It is [GovCon] March Madness and we have all the coverage in our latest Industry Expose'!

The Pulse Industry Exposé is our bread and butter. It is this kind of knowledge sharing that inspired The Pulse in the first place. We have kept our eyes open and our ears to the ground to identify the status (whether they are cancelled, pre-solicitation, or awarded) of impactful contracts across the Federal Government. We have also identified past and upcoming industry conferences and events. This information is not exhaustive, but it is contextual. We are not only telling you the what - we strive to make connections that provide you with the why. 

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Cancelled Bids
Benefits Management (PBM) Program
FAA DTFAWA17R00053 - - 2-Feb-18 FAA suspended this solicitation because there may be a bigger opportunity coming down the pipeline. DOL OWCP is conducting ongoing efforts to implement a Government-wide Pharmacy Benefits Management vehicle. To streamline the execution process, OWCP has requested that all Federal agencies suspend the renewal and/or awarding of PBM contracts at this time. After doing some digging, we can't find a direct opportunity out of DOL OWCP for a PBM Program - not even a sources sought. In the spirit of staying positive, we hope DOL has already gotten the ball rolling with GSA on a Government-wide vehicle - but we can't seem to find that market research request either.
Role Player Support NGB W912LM18Q00170001 - - 28-Feb-18 This was "cancelled to complete talk with SBA in order to remove it from 8(a) program". Are they aware how hard it is to pull things out of the 8(a) program?
SAMHSA Center of Excellence for Tobacco-Free Recovery HHS
280180522 - - 6-Mar-18 SAMSHA provided no reasoning on why they decided to cancel this market research. Our guess is separation between Lobb(yist) & State.
FY18 Sports Officials USAF FA520518QB006 - - 6-Mar-18 GSA strategic sourcing, category management - whatever it is called these days - strikes again! The Contracting Officer cancelled this RFQ and solicited through the GSA Advantage website. Our question - what can't GSA offer?!
EPA FA860413R7900 $17,706,000.00 $ 14,976,279 12-Mar-18 This Administration won't even let EPA hold on to its contract vehicles. This is more of a transfer, less of a cancellation as GSA's Best-In-Class (BIC) Contracts strike again! The EPASS Program Office intends to utilize the GSA OASIS SB IDIQ vehicle in lieu of pursuing an "organic vehicle". The EPASS Program Office, or its decentralized ordering offices, will issue the TO's; EPASS TO's will not be issued by GSA. The EPASS Program office anticipates predominantly using GSA OASIS Pool 6, NAICS Code 541712, Exception A, Aircraft. The EPASS Program Office and its decentralized ordering offices will operate under a MOU with GSA allowing for a lower usage fee than the .75% listed in the GSA OASIS RFP. Anticipate a .10% in lieu of .75%; actual percentage will be listed in the TO RFPs.
Plywood DLA SP330018Q0040 - - 13-Mar-18 Contract was cancelled "due to discrepancies in the quantity of this requirement". Isn't that what T&M was made for? *shrug*
DSS EXECUTIVE TRAINING DSS 18RFI0004 - - 13-Mar-18 Not the best timing with Congress, the Federal Government, and GovCon breathing down your back over the security clearance backlog and process.
AEC SPACE BATTALION READINESS CENTER FT CARSON COLORADO NGB W912LC17B0001 $25,000,000.00 - 14-Mar-18 Looks like #SpaceForce will need a new place to hang out.
3D Printer & Accessories USN N0017318Q0203 - - 15-Mar-18 Apparently this was "posted in error". But we know someone wanted to sneak in a cool 3D printer with all the fancy accessories.
Liberia Mitigating Land Disputes DOS 19AQMM18R0081 - - 15-Mar-18 Well this is a big waste of time for some GovCons. Solicitation was released in January, due in February and cancelled in March. DOS's Contracting Office states that the cancellation is due to a "change in the needs of INL/Liberia". Now, we aren't international conflict experts, but our guess is that "change" could mean "change of power". Now - is that Liberia's new leader coming into power earlier this year OR a new U.S. Secretary of State, Mr. Mike Pompeo, whom will cause world leaders to adjust if confirmed (link: Your guess is as good as ours, but let's hope that they figure that out soon as 88% of land conflicts in South Asia remain unsolved.
DSS 2018 NORTHERN/WESTERN OPERATIONAL TRAINING CONFERENCE DSS HS002118Q0010 - - 16-Mar-18 Again, we don't think this the best time for DSS to be canceling training for its operational folks (i.e. lots of angry people over the security process). Also, another case of wasted time for some GovCons. Proposal was released in January, was amended six times, and was due March 12th. It was cancelled on March 15th. Talk about being led on!



Pre-Sol Bids
Army PEO W900KK18R0002  $197,600,000.00  -  Mar-18 - We are torn on whether to make this "Active" or "Pre-Solicitation" due to a recent modification released by the Contracting Office on March 12th to notify industry that the Medical Modeling and Simulation Training (MMAST) portion of solicitation W900KK-18-R-0002 for the TRIOSS requirement has been removed. This solicitation is technically released, but was put on pause with this announcement as GovCon waits for the Government to issue a new solicitation with revised requirements and submission dates in the next two weeks. As background, this is the one out of three contracts to be broken out and recompeted from the current Warfighter Focus contract held by incumbent Raytheon. Initiated in 2008, Warfighter Focus has covered training and logistics services in around 127 countries. CSRA, General Dynamics’ IT services business and Engility Corp. are the three primary members of Raytheon’s 154-member “Warfighter Training Alliance” for the program, as reported by Ross Wilkers of Washington Technology (link:
Federal Employees Health Benefits Program Plan Performance
Assessment Services
OPM 24322618R0013  -   -  Mar-18 Mar-18 OPM Federal Employee Insurance Operations (FEIO) administers the Federal Employees Health Benefits (FEHB) Program for eligible Federal employees and annuitants, other statutorily eligible individuals, and their eligible family members. The FEHB Program covers approximately 8.3 million lives and provides about $53 billion a year in healthcare benefits. OPM states that it has collected FEHB Carrier HEDIS and CAHPS measures for many years;,yet the first year of FEHB Program Plan Performance Assessment scoring was in 2016. For 2017, OPM added an Improvement Increment to the Clinical Quality, Customer Service and Resource Use (QCR) score. OPM is looking to GovCon for technical expertise and IT recommendations to collect, calculate, aggregate, and report measurement data related to the FEHB Program Plan Performance Assessment (the one they've been doing for years...). The additional services provided under the proposed contract will streamline data reporting and analyses, expand the capacity of OPM to utilize a broader range of relevant measures along with appropriate benchmarks or reference ranges, and strengthen the integrity of the performance calculation process.
