd by,7:30AM EST.
Intelligence Community Centers of Academic Excellence (IC CAE)
National Security Analysis and Intelligence Summer Seminar
DIA HHM40218R0051 - - 23-Apr-18 This is one of those opportunities we would love to bid on! The Summer Seminar is,a two-week program, held twice a year (June and August) and is designed to,provide students from CAE-designated universities with in-depth exposure to,the intelligence field with a focus on intelligence analysis through,classroom instruction, interactive exercises, simulations, briefs, panel,discussions and agency tours. This event has been successfully delivered by,the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) since the Office of the Director of,National Intelligence (ODNI) designated the DIA as the Service of Common,Concern (SOCC) for the IC CAE Program and the NSAISS on behalf of the,Intelligence Community. DIA is looking to GovCon to assist in the,coordination and execution a simulation during one day of each seminar.
Emerging Market Bank Analysis Training OPIC OPIC18R0015 - - 25-Apr-18 OPIC’s Structured Finance and Insurance Department (“SFI”) is responsible for the,underwriting, credit approval, and loan negotiation of debt financing and the,underwriting and approval of political risk insurance for American businesses,investing overseas in less developed countries where OPIC is open. In,addition, the political risk insurance team also monitors project performance,to ensure that projects comply with the terms and conditions of the OPIC,contract. It is the responsibility of the SFI officers to ensure that these,projects are implemented in a manner consistent with OPIC’s credit policy,mandates and statutory requirements. Rather than sending 30 investment,officers to individual training, it would be most cost effective to provide,training in-house to the entire SFI team on these issues. It would allow the,entire SFI professional team to acquire the technical abilities, resources,,and professional network needed at the lowest cost. Proposals are due April,25th by 2:00PM EST.
New Acquisition Processing (NAP) Library
of Congress
030ADV18R0133 - - 27-Apr-18 The Library of Congress (LOC) is the world’s largest library collection with more,than 145 million items. The collections include more than 32 million books,and other printed materials, 62 million sheets of manuscripts, 14 million,photographs, 5.2 million maps, 5.4 million pieces of music, 2.7 million audio,recordings, and one million moving images (e.g., motion pictures). The rate,of collection growth through new acquisitions has been approximately 2.25,million pieces a year for the last five years—a staggering amount of incoming,material for which to care. The demands created by the vast quantity of items,already in the Library’s collections, as well as the high rate of growth,present ongoing challenges in managing these collections. Proposals are due,April 27th by 1:00PM LT.
Asset Management Services HUD 86544B18R00001 - - 30-Apr-18 The United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) is issuing,Request for Proposal (RFP) number 86544B18R00001 to contract for all,necessary Asset Management (AM) services in support of HUD's single-family,Real Estate Owned (REO) property inventory in the state of Illinois. HUD,intends to award a single-award Requirements AM contract to manage HUD Owned,Single Family Properties within area 3A, in the State of Illinois. HUD has,determined that this opportunity will be solicited on an unrestricted basis,for full and open competition. Proposals are due April 30th by 2:00PM EST.
US Cyber Challenge: Cyber Quests Spring 2018 DHS - - - 30-Apr-18 Cyber Quests are a series of fun but challenging on-line competitions allowing,participants to demonstrate their knowledge in a variety of information,security realms. Each quest features an artifact for analysis, along with a,series of quiz questions. Some quests focus on a potentially vulnerable,sample web server as the artifact, challenging participants to identify its,flaws using vulnerability analysis skills. Other quests are focused around,forensic analysis, packet capture analysis, and more. The quests have varying,levels of difficulty and complexity, with some quests geared toward,beginners, while others include more intermediate and ultimately advanced,material.
Spectrum Collaboration Challenge DARPA - - $3,750,000.00 30-Apr-18 The DARPA Spectrum Collaboration Challenge (SC2) is the first-of-its-kind,collaborative machine-learning competition to overcome scarcity in the radio,frequency (RF) spectrum. Today, spectrum is managed by dividing it into,rigid, exclusively licensed bands. This human-driven process is not adaptive,to the dynamics of supply and demand, and thus cannot exploit the full,potential capacity of the spectrum. In SC2, competitors will reimagine a new,,more efficient wireless paradigm in which radio networks autonomously,collaborate to dynamically determine how the spectrum should be used moment,to moment.
DARPA Physical Security Support Services DARPA HR001118R0003 $35,482,000 $30,762,002.46 30-Apr-18 Great 8(a) compete! DARPA SID requires the continued work of a dedicated GovCon,that will provide a high quality professional security staff that believes in,teamwork and customer service and that will enter into a working partnership,with SID to accomplish these objectives using initiative, innovativeness, and,cost consciousness while continuously improving the services provided.
Detecting Leaks and Flaws in Water Pipelines (Stage 1) DOI
- - $ 75,000.00 07-May-18 This launches Stage 1 of a planned two-stage competition, that culminates in a,Grand Prize Challenge including lab or field prototype scale demonstrations.,Reclamation’s water conveyance system includes over 20,000 miles of buried,pipelines made of various materials including metal, plastic, concrete, and,composite. Reclamation and collaborators are seeking methods and technologies,that can reliably and easily detect leaks and flaws in operating, pressurized,water pipeline infrastructure regardless of size, depth of burial, pipe,material or interior lining.
US Army Aviation and Missile Research, Development and
Engineering Center (AMRDEC) Section 815 Other Transaction Authority (OTA)
Contracting Command
W31P4Q17X0001 - - 08-May-18 The United States (U.S.) Army Contracting Command- Redstone Arsenal (ACC-RSA), on,behalf of the Department of Defense (DoD), US Army Aviation and Missile,Research, Development and Engineering Center (AMRDEC), intends to enter into,an Other Transaction Agreement (OTA) for the development and maturation of,guided missile technologies, manufacturing and enabling/disruptive,technologies, and aviation technologies. This OTA includes technologies to,improve the entire guided weapons kill-chain, extend range, expand the air,defense coverage and enable on-the-move engagement for the maneuver force, as,well as maturation, risk reduction and affordability enhancement of advanced,manufacturing technologies and processes in support of aviation and missile,commodities.
