FY18 #SNOmnibus Recap

On March 21st, the DC Metro area was hit with the outskirts of a nor’easter and an Omnibus (#SNOmnibus). Since then, and not unlike the unusual weather on that spring day, our political climate has been cold, wet, and confused. But have no fear, The Pulse is here, and we’ve been lying in wait for this bill since late last year, i.e. our FY18 WATCH LIST (THE BD PROFESSIONAL’S CHEAT SHEET) and FY18 [UNDERDOG] WATCH LIST (THE BD CHEAT SHEET TAKE 2).

The document came in at a whopping 2,232 pages, and we went through [most of] it so you don’t have to. We’ve compiled our takeaways on discretionary budget authority levels per various FedCiv agencies. As is our usual M.O., the information provided is not exhaustive, but it is notable. Click on the links below to get to our findings. 

FedCiv Summary Tear Sheets:

Fast Facts:

  • The 2,232-page document works out to $582M per page.
  • OPM was given $584K to strengthen the capacity and capability of their acquisition workforce; whereas $500M was provided for the DoD Acquisition Workforce Development Fund.
  • FedRAMP is only mentioned one time in the whole document; whereas opioid is mentioned 24x; information technology is mentioned 62x; modernization is mentioned 34x; North Korea is mentioned 9x; nuclear is mentioned 46x, and training was mentioned 257x.

Information Technology:

Don't see your favorite Federal agency covered? Look for it next week in our Industry Expose' blast!