Office of People Analytics (OPA) Analytical Support for
Research, Surveys, and Statistics
ID09180048  $100,000,000  $   15,776,814 Apr-18 May-18 GSA is releasing this Request for Information (RFI) on behalf of the Defense Human Resources Activity (DHRA), Office of People Analytics (OPA), Centers for Health & Resilience (H&R) and Retention & Readiness (R&R). OPA requires continued analytical support to plan and analyze DoD-wide surveys and focus groups and to conduct in depth analysis using various data sources. The current incumbent program, supported by Fors Marsh Group, has a period of performance that ends May 2018.
NGA Enterprise Engineering NGA HM047618R0016  $ 394,586,000  $ 394,585,924 Apr-18 Jul-18 The Pulse has a limited view into ARC, but with the Sources Sought just being submitted earlier this month - we think it is a little far fetched for an RFP to be released next month. Our best guess is either a FY18 solicitation, or an early FY19 at best. Current incumbents include Intec LLC, ICES Limited, Vencore Inc., and OGSystems LLC.
PSC Continued Implementation of HSPD-12 HHS
18233SSNHSPD12  -   -  May-18 Aug-18 This one is actually a pretty big deal since this is replacing one single major contract as HHS seeks GovCons to support the continued systems implementation of Homeland Security Presidential Directive 12 (HSPD-12) at HHS. HHS also requests support for independent consulting and engineering services to assist the Program with exploring a next generation HSPD-12 System, with increased interoperability that maximizes technical advances and best practices in identity management. The full implementation of such a system is estimated to occur in five to ten years, after the period of performance of this contract. We won't go into all the boring details about the history and what HSPD-12 is, but HHS does a great job providing a full timeline in their draft PWS so we recommend giving that look. We can't find the exact "large contract" HHS references in their Q&A, but we did find some HSPD-12 players of note: Deloitte Consulting, Cascades Technologies, Credence Management Solutions, Tyco Integrated Security, and Stanley Convergent Security Solutions. Happy capture hunting!
Outside Counsel Advisory and Assistance Support FEMA 70FA6018I00000004  -   -  May-18 Jun-18 FEMA is looking to GovCon for Federal Insurance & Mitigation Administration's (FIMA's) planning and management services in support of the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP). Having completed reinsurance placements for both 2017 and 2018, FEMA is now working to further develop and mature the NFIP Reinsurance Program, utilizing both the traditional reinsurance market and the capital markets. This was the first time the Federal Government has secured reinsurance from private markets through a program of this nature. The Program involves working with complex and specialized areas of reinsurance law such as traditional reinsurance and insurance-linked securities (ILS). As a result, FIMA requires legal SMEs to advise and assist on matters related to reinsurance and securities laws and the reinsurance industry, including the private capital markets.
USTRANSCOM Operational Blueprint Update USTRANSCOM TRANSCOM18D016  -   -  May-18 Jul-18 USTRANSCOM is looking to transform from a business operations “you call, we haul” model to a war fighting headquarters. So they are looking to you GovCon and your answer to this question: "What is the strategic roadmap (ops blueprint) for USTRANCOM’s relationships and temporal interactions up, laterally, and down to be relevant in the future joint environment, with an intense focus on its Component Commands?" Responses are due March 22nd at 5PM CST. Good luck!
Medical Research and Material Command
 RFIJLDDFA2018  -   -  Jun-18 Aug-18 The Department of the Army, Army Medical Command, Army Medical Research & Materiel Command has a requirement for Strategic Support Services to support the Director of Acquisition. This is a new requirement that would allow GovCons to support in the oversight of all USAMMA's acquisition areas. Responses to the Sources Sought is due March 26 at 9:00 AM EST.
National Airspace System (NAS) – Integrated Display Replacement
System (IDSR) - 2nd Level Engineering Software Maintenance Support
FAA 29458  $66,350,000.00  $  44,499,999 Jun-18 Jul-18 The current incumbent, All Weather Inc., received a notice of the Government's intent to exercise an option year in December pushing the last day to order to June 2018. Market research was collected on March 9th, so we are thinking we'll see movement sometime early July. The NIDS has been deployed to 41 networks, for a total of 925 workstations located at 96 sites. The system provides rapid retrieval and display of a wide range of weather, operational support, and administrative information to air traffic controllers and other required users in the terminal environment.,The system consolidates operational information to provide a tool to exchange information that impacts the control of air traffic. The NIDS is an integration of All Weather Inc. (AWI), owned-Flex-IDS software platform (the incumbent), including software developed by Advanced Installer by Caphyon Ltd., and,JPedal by IDR Solutions and 18 open-source code software libraries. The FAA will consider alternative solutions, knowledge, ability, time, and pricing.
IT Professional and Financial Services DOL
1605DC18N00002  -   -  Jun-18 TBD:
Shaping Opportunity
We've seen a lot of DOL market research come and go - so we are skeptical on this one, even if the need is a hot ticket item in the Federal landscape right now. DOL is looking to possibly create a new BPA so that GovCon can assist in supporting, modernizing and transforming the information technology delivery to stakeholders through the use of agile and DevOps frameworks (shorter development cycles, increased deployment frequency, more dependable releases, and in close alignment with business objectives). Responses to the Sources Sought are due March 23rd at 10:00 AM EST.
USCENTCOM Joint Cyber Planning Services GSA
ID04180070  $12,575,000.00  $ 12,219,703 Jun-18 Aug-18 USCENTCOM is furthering its efforts to integrate theater level campaign constructs with other DoD organizations and the interagency. This initiative promotes and depends upon a holistic approach to the planning, coordination, and synchronization of Federal Government activities. The CENTCOM Joint Cyberspace Center (JCC) is charged with leading the strategic development, operational planning, and operations of full spectrum cyber operations. The Government is looking to GovCon for continued SM expertise with the ability to self-perform specific planning requirements, operations requirements and collaborate with military and Government employees to accomplish tasks that support the long-range planning requirements of the JCC. On November 2017, the Government deobligated funds from Vistra Communications (current incumbent) to the tune of $355K. PoP is up to end September 2018. This program is staying in the 8(a) program - but be careful because Vistra is still an eligible 8(a). Do your research GovCons!
Lunar Surface Transportation Capability Request for Information
Shaping Opportunity
We are going back to the moon! NASA has multiple new and linked activities proposed under the President's Budget Request for 2019 that mandates a robust return to the Moon. These efforts will establish U.S. leadership for missions to, around, and on the Moon. NASA is planning to develop a series of increasingly complex and capable lunar missions to the surface of the Moon, starting first with robotic missions. This new initiative will be undertaken in coordination with scientific lunar exploration, and will run in parallel to the development and flight of the Space Launch Systems (SLS), Orion, and the elements of the Lunar Orbital Platform - Gateway. This will be a collaborative effort between NASA's Human Exploration and Operations Mission Directorate (HEOMD), Science Mission Directorate (SMD), and Space Technology Mission Directorate (STMD).