Mission Support for Preparation of Toxicological Profiles HHS
2018N67631 $10,000,000 $82,202,841.97 15-May-18 The purpose of this procurement is to support ATSDR in the preparation of,toxicological profiles and associated documents on hazardous substances found,at facilities on the EPA National Priorities List. Substances for profile,development are selected from the ATSDR Substance Priority List,( Other substances not on the list may also be,selected based on public health needs, as determined by ATSDR. Proposals are,due May 15th by 10AM EST.
Design by Biomedical Undergraduate Teams (DEBUT) Challenge 2018 NIH - - $ 65,000.00 31-May-18 The National Institute of Biomedical Imaging and Bioengineering (NIBIB) and,VentureWell support the Design by Biomedical Undergraduate Teams (DEBUT),challenge, a project that recognizes undergraduate excellence in biomedical,innovation. With $65,000 in prizes, the debut challenge is open to,undergraduate student teams working on innovative solutions to unmet health,and clinical problems.

USAID SOL391170000TBD 72039118D00002,
 $19,000,000.00  $  10,000.00 20-Mar-18 The Kaizen
Company LLC, Chemonics International, Inc.
CHEMONICS,INTERNATIONAL, INC. and THE KAIZEN COMPANY, LLC are currently fulfilling the,US Agency for International Development (USAID), Mission Pakistan's,requirement to implement "Pakistan Capacity Development Services,(PCDS)" project. Working with other U.S. agencies, as well as donors and,international development partners, USAID/Pakistan has focused its program on,five areas reflective of Pakistani priorities and essential to Pakistan’s,stability and long-term development: energy, economic growth and agriculture,,stabilization, education and health.
HR001118C0053, HR001118C0101
 $1,000,000.00  -  03-Apr-18 INMAR
Technologies, University of Arizona, LGS Innovations LLC
This,BAA will continue to accept Proposals until the Proposals due date on June,12, 2018. The contract awarded to LGS Innovations LLC has a total estimated,value of $464,887. The contract awarded to University of Arizona has an,estimated value of $339,222. The contract awarded to InMar Technologies has,an estimated value of $999,765.
Space Qualified Atomic Clocks USAF
Material Command
BAARVKV20160002 FA945318C0044  $ 19,403,000.00  $ 19,403,228.00 03-Apr-18 FREQUENCY
FA9453-18-C-0044,Award Posting on 3 Apr 18. Frequency Electronics Inc. (FEI), Uniondale, New,York, has been awarded a $19,403,228 cost-plus-fixed-fee contract for the,research and development of a high performance space qualified atomic,frequency standard. This contract provides for applications to timing,capabilities for Air Force space systems, ultimately to demonstrate a,space-qualified clock aboard a spacecraft flight experiment.
GSA GWAC Contract Guides Preparation Services GSA
47QTCK18R0001 47QTCK18C0062  -   Unlimited actually.  04-Apr-18 Public
Sector Communications LLC
GSA,provided a sole-source contract to Public Sector Communications to produce,annual GSA GWAC Contract Guides for Alliant 2 (FO & SB), VETS 2, and,STARS II. What is interesting is that this will be provided at no-cost to the,Government - but the right to circulate advertising in these publications,constitutes contractual consideration to pay for these GSA publications.
Safety, Health, and Mission Assurance (SHeMA-2) NASA
Glenn Research Center 
NNC17ZQ002R 80GRC018C0028  $35,237,000.00  $142,273,061.47 04-Apr-18 Leidos  Possibly,a combination of Construction Management and Inspection Surveying Testing,Services (CMIST), SHEMASS, and EMASS separate contracts. Leidos was an,incumbent on all 3. Other incumbents were Ares Corporation (NNC09BA01B /,$11,043,764.98), FRONTIER-ARROWHEAD NASA SERVICES (NNC13BA02B /,$18,090,409.15), and JONES BEMBA K PS AND ASSOCIATES INCORPORATED (NNC08BA03B,/ $2,834,836.24). Seems like Leidos won the battle of the incumbents.
Continuity Program Office Support  DOE GS00F430GA 89233118FNA400044  -   $    897,084.10 05-Apr-18 COVENANT
DOE,awarded Covenant Park Integrated Initiatives a contract to provide technical,,operational, analytical, and programmatic support to assist the Office of,Emergency Operations: Continuity Program Office.
Helicopter Modernization Plan DOJ
DJF182200000B429 15F06718D0004181  $25,000,000.00  -  05-Apr-18 Bell
Helicopter Textron Inc.
Bell,Helicopter Textron Inc. is fulfilling the requirement of Department of,Justice, Federal Bureau of Investigation Critical Incident Response Group,(CIRG), Tactical Helicopter Unit (THU) to,provide ip to Four (4) Bell 429 Helicopters with Modifications,(including the trade-in of Bell 407 helicopters).
Global Positioning System (GPS)-based Positioning, Navigation,
and Timing Service (GPNTS) Hardware Production
SPAWAR N0003917R0012 N003918D0008,
 $108,518,000.00  $108,518,333.00 05-Apr-18 Micro
USA, Sechan Electronics Inc.
Micro,USA Inc., is being awarded a $56,452,690 IDIQ contract for Global Positioning,System-Based Positioning, Navigation, and Timing Service (GPNTS) hardware,production units. Work will be performed in Poway, California, and is,expected to be completed by March 2023. Sechan Electronics Inc., is being,awarded a $52,065,643 IDIQ contract for Global Positioning System-Based,Positioning, Navigation and Timing Service (GPNTS) hardware production units.,Work will be performed in Lititz, Pennsylvania, and is expected to be,completed by March 2023.
Rail Safety Innovations Deserving Exploratory Analysis (Rail
Safety IDEA)
- FR18RPD30000000002  -   -  05-Apr-18 National
Academies of Sciences (NAS)
The,Federal Railroad Administration (FRA), Washington, DC, intends to award a,Sole Source, Firm-Fixed Price (FFP) Contract to The Transportation Research,Board (TRB) of the National Academies of Sciences (NAS) to continue to carry,out the Rail Safety IDEA Program (formerly the Safety IDEA Program).
