The Shred Presents: You're Hiring The Wrong BD People

There’s too much self-serving noise in Government Contracting.

GovCon is ever-fearful that their honest thoughts and opinions will cost them revenue & relationships. That’s where we come in. The Pulse of GovCon + Eastern Foundry has teamed up to give blunt analysis on the federal market, customers & what it takes to be successful.  We’re going to shred more than an RFP - we’re here to tear GovCon a new one!

Actions speak louder than words, so let’s do more than scream into the void. We invite you to come together and learn from shared experiences with your friends, colleagues, competimates, and frenemies.

Expect the unexpected at the first Shred Event.

We want you to join us in our journey to "tear govcon a new one" and that means breaking the conventional rules of typical govcon meet-and-greets. Not a roundtable, not a panel, not a 30-minute monologue followed by crapshoot networking. The Shred will be a totally different experience.  So come be part of the solution June 19th at Eastern Foundry Rosslyn. 

Want to learn more about what we are talking about? Watch Episode One: You’re Hiring The Wrong BD People.

The Pulse of GovCon