15A00018RFI03152018  -   -  Aug-18 TBD:
Shaping Opportunity
DOJ DEA is looking to GovCon to help them develop and run a 2 to 3 week resident program for senior law enforcement executives with instruction in the latest management concepts and practices used in law enforcement organizations in Government. It should include current topics on challenges that law enforcement executives face today. Time to go back to school to prove to mama you ain't no fool!
Energy Savings Performance Contracts (ESPC) III - Small Business
USACE W912DY18R0013  $1,500,000,000  -  Oct-18 TBD:
Shaping Opportunity
We are a little skeptical about this one due to the Administration's outlook on "energy savings". It is also interesting since EPA's Energy Star Program was practically gutted in early 2017. The Government hasn't been able to provide a specific timeline of a proposal release so we recommend doing your research and due diligence before pouring B&P dollars into this one.
VA Behavioral Health Center of Excellence USACE W912HP18S4005  $ 10,000,000.00  -  Feb-19 TBD:
Shaping Opportunity
As great as this is, we are skeptical about this coming to fruition due to current VA funding drama.
DOI Firearm Shot Detection System  DOI 140D0418Q0189  -   -  - TBD:
Shaping Opportunity
The DOI Headquarters building has undergone an extensive modernization project to upgrade the infrastructure to support the technological advancements of the 21st century. Security and safety are a large part of the renovation. To enhance the new security upgrades throughout the building, and advance the notification/ protection for the occupants in the event of an active shooter, DOI is requesting information regarding established systems that detects shots fired within a building.
Credibility Assessment Datasets IARPA IARPARFI1802  -   -  - TBD:
Shaping Opportunity
IARPA is pretty good at following up on their RFIs. Not to mention, they are all for you reaching out to them to help with these types of opportunities so the release date could be up to you! IARPA seeks data sources that could be compiled and used to independently evaluate and verify the state of the art in credibility assessment techniques and technologies. For this RFI, credibility refers to the veracity of information and/or the person or source providing that information. Responses are due May 31st at 5PM EST.
CBPRFI20180228  -   -  - TBD:
Shaping Opportunity
Everyone wants a cloud - but DHS CBP might have a harder time getting what they want due to their "no-cloud-access" policy. So what is going to come first - the policy or the cloud? (link: We are confused at the point of this market research since DHS CBP just recently awarded Accenture a contract for DHS CBP Data Center Support Services in late 2017 (Contract No.: HSBP1017C00137) which we would assume has a scope for cloud services, no? We digress - responses to the Sources Sought are due April 16th at 2PM EST.
Lawful Access iOS Device Unlock Tool DOJ
15DDHQ18N00000009  -   -  - TBD:
Shaping Opportunity
It has been Apple vs. the Federal Government for a long time - but now it seems like the DEA can get into iPhones without Apple's help. GrayKey is a $15,000 device that helps law enforcement agencies unlock iPhones. At least they are trying to do it legally? Learn more about the technology here:
Crucial Conversation Training Material GSA
RFIGS1417001CCon  -   -  - TBD:
Shaping Opportunity
GSA wants to purchase an unspecified amount of the New York Times Bestseller - Crucial Conversations © and their training materials. According to the RFI, a cadre of GSA employees have been certified by Vital Smarts, LLC to deliver Crucial Conversations© Training to agency employees in hopes of teaching them how to communicate better. This is all well and good - but we can't seem to find Vital Smarts LLC as a HCaTS schedule holder. So much for GSA practicing what they preach!
Land Buy Back Program (LBBP) seeking Appraiser-Foresters DOI OST201700001  -   -  - TBD:
Shaping Opportunity
The Office of Appraisal Services (OVS) - Land Buy-Back Program (LBBP) is charged with the valuation of a large number of parcels within Indian Reservation boundaries primarily located throughout the Western United States. Included in the valuation assignments are significant timber holdings. The OVS-LBBP seeks a cross section of expertise related to the value of timber as a commodity and the timber relationship to the value of the real estate (contributory value of the timber with all rights and interests considered in the valuation process).
Photo Booth NGB W912L118Q0072  -   -  - TBD:
Shaping Opportunity
It is picture time for the Texas National Guard! The Texas National Guard is looking to purchase five photo booths for recruiting marketing events. At a minimum, the booths should have the following features/capabilities: color printers, internet connectivity, shall be wrapped with a design provided by the Government, photo sharing capability through social media, customizable onscreen menus, and software packages with customized print templates. Sounds a tad pricey to us, but hey anything for a good recruiting event!
Virtual Reality Framework for Research and Treatment of
Adolescence Depression
NIHDA201800110  -   -  - TBD:
Shaping Opportunity
NIH is looking to acquire software programming services for the Mood, Brain, and Developmental Unit's virtual reality (VR) platforms and pilot treatments. Current experimental tasks are implemented in limited laboratory settings not resembling real-life experiences and lacking ecological validity. Last year, the Unit purchased equipment through Mode Four, LLC to conduct experiments and programming on novel virtual reality (VR) platforms and to pilot treatments that are using this modality. The VR equipment helped boost the Unit’s translational potential for ecological validity, efficiency, youth-friendliness, and suitability for innovative treatment.
Trade Secret Theft USPTO PRG146P1800072  -   -  - TBD:
Shaping Opportunity
USPTO is seeking a comprehensive landscape study of existing and emerging research relevant to intellectual property rights (IPR) enforcement in the area of trade secret theft. Trade secrets cover “non-public, commercially valuable information, including confidential formulae, programs, devices, processes or techniques for manufacturing a product.” The goal of this project is to produce a substantial report that documents the state of the evidence and understanding on key issues, identifies critical gaps in knowledge, and recommends future research priorities.
Job Description Automation Tool FRB FRB18001  -   -  - TBD:
Shaping Opportunity
Now this is a real shaping opportunity - because the RFI straight up says, "Board is seeking the services of an experienced professional that will assist with the creation of the statement of work (SOW) and associated documents required to procure the system/tool". Don't say FRB never gave you a chance!

Active Bids
Assistance and Work Life Services
2031JW18Q00030 $ 801,000.00 $ 223,340.00 21-Mar-18 This is opportunity seems like small potatoes, but at The Pulse we like to applaud organizations that do GOOD. OCC provides employee assistance and work life program services at no cost to employees and their family members as an 100% employer-paid benefit. Even better, in addition to federal benefit programs, OCC has developed its own. OCC employees receive dental and vision, long-term disability, and business travel accident insurance at no cost. Employees are eligible to participate in the OCC-sponsored life, short-term disability, and personal accident insurance programs, 401(k) plans (both regular and Roth), and flexible spending accounts for healthcare, dependent care, and parking expenses.,Wait - there's more! Each OCC employee receives a yearly dollar amount to apply towards work life and wellness expenses ($1,250 for the Life Cycle Account benefit IAW the CBA the OCC entered into with the employees union); and OCC employees are provided access to’s caregiver database through a group membership - paid 100% by OCC. Hey OCC - you hiring?