SAP Support Services and cloud hosting DLA SP330018Q5010 SP330018F0378  -   $11,501,453.14 06-Apr-18 Advantaged
Solutions Inc.
DLA,Distribution awarded Advantaged Solutions Inc. a contract for SAP Support,Services and cloud hosting for DLA Distribution and DLA Disposition.
Comtech Modems Technical Support Services SPAWARSYSCOM N0003917R0041 N0003918D0007  -   $58,891,826.00 06-Apr-18 Comtech
EF Data
The,Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command (SPAWARSYSCOM), in support of the,Program Executive Office for Command, Control, Communications, Computers, and,Intelligence (PEO C4I), Communications and GPS Navigation Program Office,(PMW/A 170), intends to award a sole source contract to Comtech EF Data,Corporation (Comtech). Currently, over eight-hundred (800) Comtech SLM-5650A,satellite modems are utilized by multiple Navy programs.
Corporate Work Plan Support Services FAA DTFACT17R00014 692M1518D00006  $33,760,059.00  $ 100,000.00 06-Apr-18 RIGIL
The,Federal Aviation Administration has awarded Contract 692M15-18-D-00006 for,Corporate Work Plan Support Services to Rigil Corporation, 955 L'Enfant,Plaza, SW Suite 5400, Washington, DC 20024 in the total estimated amount of,$33,760,059.66. Award was made on a best value basis as a result of offers,received in response to SIR DTFACT-17-R-00014.,The contract is an Indefinite,Delivery/Indefinite Quantity Contract with a one year base period of,performance and four one year option periods.
Strategic Anti-Opioid Nationwide Media Public Service
- ONDGENR18001X  -   -  06-Apr-18 Advertising
Council, Inc.
The,Executive Office of the President intends to award a firm-fixed-price,purchase order on a sole source basis to the Advertising Council, Inc. for,the development, dissemination, and monitoring of a strategic anti-Opioid,nationwide media public service campaign.
Defense Healthcare Management System Modernization - Standard
Solution Baseline
DHA N0003915D0044 N0003915D0044b  $4,336,822,777  $453,188,667.00 09-Apr-18 Leidos DHA,,in support of the Program Executive Office for Defense Healthcare Management,Systems (PEO DHMS) Defense Healthcare Management System Modernization (DHMSM),Program Office, intends to issue a sole source modification to Leidos for all,elements of their off-the-shelf (OTS) Electronic Health Record (EHR) solution,required to implement and maintain a standard solution baseline with the VA,and to incorporate the USCG into the resulting standardized baseline. Leidos,,the Prime contractor, serves as the service provider-integrator (SPI) of the,solution. The DHMSM EHR consists of inpatient and outpatient solutions from,Cerner and a dental solution provided by Henry Schein. As reported numerous,times, MHS GENESIS is replacing functionality of core legacy systems (AHLTA,,CHCS, and Essentris, among others), and is being deployed to both fixed,medical treatment facilities and operational medicine facilities all over the,world. What is interesting is the timing - as this modification came just a,week before the VA lost its CIO, creating further uncertainty for EHR,modernization. However, Leidos is due to hold on to this contract for 10,years, so we doubt the vacancy is causing them to lose any sleep.
Operation of the Talking Leaves Job Corps Center with
- 1630J418R00003  $41,215,590.00  $29,432,797.00 09-Apr-18 The
Cherokee Nation
The,U.S. Department of Labor, Employment and Training Administration, intends to,award a sole source contract for the Talking Leaves Job Corps Center. This,requirement includes the provision of center operation and management with,outreach and admissions and career transition services students including,academic, career technical, career success and independent living skills,,career readiness training and related support services for an estimated 197,students (102 residential male, 87 residential females, and 8,non-residential). The contract shall operate residential quarters (housing),and services to all students as applicable.
Army Targetry Systems (ATS) III Army
Contracting Command
W56HZV15R0130 W56HZV18D0001,
W56HZV18D0002, W56HZV18D0003, W56HZV18D0004, W56HZV18D0005
 $125,000,000.00  $ 22,847,024.78 11-Apr-18 THEISSEN
THEISSEN,TRAINING SYSTEMS, INC., SAAB AB, MEGGITT TRAINING SYSTEMS INC., STRATEGIC,SYSTEMS INC., and SIUS TARGET SYSTEM INC. will share a MA IDIQ to fulfill AMC,TACOM's continuing requirement for Live Fire Targetry Systems to be fielded,worldwide.
Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) Technical Support
FAA 27595 29855  -   $21,000,000.00 12-Apr-18 Zeta
On,June 21, 2017 the FAA posted a Market Survey (#327595) seeking interested,parties to provide systems engineering support with an in-depth understanding,of the WAAS architecture and integrity design. Interested parties were,required to submit a capability statement-showing competency in eight,specific areas. The Markey Survey notice also informed potential vendors that,in order to compete on the follow on contract, the vendor must have responded,to the market survey.,Based on the,Market Survey results, it was determined that Zeta Associates was the only,responsive vendor capable of providing the requested system engineering,services required for the contract.
Pakistan Air Force C-130B/E Integrated Avionics Upgrade Program USAF
Material Command
FA855316R0002 FA855316C0005PZ0001  -   $59,700,000.00 12-Apr-18 Rockwell
Collins, Inc.
Source,directed award IAW FAR 6.302-4, International Agreement. The Letter contract,was awarded for a Not To Exceed amount on 15 Jan 2016 and the award of this,modification is to definitize the Undefinitized Contract Action.
Centers of Medicaid and CHIP Services (CMCS) Medicaid Web Site
Development & Support
- RFP181694  -   -  12-Apr-18 Booz
Allen Hamilton
The,Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) intends to negotiate and,award a sole source purchase order to Booz Allen Hamilton for a project,entitled "Centers of Medicaid and CHIP Services (CMCS) Medicaid Web Site,Development & Support". The tasks to accomplish under this SOW,include 1) maintenance and support for CMCS websites (including but not,limited to,,, and; 2),support the Administrator's Scorecard initiative, scheduled to be launched in,May 2018, which includes managing the content updates and ensuring the,content is correctly loaded and reviewed for errors; and 3) transition,support that includes testing and validating transition protocols, addressing,any unforeseen issues with the web application, servers, or code and protocol,training to CMS staff and/or designee.