Central Texas VA Health Care System Blood Products VA 36C25718Q0330 - - 22-Mar-18 The VA is looking to GovCon for their transfusion needs - mainly for fresh frozen plasma. Yum. Between 2000 and 2015, the blood plasma market quadrupled from $5B to more than $20B. The US has quickly became the plasma capital of the world, supplying 70% of the world’s plasma while accounting for a “mere” 40% of global demand. Why? In the US, individuals can sell plasma 104 times a year, compared to the global norm of 45 -- and they can make up to $50 per 90-minute visit. This has incentivized millions of Americans (especially those in low-income communities) to routinely donate. The whole relationship works out well for pharma companies, who pay $150 for a plasma donation and sell it for $500. From 2006 to 2016, plasma donations in the US tripled. (link:
Translation/Interpretation Services in Support of Hurricane
Maria, Puerto Rico
USACE W9127818Q0003 - - 23-Mar-18 The central objective of the Hurricane Maria Temporary Hiring Program of USACE is to identify and help eliminate problems that employees might have that could impact their work performance or attendance. The basic premise of the Temporary Hiring Program is to expedite the inquiries about Temporary Emergency Power Mission (TEPM) with Point of Contacts, which could impact the repair work on generators. USACE is looking for 25 bi-lingual interpreters to assist the communication between the USACE Planning and Response Team (PRT) QA Team Members and the citizens of Puerto Rico. Better late than never, right?
Monitoring of Sea Turtles USAF FA527018QB010 - - 28-Mar-18 Guys - the world's last male northern white rhino died this week, so we can't let the dominant sea turtles of Japan (Loggerhead Turtle, Green Turtle, and Hawksbill Turtle) go too. U.S. Army Garrison Okinawa Directorate of Public Works is looking to GovCon to conduct the monitoring of the sea turtles and nest relocation, as well as assistance in the development of an effective conservation plan to SAVE THE SEA TURTLES!
Custom Awards and Accolade Plaques DOJ DEA D18HR0030 - - 30-Mar-18 DEA values its employees and seeks to reward those that have performed exceptionally, and they want to provide a keepsake for employees set to retire. DEA's Office of Human Resources is charged with awarding employees these tokens of appreciation and is looking for a GovCon to rapidly respond to their requests, as needed. The part that made us chuckle? DEA made sure to tack on this statement at the end of the SOW, "In the event that a new Administrator is appointed to the DEA, a signature stamp shall be created". Are they being overly cautious or are we about to add another fallen Govie to this Administration's list?
NASA End-User Services and Technologies (NEST) Contract NASA Shared Services Center 80NSSC18R0002 $ 2,910,000,000.00 $721,789,722.75 03-Apr-18 HP Enterprises (now known as DXC Technology) is the current semi-incumbent on this opportunity since this is a follow-on to the NASA AMES contract. NASA is looking to GovCon to help deliver on their NEST vision to increase the productivity of scientists, engineers, and mission support personnel by responsively and efficiently delivering reliable, innovative and secure IT services. This IDIQ will provide IT end-user support and services to NASA headquarters, the ten NASA field centers, and other performance sites - and comes with a 10 years PoP.
Key Verification Assets Fund or V Fund Program DOS BAC BAA2018DOSAVCVTRDN - - 16-Apr-18 The Key Verification Assets Fund (V Fund) was established by Congress in 1999 to help DOS sustain, research, develop, or acquire technologies or programs relating to the verification of arms control, disarmament and nonproliferation agreements and commitments. The V Fund may be used to support and preserve critical verification assets as well as to promote the development of new technologies. It may also be used to improve and expand analytical tools, models, data and metrics applicable to weapons of mass destruction (WMD) related policies. DOS is looking to GovCon to help them find innovative technological approaches to current and future arms control, and nonproliferation policy implementation challenges through exchanges with and between various science and technology communities.
USACE AEC JOINT REGIONAL CORRECTIONAL FACILITY USACE W912DW18R0016 $ 100,000,000.00 - 16-Apr-18 USACE intends to procure services for the design and construction of an 87,620 Square Foot Joint Regional Confinement Facility (JRCF) located at Joint Base Lewis-McChord (JBLM), Washington. This is a FY2018 military construction project. The JRCF will replace the existing confinement facility with new facilities meeting Army Corrections Systems (ACS) Level II (pretrial confinement and minimum/medium security) criteria and Complying with American Corrections Association (ACA) standards, Army policy, Department of Defense criteria, Executive Orders, and other applicable laws and regulations.
Israeli Lounge Design Competition John F. Kennedy Center JFKC0001 $ 1,000,000.00 - 23-Apr-18 An international competition is being held to obtain a design for the existing Israeli Lounge at the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington, DC. This space is part of the living memorial to President John F. Kennedy. The competition presents a unique opportunity to reshape and transform a historic space within a Memorial that is visited by millions from around the world annually. It is expected that the new design will highlight the potential and excitement of arts and cultural exchange creating a new image, mood, and artistic experience that showcases and celebrates today's Israeli culture in an innovative and interesting way. The new design shall be a celebration of Jewish culture, including philosophy, the arts, science, and religion; should include both historical and contemporary references; and should be an homage to the country of Israel.
SPAWAR ASHORE GLOBAL C4ISR INSTALLATIONS CONTRACT SPAWAR N0003918R0060 $ 968,150,000.00 - 01-May-18 This FFP, CPFF, Incentive-Based multiple award IDIQ contract encompasses the C4ISR installation services for all shore-based C4ISR and supporting systems, current and future, under the cognizance of SPAWAR. The scope of this contract does not include the Navy Marine Corps Intranet (NMCI), the Next Generation Enterprise Network (NGEN), or any future such contracts. The lucky 2-5 winners will be required to conduct installations, decommissions, integration, and other technical/ engineering tasks at over 1,000 shore facilities worldwide, including potentially hostile regions. The Government’s largest concentration areas for this contract are: Norfolk, VA; San Diego, CA; Puget Sound, WA; Pearl Harbor and Wahiawa, HI; Yokosuka and Sasebo, Japan; Naples and Sigonella, Italy; Guam; Bahrain; and Djibouti.

Awarded Bids
Readiness and Force Management Enterprise (GRFME)
USN Space and
Naval Warfare Systems Command
N6600117R0169 N6600113D0074,
N6600118D0169, N6600118D0168
$281,749,000 $ 144,520,489.03 09-Mar-18 Sotera Defense
Solutions Inc., Booz Allen Hamilton, InnovaSystems International
The Global Readiness and Force Management Enterprise (GRFME) includes systems engineering, software design/development, integration, testing, installation, training, life cycle maintenance, procurement, help desk services, management, and system documentation for GRFME, which encompasses the Defense Readiness Reporting System-Strategic (DRRS-S) and all systems reporting readiness data into the DRRS enterprise. This was a re-competed effort that started with five (5) incumbents and is now down to three (3): Booz Allen, Innovasystems International, and the new kid to the group - Sotera Defense Solutions.