Information Technology Support Services-5 (ITSS-5) DOJ
- DJJP17RFP1022  $1,400,000,000  $596,489,009.80 13-Apr-18 AOC
Fusion Inc. (JV), Favor TechConsulting LLC, Fig Leaf Software-Concept
Solutions (JV), Halfaker & Associates, Information Technology Coalition
Inc., IntePros Federal, Logistics Systems, Government CIO, Network Design
The,Justice Department has moved closer to final awards on the small business,piece of a $1.4 billion follow-on IT support services contract. Nine small,businesses were deemed as apparent winners for the SDVOSB SB track of the,ITSS-5 contract, DOJ said in a FedBizOpps notice Friday. A solicitation for,ITSS-5 released in February of last year said DOJ expected at the time to,award 12 total positions: six unrestricted and six for the service-disabled,portion.
Enterprise Architecture (EACOE) Quick Start USCYBERCOM - HB000118R00030001  $430,000.00  -  13-Apr-18 Pinnacle
Business Group
The,United States Cyber Command published Notice of Intent to Award a Sole Source,Contract. USCYBERCOM requires the purchase of an Enterprise Architecture (EA),service that certifies architects and provides EA training and consultation.,The purpose of the training is to assist USCYBERCOM's Capability Development,Group (CDG) with Enterprise Architecture and Systems Engineering support for,CENTROPY, Military Cyber Operations Platform, Unified Platform, C-Oasis,program and Tech Baseline.
Material Command
FA875017R0001 FA875018D0003,
FA875018D0005, FA875018D0001, FA875018D0002, FA875018D0004
 $ 950,000,000  $ 115,720,282.00 13-Apr-18 Global
InfoTek, Radiance Technologies, Assured Information Security, CNF
Technologies, nvictus International Consulting 
Our,friend Ross Wilkers, at Washington Technology, pointed out that this award,started out as a Full and Open, and has now migrated to a Small Business,award only. Previously awarded in 2012, incumbents included Global Infotek,,Peraton, Radiance Technologies, and CACI. Global Infotek and Radiance,Technologies hold on to the newly awarded IDIQ contract - but Peraton and,CACI have been replaced by Invictus International and Assured Information,Security. CACI led the pack by a large margin (47%) so we are guessing they,aren't too happy about giving up their Prime position on this.

Annual Joint & Combat Support Agency IT Day
AFCEA,NOVA is proud to host our 11th Annual Joint & Combat Support Agency IT,Day on Friday, April 20, 2018, at the Ritz Carlton Pentagon City. This,one-day conference will provide DOD leadership with an opportunity to brief,industry on their vision, requirements, and acquisition strategies, and also,allow them to explain how they plan to leverage IT and accelerated,acquisition approaches to address critical needs. Learn how industry can,support filling critical capability gaps with Information Technology and,related services. Attendees will have an opportunity to meet and hear from,senior leadership from OSD, Joint Staff, COCOMS, US Army, Coast Guard, and,DOD Agencies. April 20, 2018
The,GITEC Summit “Revolution of Solutions: Transforming Government” will be held,April 22-24, 2018 at the Westin Annapolis. This year’s summit will focus on,the future technologies impacting their federal and private market. Our,unique organization is government led, industry enabled. The 2018 GITEC,Summit will highlight the transformation of government IT programs,,initiatives and policies, as well as the evolution of those,technologies. April
22–24, 2018
Department of Education: Atlanta Small Business Conference The,U.S. Department of Education (Education) Office of Small and Disadvantaged,Business Utilization (OSDBU) will host the Atlanta Small Business Conference,Monday, April 23, 2018. The Atlanta Small Business Conference will feature,presentations concerning Education and other federal agency procurement,opportunities. April
23, 2018
Small Business Event - ACF INDUSTRY DAY with OSDBU Program
The,Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), Administration for Children,and Families (ACF) will be hosting a Small Business Industry Day (SBID) event,from 8:00 AM to 1:00 PM, Eastern Standard Time (EST) on Monday April 23nd,2018,in room 800 on the 8th floor of the Hubert Humphrey Federal Building,located at 200 Independence Avenue SW, Washington, DC 20024. April
23, 2018
Vendor Collaboration- Free Small Business Outreach Event The,Department of the Interior (DOI) will be hosting a Free Small Business,Outreach Event on April 24, 2018 for Small Business, SDB Small Business,,Women Owned Small Business, Service Disabled Veteran Small Business, and,HUBZone Small Business. Representatives from all DOI Bureaus will be at this,event, including the Aurora, CO Procurement Technical Assistance Center,(PTAC). Representatives will provide information about their Mission and how,to do business with their Bureau. April
24, 2018
2018 TARDEC Industry Day - Next Generation Combat Vehicle Teammates,from the Next Generation Ground Combat Vehicle Cross Functional Team -,including US Army TARDEC and PM Armored Fighting Vehicles (PM AFV) are,seeking to collaborate with a team comprised of innovative engineering,organizations from industry, academia and defense communities, to create the,Army's next generation ground combat vehicles. The Industry Days event is,designed to foster this collaboration to bring the Warfighter an adaptable,,modular and flexible capability. April
24, 2018
Fixed Wing Utility Aircraft (FUA) Industry Day The,purpose of this announcement is to provide members of the Vertical Lift,Consortium, and industry in general advanced notification that the U.S Army,Program Executive Office- Aviation Fixed Wing Program Office will be having,an industry day for VLC members in Huntsville, Alabama on Tuesday, April 24,,2018. April
24, 2018
2018 Small Business Conference Join,Clark Atlanta University (CAU), the U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM),and National Contract Management Association (NCMA) Atlanta Chapter for two,action-filled days of learning, networking, engaging leaders in federal,contracting, exhibitions, and much more. April
24 - 26, 2018
Business Education Series: Setting Key Performance Indicators
(KPIs) for Business Success
Setting,Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for Business Success: What Gets Measured,Gets Done! Mary Polsley Williams of The Alternative Board will present why,Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are important to growing and improving your,overall business. April
25, 2018