Afghanistan Air Force Armed ISR Aircraft & Upgrade USAF
Material Command
- FA862018C4023 $86,402,055 - 09-Mar-18 Orbital
Orbital ATK, Fort Worth, Texas, has been awarded an $86,402,055 firm-fixed-price undefinitized contract action for the Afghanistan Air Force AC-208 armed intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance aircraft requirement.,Work will be performed in Fort Worth, Texas and is expected to be complete by June 9, 2019. This contract involves pseudo foreign military sales. This award is the result of a sole-source acquisition.
RFQ1256279 47QFDA18F0017,
47QFDA18F0020, 47QFDA18F0016, 47QFDA18F0018, 47QFDA18F0019
- $ 6,339,191.00 14-Mar-18 SIE
Consulting Group, McKinsey & Company, ICF Incorporated, Kaiser Associated
GSA didn't publically share this award information, but we scoured the FPDS ocean and went down and got it for you! GSA awarded five contracts for phase one of the Centers of Excellence initiative to modernize federal technology at the Department of Agriculture. Under each phase of the CoE, winning vendors will provide planning and strategy services to help the USDA develop a road map for modernization across the five areas: GSA issued the awards to SIE Consulting Group for Cloud Adoption (FSS: GS00F176GA / Contract No.: 47QFDA18F0016 // Value: $1,281,304.00); McKinsey & Company, Inc. for IT Infrastructure Optimization McKinsey (FSS: GS10F0118S / Contract No.: 47QFDA18F0017 // Value : $1,500,000.00); Kaiser Associates, Inc. for Contact Center (FSS: GS10F0159W / Contract No.: 47QFDA18F0020 // Value: $1,337,550.00); and ICF Incorporated, LLC for Service Delivery Analytics and Customer Experience (FSS:,GS00F010CA / Contract No.: 47QFDA18F0018, 47QFDA18F0019 // Value: $ $2,220,337.00). (link:
NATIONAL LANGUAGE SERVICE CORPS (NLSC) DHRA H9821017NLSC0001 H9821018F0051 $ 37,418,000 $ 14,779,719.68 14-Mar-18 Booz
Allen Hamilton
BAH beat out GDIT to support the NLSC Program in support of DHRA. Booz Allen Hamilton Inc., McLean, Virginia, has been awarded a $37,418,102 contract, contract number H9821018F0051, for the Defense Language and National Security Education Office (DLNSEO) National Language Service Corps (NLSC). This contract provides for administering critical functions of the NLSC, a major activity of the National Security Education Program (NSEP). These functions include recruiting U.S. citizens to become members of the NLSC, collecting and retaining members’ information, providing information to government organizations that are NLSC partners or are interested in becoming partners, assisting in the process of member activation and proficiency certification, providing language acquisition services and other benefits to NLSC members, and ensuring compliance with privacy act regulations.
Space Command
FA881117R0004 FA881118C0001,
$645,406,000 $ 96,500,490.00 14-Mar-18 Space
Exploration Technologies Corp. and United Launch Services
Space Exploration Technologies Corp., Hawthorne, California, has been awarded a $290,594,130 firm-fixed-price contract for launch services to deliver the GPS III to its intended orbit. This contract provides launch vehicle production, mission integration/launch operations/spaceflight worthiness and mission unique activities for a GPS III mission, with options for two additional GPS III launch services. United Launch Services, Centennial, Colorado, has been awarded a $354,811,947 firm-fixed-price contract for launch services to deliver the AFSPC-8 and AFSPC-12 satellites to their intended orbit. This contract provides launch vehicle production, mission integration/launch operations/spaceflight worthiness, mission unique activities, and mission unique options for the AFSPC-8 and AFSPC-12 missions.
Athletic Shoes DLA SPE1C118D1041 - - $ 17,325,438 15-Mar-18 New
Balance Athletics Inc.
New Balance Athletics Inc., Boston, Massachusetts, has been awarded a maximum $17,325,438 firm-fixed-price, indefinite-delivery/indefinite-quantity contract for athletic shoes. This was a competitive acquisition with six responses received. This is an 18-month base contract with one 18-month option period. Maximum dollar amount is for the life of the contract. Locations of performance are Maine and Massachusetts, with a March 14, 2021, performance completion date. Using customers are Army, Air Force, Navy, Marine Corps and Coast Guard.
Machine Learning and Computer Vision Engineering Services Effort
Award Modification
- W911QX17C0045 $ 36,902,295 $ 18,400,000 15-Mar-18 ECS
ECS Federal LLC, Fairfax, Virginia, was awarded a $9,529,017 modification (P00003) to contract W911QX-17-C-0045 to provide analysis of large structured and unstructured data sets in order to provide insight to the warfighter on the tactical edge using modern computational and algorithmic techniques through creation of a prototype environment with prototype technologies to uncover key insights with large data sets using robust ontologies created through data science partnership with the Department of Defense research laboratories and universities.
QTA0016AWA0001 Please don't
make us list all 70 out
$ 5,000,000,000 $2,063,723,563.24 16-Mar-18 Please don’t
make us list out all 70
GSA turned on the green light last week to the Government stating that all 70 awarded contracts are available for ordering. We have mixed feelings about VETS 2. Since its start in 2007, spending has decreased an overall 76%. After it's peak year in 2011, where VETS racked up over $385M in spending, the OG VETS vehicle has seen a steady decline in usage ending 2017 at just $99M in spending. But don't go throwing away your award yet! According to G2Xchange Health, VA's new $25B IDIQ is running into issues. Maybe there is a chance for a VETS 2 comeback afterall? (link:
ARMY TADSS MAINTENANCE PROGRAM (ATMP) Army PEO W900KK17R0034 W900KK18D0018 $3,531,926,800 - 16-Mar-18 Lockheed
Lockheed Martin has won a potential seven-year, $3.5 billion contract to supply training aids, devices and simulation tools for the Army to use on instrumentation systems and live-fire ranges. This is the first contract to be broken out and recompeted from the current Warfighter Focus contract held by incumbent Raytheon. The Army received one other bid for the new contract, Ross Wilkers from Washington Technology reported on March 16 (link: The award of the Army “TADSS Maintenance Program” contract also known as ATMP comes four months after Raytheon received a one-year extension on Warfighter Focus to continue the work through October of this year.
COBRA DANE RECOMPETE (CDR) USAF Material Command FA872316R0008 FA872318D0003 $511,000,000 $ 65,945,889 16-Mar-18 Raytheon
Raytheon Co holds on to win this re-compete. Raytheon has been awarded a $511,000,000 indefinite-delivery/indefinite-quantity re-compete contract for the Cobra Dane radar.,This contract continues the tasks required to operate, maintain, and sustain the Cobra Dane radar. This award is a result of a competitive acquisition and three offers were received.
(D5) TO Award/Modification
USN N0003017Q0100 N0003017C0100 $22,150,000 $ 79,324,640 19-Mar-18 Lockheed
Lockheed Martin Space Systems Co., Sunnyvale, California, is being awarded $522,324,985 for fixed-price-incentive, cost-plus-incentive-fee, and cost-plus-fixed-fee modification P00008 under a previously awarded contract (N00030-17-C-0100) to exercise options for Trident II (D5) missile production and deployed system support.
Engine Contractor Logistics Support Modification USN 2001812 N0001914D0016 - $ 308,521,637 19-Mar-18 Rolls-Royce
Rolls-Royce Corp., Indianapolis, Indiana, is being awarded $69,433,967 for modification P00010 to a previously awarded firm-fixed-price, indefinite-delivery, requirements contract (N00019-14-D-0016) to exercise an option to provide intermediate, depot level maintenance and related logistics support for approximately 209 in-service T-45 F405-RR-401 Adour engines.



Polyplexus Pilot Proposers Day The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) Defense Sciences Office (DSO) is sponsoring a Proposers Day webcast to provide information to potential proposers on the objectives of an anticipated Research Announcement (RA) for the Polyplexus Pilot program. The Proposers Day will be held via a live webcast on March 23, 2018 at 11:00 AM with a repost on March 27, 2018 at 4:00 PM. March 23, 2018
Federal Government Contractors NETWORKING EVENT - Spring Soiree The 11th Year of US Federal Government Contractors Spring Soiree has been moved to March 26 at the John F Kennedy Center. March 26, 2018
DHS CWMD Industry Outreach Announcement The DHS Countering Weapons of Mass Destruction (CWMD) Office will host two identical half-day "CWMD Industry Outreach" events on March 26, 2018, at the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) center, located at 1201 15th Street NW, Washington, DC 20005. These two events will provide members of industry, along with academia and government partners, who have worked with Domestic Nuclear Detection Office (DNDO) or the Office of Health Affairs (OHA), some insights into their transition to the new CWMD Office. March 26, 2018
FORUM FOR INNOVATIVE & NOVEL DISCOVERY (FIND) - REQUEST FOR INFORMATION United States Army Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC), Army Capabilities Integration Center (ARCIC) is announcing the Forum for Innovative & Novel Discovery (FIND). On 26-27 March 18 concurrent with Association of the United States Army (AUSA) Global Force Symposium and Exposition in Huntsville, AL, ARCIC will conduct its fourth FIND event. The FIND will concentrate on the Army Network/Command, Control, Communications, & Intelligence (C3I). The FIND program is voluntary and open to all interested small business. March 26-27, 2018
SENSR Industry Week Announcement The Spectrum Efficient National Surveillance Radar (SENSR) Joint Program Office (JPO)—comprising the Department of Defense, the Department of Homeland Security, the Federal Aviation Administration, and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration—will hold an Industry Week from March 26 – March 30, 2018. Industry Week will be held at CSRA Maritime Plaza (1201 M Street, SE Suite 400 Washington, DC 20003). March 26 - 30, 2018
Advanced Machinery Technology Symposium (AMTS) 2018 The Advanced Machinery Technology Symposium is a biennial conference that provides technical presentations, expert panels, and networking opportunities to the Naval Engineering professional community. AMTS 2018 will be held March 28-29 at Drexel University. AMTS is consistently one of ASNE's most technically rigorous events, and 2018 is no exception. March 27, 2018
VENDOR COLLABORATION - 2018 Small Business/Civil Engineer Outreach Networking Event The Air Force Life Cycle Management Center, Small Business Office (AFLCMC/SB) at Eglin AFB, FL will host a no cost Small Business/Civil Engineer Outreach Networking Event on 27 March 2018, from 8:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. (CST), at the University West Florida (UWF) Research & Engineering Education Facility (REEF) Auditorium, 1350 N Poquito Rd., Shalimar, FL 32579. The intent for this workshop is to provide all construction/civil engineer industry insight to typical construction contract opportunities, policies, and procedures. March 27, 2018
Industry Outreach on Line Item Construction Contracting The General Services Administration (GSA), Public Buildings Service (PBS) will be conducting market research and holding an industry outreach day with respect to line item pricing as it relates to construction contracting. The intent of this meeting is for GSA to become more familiar and better understand the pros and cons of contractors bidding construction work using pre-priced line items, most commonly found when holding an Indefinite Delivery Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) or Job Order Contract (JOC), versus other pricing methods such as lump sum. March 27, 2018
Industry Days for CAD/PAD MAC IDIQ's The CAD/PAD office at Hill AFB is working toward strategic contracting. One such move is to establish Multiple Award IDIQ Contracts (MAC) on their competitive efforts. As they launch the kick off these contracts the Government would like to gather information, feedback and ideas from industry. March 27, 2018
U. S. Department of Education Women-Owned Small Business Conference The U.S. Department of Education (Education) Office for Small and Disadvantage Business Utilization (OSDBU) will host the Women-Owned Small Business (WOSB) Conference Tuesday, March 27, 2018 1:00 pm- 3:00pm. The WOSB Conference will feature Education program presentations and roundtable discussions concerning Education procurement prime and subcontracting opportunities. In an effort to promote small business partnerships, ALL small business categories are welcome to attend. March 27, 2018
AN/SLQ-25E Torpedo Countermeasures System Industry Day Naval Undersea Warfare Division Newport (NUWCDIVNPT) will host an Industry Day on March 27, 2018 at 9:00am (EST) to provide interested parties with technical information and solicit feedback on the AN/SLQ-25E "NIXIE" requirements. This will be a competitive solicitation with a tentative projected award of January 2020. March 27, 2018
2018 Small Business Roadshow Do you want to hear about upcoming requirements? Do you know what it takes to compete and win contracts with the government? Would you like to learn about resources that are easily accessible to help your business? Answers to these questions and more at an event aiming to bring small businesses and government together. March 27, 2018
Small Business Event - EPA Women Owned Small Business Outreach Event The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's Office of Small and Disadvantaged Business Utilization is hosting a Women Owned Small Business Outreach Event "Empowering Women Owned Business". They will be hosting Match Making Opportunities for one hour. Each business will have the opportunity to talk with a procurement specialist or a prime contractor regarding procurement opportunities or subcontracting opportunities for 5 minutes. March 27, 2018
ACQUISITION EXCELLENCE 2018 The theme of this year's Acquisition Excellence Conference is Acquisition Innovation Avalanche. Acquisition innovation and technological innovation are two sides of a single coin – with each playing a role in enabling the other. This event will share the current innovative activity and explore the way that innovations in acquisition are being developed, tested and succeeding. March 27-28, 2018