2018 Mid Atlantic SBIR/STTR & Commercialization Conference Make,plans to attend the only SBIR/STTR conference the Washington,DC/Maryland/Virginia region in 2018! This special two-day conference will,feature special presentations on "America's Seed Fund" -- the SBIR,and STTR programs. Special presentations for both new applicants AND,SBIR/STTR recipients! April
25, 2018
Give Me 5 Virtual Mentoring: Gain Your Competitive Advantage
with Joint Ventures
Joint,Ventures are a very useful tool to gain a competitive advantage and provide a,winning solution for government contracts. However, to take full advantage of,this tool, you need to understand how to best form and operate a joint,venture. There are many decisions that go into a joint venture, such as the,type of legal entity to use, the management structure, and whether the joint,venture should have its own employees. In addition, when the joint venture,pursues set-aside contracts, you need to be mindful of SBA’s affiliation,rules as well as the special rules that apply depending on the type of,set-aside contract at issue. April
25, 2018
Small Business Event - HHS OSDBU "Getting Back 2
Business" Small Business Outreach Event Denver, CO 
The,U.S. Department of Health and Human (HHS) Services and the U.S. Small,Business Administration (SBA) will host its First Annual "Getting Back 2,Business" Small Business Outreach Event in Denver, Colorado on,Wednesday, April 25, 2018. The HHS "Getting Back 2 Business" Small,Business Outreach Event will provide an opportunity for small businesses to,build relationships, interact and network with the Department's procurement,officials, Federal Agencies and HHS Top 25 Prime contractors. April
25, 2018
Loudoun GovCon Workshop: The Benefits and Pitfalls of Joint
Matt,Stavish, Jason Collins, and Peter Fish discuss the multitude of opportunities,that can be opened to your company through the proper use, funding, and,leveraging of joint ventures. The recent expansion of Leesburg’s HUB Zone,adds even more ways to thrive in this arena. Proper planning and execution,will allow your company to taking advance of new and expanding avenues to,distance yourself from your competitors and ultimately win more work. The,opportunities are there for HUB Zone and non-HUB Zone companies alike! April
26, 2018
Positive Leadership: The Game Changer at Work Participants,will learn how positive psychology can impact leaders and the strong effect,that it has on followers and teams. The results of increased productivity and,happiness in the workplace are both compelling and valuable to the,organization. Based on his book, Positive Leadership: The Game Changer at,Work, Dr. Steve Gladis provides an entertaining and informative presentation. April
26, 2018
WOMEN IN LEADERSHIP SPRING 2018 WINE & BOOKS Please,join the NCMA Tysons Women in Leadership for their Spring 2018 Wine and Book,event on April 26, 2018! April
26, 2018
Champions Conference 2018 Unanet's,Champions Conference is returning to the Northern Virginia area for the 2018,Conference! Join us for a pre-conference training day on Wednesday, April 25,,and two days of customer insights, a look at the product's future, and,presentations by Unanet experts on Thursday, April 26 and Friday, April 27. April
26-27, 2018
The Children’s Inn at NIH 2018 Gala to Feature Line-up of Star
The Children’s Inn at the National Institutes of Health, a private,nonprofit, announced the line-up of special guest speakers during The Inn’s,5th annual ‘An Evening for Hope’ Gala at the Ritz Carlton Tysons on April 28,,2018. This sold-out event will feature National Cancer Institute Director Dr.,Norman Sharpless as the keynote, television personality and FOX 5 anchor Tony,Perkins as the emcee, and NIH Principal Deputy Director Dr. Lawrence Tabak,will provide welcoming remarks. They will also be joined by Gala Chair Todd,Pantezzi, NETE President Jolly Vasani and families from The Inn. April
28, 2018
National Small Business Week From,April 29th to May 5th, 2018, the SBA recognizes outstanding entrepreneurs and,small business owners from all across the 50 states and U.S. territories. April
29-May 5, 2018
Industry Day for Information Technology Governance & Process
Military,Sealift Command will host an Industry Day for the MSC Information Technology,Governance and Process Support (ITGPS) requirement. The purpose of this,Industry Day is to improve the industry's understanding of MSC's,requirements, answer questions on the scope of work, and outline the,contracting methodology being used. The Government is specifically seeking,the industry's assistance in gathering additional required information to,submit a comprehensive FFP proposal for the subject Performance Work,Statement (PWS). April
30, 2018
FBI IT Triple - S Industry Day The,Information Technology Acquisitions Unit is contemplating creating an,all-encompassing IT Services IDIQ based on Category Management to meet the,needs and missions of our customers. The IDIQ will have an estimated $5,billion ceiling and be utilized DOJ Wide. The estimated acquisition strategy,is for a Full and Open Competition utilizing Federal Acquisition Regulation,(FAR) Part 15. April
30, 2018
AF DCGS DARMA IDIQ, Industry Day Notice The AF,DCGS Program Office will conduct a Pre-Solicitation Conference at Hanscom AFB,on 30 April 2018 from 1200-1530 EST. The DCGS program office will provide a,briefing on the program to include: DARMA Requirements and the current Source,Selection Strategy, as detailed in the Draft Request for Proposal Notice for,FA8730-18-R-0009 on April
30, 2018
Industry Day for National Standardization of Precision Oncology
Genomic Sequencing
This,Industry Day will be held on April 30, 2018 from 9:00 AM until approximately,1:30 PM at the Waterford Reception Center in Springfield, VA (6715 Commerce,St, Springfield VA 22150). Co-hosted by VA's SAC and Veterans Health,Administration, VA's National Precision Oncology Genomic Sequencing Industry,Day will focus on the capability, capacity, and viability of private industry,to provide best business solutions for the development, implementation and,oversight of the VA-wide Precision Oncology Genomic Sequencing initiative. April
30, 2018
Is your,business doing business with the government ... or would you like to learn,how? Then, register to attend the 6th Annual Northern Virginia B2G,Matchmaking Conference - the premier business-to-government event taking,place outside of the beltway! May
1, 2018