HHS OSDBU "GETTING BACK 2 BUSINESS" SMALL BUSINESS OUTREACH EVENT IN WASHINGTON DC, Denver CO, Columbia SC The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), Office of the Secretary (OS), Office of Small and Disadvantaged Business Utilization (OSDBU) is hosting several community outreach events for small businesses. The community outreach event is directed at small businesses to educate them on federal procurement and provide information to 1) become familiar with processes and procedures associated with federal government contracting; and 2) identify and pursue contract opportunities with HHS. March 28, 2018
Suicide Prevention Mobile Device Application The Industry Day session will be held on March 28th, 2018 at Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center. This is a key opportunity for members of the vendor community to engage in a dialogue with VA about their proposed acquisition approach to establish a VHA Suicide Prevention App. This event will provide a venue to allow vendors to better do business with VA while ensuring the resulting contract will meet the needs of the Government. March 28, 2018
Proposers' Day Notification for Better Extraction from Text Towards Enhanced Retrieval (BETTER) The Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity (IARPA) will host a Proposers' Day Conference for the BETTER program on March 29, 2018 in anticipation of the release of a new solicitation. The purpose of the conference will be to provide information on BETTER and the research problems the program aims to address, to address questions from potential proposers, and to provide a forum for potential proposers to present their capabilities for teaming opportunities. March 29, 2018
Collection and Monitoring via Planning for Active Situational Scenarios (COMPASS) Proposers Day DARPA will host a Proposers Day in support of an upcoming BAA, HR001118S0022, for the COMPASS program on March 30, 2018 at the DARPA Conference Center, Rm 01-200, 675 N Randolph St, Arlington, VA 22203, from 9:00am to 1:00pm. Check-in will be held from 8:00am to 9:00am. The purpose of this meeting is to provide information on the COMPASS program, promote additional discussion on this topic, address questions from potential proposers, and provide a forum for potential proposers to present their capabilities for teaming opportunities. March 30, 2018
USACE Seattle Industry Day The US Army Corps of Engineers, Northwest Seattle (CENWS) District is hosting a free seminar for business owners and representatives to present training on how to do business with CENWS District. March 31, 2018
SPAWAR ASHORE GLOBAL C4ISR INSTALLATIONS CONTRACT Industry day for federal contract opportunity N00039-18-R-0060 for engineering services at Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command SPAWAR HQ is April 2, 2018. April 2, 2018
PSC Artificial Intelligence (AI) Solution Industry Day Notice Industry Day for PSC Artificial Intelligence (AI) Solution on data processing, hosting, and related services at Program Support Center Acquisition Management Services is April 2, 2018. April 2, 2018
PM AAA Support Services Program Executive Officer, Land Systems (PEO LS) Marine Corps, Quantico, VA, has a requirement for business, acquisition, logistics, engineering, and administration related activities in support of the Program Manager, Advanced Amphibious Assault (PM AAA) Program Office. The PM AAA Program will be hosting an Industry Day on 3 April 2018 from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM for parties interested in responding to the upcoming Request for Proposal (RFP). April 3, 2018
Next-Generation Non-Surgical Neurotechnology (N^3) Proposers Day The Biological Technologies Office (BTO) of the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) is hosting a Proposers Day for the potential proposer community in support of a planned Broad Agency Announcement (BAA) for the Next-Generation Non-Surgical Neurotechnology (N3) program. The Proposers Day will be held on April 3, 2018, at the DARPA Conference Center in Arlington, VA. The event will be webcast to provide limited interaction for those who would like to participate remotely. April 3, 2018
Business Opportunities Open House - Sacramento District - USACE - 4 Apr 2018 There is a Business Opportunities Open house on April 4, 2018 for federal contract opportunity BOOH-4-Apr-2018 for commercial and institutional building construction at U.S. Army Corps of Engineers USACE District, Sacramento. April 4, 2018
GREATER WASHINGTON INNOVATION AWARDS The Greater Washington Innovation Awards is on April 4, 2018. It is the premier event celebrating the thought leadership, innovation and creativity of the individuals and organizations in select industries in the Greater Washington metro area. April 4, 2018
Small Business Event - Land Management Agency Outreach The US Forest Service, Bureau of Reclamation, National Park Service, and Natural Resource Conservation Service have teamed up to educate Utah companies on how to do business with their agency on April 4, 2018. April 4, 2018
USSOCOM Small Business Roundtable The United States Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) is hosting a Small Business SB Roundtable in Tampa, FL on 4 April 2018 from 2:00pm-4:00pm. SB Roundtables are intended to allow small businesses to discuss barriers to doing business with USSOCOM, provide input as to what USSOCOM is doing well, and provide suggestions for ways to make doing business with USSOCOM easier. April 4, 2018
2018 NSWC Philadelphia Division Industry Day The Naval Surface Warfare Center Philadelphia Division (NSWCPD) will be hosting an Industry Day Event on Wednesday, 4 April 2018 from 0830-1300 (Eastern Time, USA) at the Philadelphia Navy Yard. The objective of this event is to provide an opportunity for industry to better understand the requirements of the NSWCPD and to assist industry in their efforts to do business with the Navy. April 4, 2018
Industry Outreach for Next Generation Broker Contract, Atlanta The U.S. General Services Administration (GSA), PBS - National Office of Leasing is hosting a series of Industry Outreach sessions in four major markets across the country. The intent of the sessions is to obtain feedback from the private sector real estate industry. The feedback will be used for the development of the next generation broker contract. This fourth iteration of the National Broker Contract is slated for award by 2020 with a Notice to Proceed in 2021. GSA’s ultimate goal is to create a contract that assists in increased taxpayers’ savings and leverage private sector expertise to assist GSA with efficiently managing its expiring lease workload. April 4-5, 2018
RDC OTA Industry Day This Special Announcement is being issued for an Other Transaction Authority (OTA) Industry Day in support of Military Engineering business area at U.S Army Engineer Research Development Center - Vicksburg, Mississippi on 05 April 2018. April 5, 2018
NAWCAD Pax Industry Day 2018 The Naval Air Warfare Center Aircraft Division (NAWCAD) Pax River will conduct its next semi-annual informational Industry Day on Thursday, 5 April 2018. The objective of this event is to enhance Government-Industry communication, conduct market research, and increase competitive opportunities for Industry in support of NAWCAD Pax by presenting valuable information on NAWCAD, acquisition emphasis areas, as well as providing the opportunity for one-on-one meetings between industry and NAWCAD acquisition personnel on select prospective NAWCAD Pax contract requirements. April 5, 2018