Acquisition Open House Forum  Meet,representatives from Fort Irwin's Leadership, the Small Business,Administration's (SBA); both the Business Development Specialist &,Procurement Center Representative (PCR), the Riverside Procurement Technical,Assistance Center (PTAC), FedBid Inc., GSA's Customer & Stakeholder,Director and Small Business Professionals from the Army COE and MICC.,Individuals will be accessible during the Open House. Anticipate shared,briefings and a discussion of Irwin's expected contracting opportunities for,2018. May
1, 2018
Israel Technion Innovation Update: Defense, Homeland Security
and Artificial Intelligence
Dr.,Gerald L. Gordon of the FCEDA will introduce featured guests including,keynote speaker Lt. Col. Pini Brosh (Israeli Missile Defense Organization),,Amir Neeman (President Amir Neeman Consulting), Dr. Ken Ball (Dean, George,Mason University School of Engineering). May
1, 2018
Entrepreneurship 101: Starting A Business in Fairfax County Thinking,of starting a business? Got a business idea but don't know where to start?,Looking for resources to grow and expand your business? The Fairfax County,Economic Development Authority (FCEDA), in partnership with the Virginia,Department of Small Business and Supplier Diversity (SBSD), the Community,Business Partnership (CBP) and the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA),,conducts a free monthly workshop for those persons that are interested in,starting a business in Fairfax County. The workshop provides an overview of,start-up basics (licenses and permits), workforce services and training,programs, and SBA resources including financing and certification programs. May
1, 2018
Architect of the Capitol Small Business Day The,Architect of the Capitol (AOC) is hosting a Small Business Day on May 1,,2018, from 1 to 3 p.m. at the U.S. Capitol Visitor Center in the,Congressional Meeting Room - South. This event is for small business concerns,and is designed to provide information about doing business with the AOC. May
1, 2018
MRP Small Business Engagement Summit 2018 The,U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), Marketing and Regulatory Programs,(MRP) will be hosting its MRP Small Business Engagement Summit 2018 on May 1,,2018. The Summit will held from 9:00 am - 11:30 am at the USDA, Riverdale,Facility located at 4700 River Road, Riverdale, MD 20737. The MRP is,committed to meeting its fiscal year 2018 Small Business socio-economic goal,of 53% established for the USDA by the U. S. Small Business Administration.,They are hosting this outreach event in an effort to educate the Small,Business community of the MRP mission area, program challenges and,contracting needs. May
1, 2018
West Desert Test Center Industry Day Notice West,Desert Test Center - Mission Test Support Contractor Industry Day May
1-2, 2018
Program Executive Officer for Weapons and the Armament Systems
Development Division at Eglin AFB is hosting the 2018 Armament Industry Days
The,Program Executive Officer for Weapons and the Armament Systems Development,Division at Eglin is hosting the 2018 Armament Industry Days for interested,defense contractors. May
1- 2, 2018
Medium Caliber RTDE Industry Day Notice The,U.S. Army Contracting Command, New Jersey (ACC-NJ) on behalf of the Office of,the Project Manager, Maneuver Ammunition Systems (OPM-MAS), will be hosting a,Medium Caliber RTDE Industry Day. The Industry Day is scheduled to start at,8:30 AM (ET) during 1-3 MAY 2018 at the Hilton Garden Inn in Rockaway, NJ,,with onsite registration beginning at 8:00 AM. The purpose of this Industry,Day is to provide information regarding the current and future Research,,Development, Test and Evaluation (RTDE) projects overseen by the Product,Director for Medium Caliber Ammunition. May
1-3, 2018
U. S. Coast Guard Industry Day  The,U.S. Coast Guard will be hosting an Industry Day Event in support of the,following USCG HQ Directorates: Human Resources (CG-1), Assistant Commandant,for Marine Safety Security and Stewardship (CG-5), Force Readiness Command,(FORCECOM), Assistant Commandant for Command, control, Communications,,Computers & Information Technology (CG-6), Assistant Commandant for,Capability (CG-7), Planning Resources and Procurement (CG-8) and Assistant,Commandant for Acquisition (CG-9). The USCG HQ Industry Day Event is designed,to promote meaningful exchange for greater understanding of Coast Guard,needs, and expanded awareness of industry capabilities. May
2, 2018
DLA Aviation Small Business Industry Day  The,Small Business Industry Day will be held at DLA Aviation (Defense Supply,Center Richmond), Lotts Conference Center, located at 8000 Jefferson Davis,Highway, Richmond, Virginia 23297 at 0900-1400 Eastern Standard Time (EST) on,Wednesday, May 2, 2018. A teleconference line will also be available for,those individuals unable to attend in person. May
2, 2018
MICC Fort Polk Acquisition Forecast Open House Fort,Polk invites you to an ACQUISITION FORECAST OPEN HOUSE with representatives,from Mission and Installation Contracting Command (MICC) providing their,anticipated forecast opportunities for fiscal year 2018. May
2, 2018
CERDEC Technical Interchange Meeting (TIM) The U.S.,Army Communications-Electronics Research, Development, and Engineering Center,will hold a Technical Interchange Meeting (TIM) with industry from 2 - 4 May,2018 at the Myer Auditorium on Aberdeen Proving Ground (APG), Maryland. May
2-4, 2018
U. S. Army Engineer Research and Development Center (ERDC)
Innovation Day 2018 
The,2018 Innovation Day is being presented by the ERDC Office of Research and,Technology Transfer to showcase the latest and greatest research from the,ERDC, build relationships and lay the foundation for partnerships and,strategic alliances to aid ERDC in executing its research while strengthening,its technology transfer efforts. In addition to these areas, ERDC will also,identify the purpose of the Other Transaction (OT) Program, its mission and,capability, along with the mission of its Military Engineering business area. May
2-3, 2018
Foreign Affairs LIVE: Federal CIOs and their Evolving Role in
During,the half-day program, agency CIOs will engage in a comprehensive discussion,on emerging technological challenges and solutions for the government and,private sector IT professionals in attendance. The depth of knowledge and,experiences shared by these federal CIOs will allow the audience to gain,greater insight into the crucial role of how a Chief Information Officer runs,systems in the new administration. May
3, 2018
MODERNIZED DHS S&T LRBAA The,Department of Homeland Security (DHS), Science and Technology (S&T),Directorate, is modernizing its Long Range Broad Agency Announcement (LRBAA),processes and procedures with the goal of increasing its value and use-for,both the Department and our industry and academic partners. Their goal for,improving the LRBAA is driven by the need to get solutions into the hands of,Homeland Security operators at a faster pace. May
3, 2018
Small Business Event - Fort Leavenworth Acquisition Outreach The,Mission Installation Contracting Command - Fort Leavenworth Small Business,Event for Federal contract opportunity W91QF4 for all other information,services at Army Contracting Command, MICC MICC - Fort Sill May
3, 2018
INDUSTRY DAY AND PRE-SOLICITATION NOTICE The,National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) is hosting an Open,Innovation Opportunity (OIO) Industry Day/Pre-solicitation Conference to,discuss with industry stakeholders, in an open forum, the specific intentions,of NIST regarding an upcoming opportunity supporting the Public Safety,Communication Research (PSCR) Office. May
3, 2018
GSA's SB/SDVOSB Capabilities Briefing The,U.S. General Services Administration's Office of Small Business Utilization,,cordially invites you to attend our Service-Disabled Veteran Owned Small,Business Capabilities Briefing. Come out and familiarize yourself with the,federal government's procurement process. May
3, 2018
Women at the Top of Government Contracting Join,the Northern Virginia Chamber for the annual Women in Government Contracting,program focused on successful women in the region’s most influential,industry.,These high-level executives,will provide their unique perspectives on the outlooks for some of the top,government contractors in the DC Area, the nation, and the sector as a whole. May
4, 2018
2018 Nuclear Deterrence Operations IR&D Technology
Interchange Meetings
Please,mark your calendars for the week of 7-11 May 2018!,The team of nuclear weapons technology,experts plan to engage with Industry on addressing innovation, S&T,(science and technology) advancements and IR&D (Independent Research and,Development) investments vital to meet the technology needs of our nuclear,deterrence community to keep them relevant and on the winning edge in this,critical area. May
Joint CAS/AUAB Industry Day  The,purpose of this special notice is to announce the first Joint CAS/AUAB,Industry Event in Doha, Qatar hosted by the 408th Regional Contracting Center,at Camp As Sayliyah and the 379th Expeditionary Contracting Squadron at Al,Udeid Air Base. The purpose of this event is to close the information gap by,offering local businesses direct access to Buyers and their needs. By,attending, sellers learn about programs, initiatives, challenges, and,upcoming requirements that lead to opportunities for business. The networking,opportunity these events provide can help sellers better navigate the federal,procurement landscape and ultimately win more awards. May
7, 2018
OASIS SB On-ramping Information Session for the Boston Area
Small Business Community
In,preparation for the upcoming open season on-ramp to backfill One Acquisition,Solution for Integrated Services (OASIS) Small Business (SB) contractor,,Hanscom Air Force Base is hosting a Small Business On-ramping Information,Session on May 8, 2018. May
8, 2018
Distributed Mission Command and Cloud Applications at the
Tactical Edge
The,U.S. Army will hold a tactical network related Technical Exchange Meeting on,8 May 2018 in Seattle, Wa. The goal of the event is to assist traditional,industry partners, non-traditional industry partners, and academia in,identifying and aligning their research efforts with Army tactical network,modernization priorities as it relates to distributed mission command at the,tactical edge. May
8, 2018
Hitting,the Brakes on Healthcare Spending. How Wellness programs can drive your,business forward by minimizing the rising tide of healthcare cost. May
9, 2018
INDUSTRY FORUM NAVFAC SW NAVFAC,Southwest will host an INDUSTRY FORUM wherein contractors will have,one-on-one opportunities to present their company’s capabilities, processes,,and services to NAVFAC Southwest leadership. NAVFAC is looking for innovative,ideas that will make a difference in the support they provide to the fleet,and warfighters. The information received may be used in future procurements. May
9, 2018
5th Annual Huntington Small Business Conference  Small,business conference will be held in response to Federal contract opportunity,W91237-18-SB-0001 for engineering services at U.S. Army Corps of Engineers,USACE District, Huntington May
9-10, 2018
Industry Outreach for Next Generation Broker Contract The,U.S. General Services Administration (GSA), PBS - National Office of Leasing,is hosting a series of Industry Outreach sessions in four major markets,across the country. The intent of the sessions is to obtain feedback from the,private sector real estate industry. The feedback will be used for the,development of the next generation broker contract. This fourth iteration of,the National Broker Contract is slated for award by 2020 with a Notice to,Proceed in 2021. GSA’s ultimate goal is to create a contract that assists in,increased taxpayers’ savings and leverage private sector expertise to assist,GSA with efficiently managing its expiring lease workload. Washington, DC May
9-10, 2018
Maintenance Of Space Situational Awareness Integrated
Capabilities (MOSSAIC)-Industry Day #2
Industry,Day #2 Announcement in support of the Maintenance Of Space Situational,Awareness Integrated Capabilities effort. The MOSSAIC acquisition will,provide sustainment services for current and future ground-based Space,Situational Awareness (SSA) sensors and Space Battle Management Command and,Control (BMC2) capabilities in the SMC/SYG portfolio. May
9-10, 2018
DISTRICT OPEN HOUSE EVENT The,Buffalo District Office of the US Army Corps of Engineers is hosting its,first annual Business Opportunities Open House event and invites interested,companies to meet District leadership, Program Managers, Project Engineers,,and other District personnel to learn about us and to find out about upcoming,projects, solicitations and other business opportunities. They are interested,in meeting companies that can assist with mission requirements. May
10, 2018
HUDs 3rd Annual Historically Underutilized Business Zones
(HUBZone) Small Business Outreach Conference
On,May 10, 2018, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development’s (HUD),Office of Small and Disadvantaged Business Utilization (OSDBU) and Office of,the Chief Procurement Officer (OCPO) are co-sponsoring the 3rd Annual HUBZone,Small Business Outreach Conference at the HUD Headquarters Building in,Washington, DC. The conference will provide businesses, both new and,experienced, access to information on the laws, rules, and regulations that,govern the HUBZone Program. Additionally, businesses will have an opportunity,to meet with key HUD staff and contracting officers/specialists to discuss,their capabilities and learn about upcoming potential procurement,opportunities. Also in attendance, other Federal Agency partners,,representatives from some of HUD’s prime contractors and supporting,organizations. May
10, 2018
IHS Small Business Industry Day Buffalo NY The,Indian Health Service (IHS) is conducting market research and is issuing this,Special Notice for a Small Business Industry Day. The event will include,statements from IHS Contracting Officers, Technical Representatives, Small,Business Administration (SBA) Specialists, and representatives from the local,Procurement Technical Assistance Centers (PTAC). Attendees will be afforded,the opportunity to confer with Contracting Officers (Division of Engineering,Services), Technical Staff (from the Nashville Area), SBA Specialists, and,PTAC representatives. Topics of discussion will include upcoming work,requirements. May
10, 2018
BL SMALL BUSINESS EXPO It is an,excellent opportunity to visit with about 70 different exhibitors presenting,a wide range of products and services that could help you enhance your,business and/or life. Not to mention there is the opportunity to connect with,up to 200 people or more visitors to this event. May
11, 2018
IHS Small Business Industry Day Long Island NY In,accordance with Federal Acquisition Regulation Part 10 and Subpart 5.2, the,Indian Health Service (IHS) is conducting market research and is issuing this,Special Notice for a Small Business Industry Day. IHS is seeking Small,Businesses that perform on-site septic system construction. May
11, 2018
ACT-IAC Igniting Innovation 2018 Conference and Awards  Forty,Exhibits By Top Innovators From Across The Nation, Keynotes By Senior,Government Officials, "Lightning Talks" By Experienced Innovators,,And An Interactive Session On Human-Centered Design. Igniting Innovation Is,The Premier Annual Event Featuring Innovations To Improve Services To,Citizens And Government Operations. Don't Miss This Chance To Learn What's,Happening On The Cutting Edge Of Innovation. May
11, 2018
Logistics Management Division Transportation “Carrier Industry
Day Conference 2018 
The,purpose of this industry day is to provide information on FEMA's upcoming,transportation needs for 2018 and onward. May
15, 2018
Virtualized Intelligence Platform Engineering and Research
AFRL,will be conducting a Pre-Solicitation Meeting/Industry Day for the VIPER,acquisition. The purpose of this meeting is to provide interested,companies/entities with an overview of the VIPER contract, promote an early,exchange of information, and provide an opportunity for both the Government,and Industry to gather more information prior to the DRAFT Request for,Proposal (RFP) and RFP being issued. May
15, 2018
2018 NUWC Division Keyport Industry Day The,Naval Undersea Warfare Center (NUWC) Keyport is hosting an Industry Day on,15-16 May 2018 at the Naval Undersea Museum, Keyport, WA.,Industry Day will provide Industry the,opportunity to learn more about NUWC Keyport, what mission they support, and,areas where Industry can contribute.,Keyport Managers will provide an overview of the organization and long,term procurement projections along with Acquisition strategies. May
15-16, 2018
Industry Day Announcement for Threat Systems Operations and
Maintenance Integrated Support (TSOMIS)
The,Program Executive Officer for Simulation, Training, and Instrumentation (PEO,STRI) is hosting an Industry Day for the Threat Systems Operations and,Maintenance Integrated Support (TSOMIS) program. May
15 - 16, 2018
Orbital Services Program-4 (OSP-4) Industry Day Announcement The,Air Force Space and Missile Systems Center, Launch Systems Enterprise,,Experimental Launch and Test Division (SMC/LEX), Rocket Systems Launch,Program (RSLP), Kirtland AFB, NM, intends to contract for orbital launch,services, referred to as the Orbital Services Program-4 (OSP-4), and defined,as 400 pounds (lbs.) to Low Earth Orbit (LEO) to 8,000 lbs. to Geostationary,Transfer Orbit (GTO). The Government plans on hosting an Industry Day to,collaborate and discuss program requirements including a draft Performance,Work Statement (PWS) and the proposed acquisition strategy. May
15-16, 2018
Naval Surface Warfare Center Port Hueneme Division Industry Day
The,California Contracting/Acquisition/Procurement (C-CAP) Expo (formerly named,NSWC PHD Industry Day Event) will be hosted by the Ventura County Economic,Development Corporation and Ventura Opportunities Alliance at the Oxnard,Performing Arts and Convention Center 800 Hobson Way Oxnard, CA on 15-16 May,2018. May
15-16, 2018
NSWC Philadelphia Division Industry Day
The,Naval Surface Warfare Center Philadelphia Division (NSWCPD) hosted an,Industry Day Event on Wednesday, 4 April 2018 from 0830-1300 (Eastern Time,,USA) at the Philadelphia Navy Yard. The objective of this event was to,provide an opportunity for industry to better understand the requirements of,the NSWCPD and to assist industry in their efforts to do business with the,Navy. April
4, 2018
NGA Mentor-Protégé Program Industry Day The,National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) hosted a NGA Mentor-Protégé,Program Industry Day. This was an opportunity for industry and academia to,gain insight and perspectives from NGA on their approach for the NGA,Mentor-Protégé Program. April 16, 2018
United States Special Operations Command's (USSOCOM) Science and
Technology Directorate Virtual Symposium and SOF Hard Problems
The,USSOCOM Science and Technology (S&T) Directorate was offering an online,"Virtual Symposium." April 16, 2018
Dell Open Networking:
Modernize Your Network with Open Technology
There,was a complimentary webinar to explore how Dell Open Networking can be used,to build flexible, high performance, secure, and cost effective,infrastructure for diverse operational environments. April 17, 2018
5th Annual
Salesforce Texas Innovation Day
There,was an event to explore how revolutionary technology platforms easily,integrate with your current infrastructure - enabling automation,,collaboration, mobile, and rapid response to change. April 17, 2018
A New Wave: Industry Consolidation in the GovCon Market The,Northern Virginia Chamber hosted the annual Gov Con Symposium, which,focused on a new wave of industry,consolidation in the Gov Con market caused by the Federal Government buying,habits, trends in technology, and overcapacity in the Gov Con Market. April 18, 2018