SMALL BUSINESS EVENT DYNET 2018 Small Businesses interested in the federal market are encouraged to attend this FREE regional tri-state event. Government agencies and prime contractors in a wide range of NAICS from the Tri-State area of Western Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Ohio will be there to find qualified small businesses to help them meet federally mandated goals. While this is a tri-state event, all small AND LARGE contractors are invited to participate. April 5, 2018
Industry Day - James River Streambank Stabilization Project The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers-Norfolk District in Partnership with Amherst County, Virginia invites Earthwork Industry Contractors to an Industry Day for the James River Streambank Stabilization Project (JRSSP) located in Amherst County, Virginia. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Norfolk District is seeking qualified and experienced firms capable of performing site improvements for the JRSSP. April 6, 2018
United States National Data Center Operations Support and Studies II (US NDC OSS II) Services INDUSTRY DAY Headquarters Air Combat Command (ACC) in support of the Air Force Technical Applications Center (AFTAC), Nuclear Treaty Monitoring (TT) Directorate, Patrick Air Force Base, Florida, is hosting a program overview for the United States National Data Center Operations Support and Studies II (US NDC OSS II) Services contract scheduled for 6 April 2018. The primary purpose of this program overview is to expand upon the technical requirements of the US NDC OSS II effort. April 6, 2018
Small Business Event - Air Force Materiel Command Small Business Outreach - Women-Owned Small Businesses (WOSB): Challenges and Opportunities AFMC/SB at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base is joining with the Greater Ohio Valley Chapter of Women in Defense (WID) and Wright Brothers Institute (WBI) to present a small business outreach event focusing on Women-Owned Small Businesses: Challenges and Opportunities. The event will encompass an update on current legislation focused on Women-Owned Small Businesses, a Small Business Update from the Air Force Materiel Command, and a Get-Started Orientation from the local Procurement Technical Assistance Center (PTAC). April 6, 2018
SAME Joint Industry Days and Federal Agency Forum (JIDFAF) This year’s SAME Joint Industry Days and Federal Agency Forum (JIDFAF) will be hosted by the Society of American Military Engineers (SAME) Chicago and Lake Michigan Posts and will be held, April 9th and 10th in Northbrook, IL. This is a day and one half business development event focusing on providing small businesses the tools, information and resources needed to enter or increase their government book of business. The event is designed to bring together Federal Agency staff, Prime contractors and small businesses for the purpose of networking, education, round-table exchanges and updates during the Federal Agency Forum. April 9-10, 2018
CMS SPARC Networking Event VA LOCATION This is an informal networking and casual event that provides the opportunity to meet and greet those who are Large and Small holders of the SPARC IDIQ. April 10, 2018
FedFocus 2018 Smart Technologies Accelerating Mission On April 10 at the Newseum there is an event to get the inside track on how next-generation technologies are improving the mission of government – driving efficiency, powering performance, and delivering cost-savings. They will drill down on what agencies are learning as they deploy hybrid cloud, leverage DevSecOps to accelerate innovation, and put IoT, automation, and AI to work. April 10, 2018
Innovation Industry Day Announcement - Marine Corps Warfighting Laboratory - EABO 2019 There is an upcoming Industry Day hosted by the Marine Corps Warfighting Laboratory (MCWL), and in coordination with the Navy and the Naval Research and Development Establishment (NR&DE). The EABO Innovation Industry Day is scheduled for 10 April 2018 at Marine Corps Base Quantico, Virginia. April 10, 2018
U. S. Army Aviation and Missile Research Development and Engineering Center (AMRDEC) Industry Days In accordance with the Office of the Deputy Secretary of Defense's Better Buying Power 3.0 Initiative, the U.S. Army Aviation and Missile Research Development and Engineering Center (AMRDEC) is hosting Industry Days, outlining the current and future strategy related to AMRDEC Aviation and Missile Science & Technology. The purpose is to optimize communication and collaboration across the government, industry and academia enterprise. April 10- 12, 2018
Lake City Army Ammunition Plant (LCAAP) Industry Day #2 The Army Contracting Command - Rock Island (ACC-RI), the Project Manager, Maneuver Ammunition Systems (PM MAS), the Joint Munitions Command (JMC), and the Lake City Army Ammunition Plant (LCAAP) Commander will be hosting a 2nd Industry Day for the planned competition for the production of small caliber ammunition and the operation, maintenance, and modernization of the LCAAP beginning in FY20. April 11-12, 2018
Call For Interested Parties to Attend Regenerative Medicine Stakeholder's Meeting The US Army Medical Research and Materiel Command (USAMRMC) is a major subordinate Command of the US Army Medical Command. The Clinical and Rehabilitative Medicine Research Program (CRMRP), a Program Area Directorate within the USAMRMC, is responsible for planning, programming, budgeting and execution oversight of biomedical research programs to develop knowledge and materiel products to reconstruct, rehabilitate, and provide definitive care for injured Service members. The CRMRP is organizing a Regenerative Medicine Stakeholders Meeting to be held on April 11 - 12, 2018 in the Washington, DC metropolitan area. April 11-12, 2018
Yokota Air Base Industry Day 2018 Yokota Air Base will be hosting a two-day industry event on 11 & 12 April. Topics will expand upon last year to include contingency response engineering requirements, commodities and services contracts, and discussion about the Japanese labor market. April 11-12, 2018
Small Business Development Program Group (ACQ-021) will host it's Fourth (4th)Annual Small and Disadvantaged Business Industry Day/Outreach Event The FAA Small Business Development Program Group (ACQ-021) will host it's Fourth (4th)Annual Small and Disadvantaged Business Industry Day/Outreach Event at the Mike Monroney Aeronautical Center (MMAC). The MMAC is a centralized support facility for the FAA providing Civil Aviation Certification, Logistics, Enterprise Services, Engineering, Aerospace Medical, Human Factors Research, Standards, and Training Support. This event will include requirement briefings from MMAC, and Tenant Program Organizations, and one-on-one matchmaking sessions with FAA Procurement Officials. April 11, 2018
Small Business Event March 2018 The Office of Small Business Programs (OSBP) has established a Small Business Information Forum Initiative (SBIFI) that follows the PEO STRI Acquisition Center's monthly Procurement Administrative Lead Time (PALT) update sessions. This venue provides both meaningful and timely information to all of Industry, however concentrating on small business, in an ever-changing acquisition environment. April 12, 2018
Federal Innovation Forum Series The Federal Innovation Forum series is presented in partnership with the U.S. General Services Administration and Montgomery County Chamber of Commerce. Over the course of three forums, government and industry will learn on how block chain, artificial intelligence, and chatbot technologies are being utilized, and how they will shape future procurement requirements. April 12, 2018
SubCon Training Workshop NCMA’s SubCon Training Workshops (SubCon) provides comprehensive subcontracts training led by experienced practitioners. This year, SubCon consists of both workshops and breakout sessions. April 12- 13 2018
Small Business Outreach Event Sioux Falls, SD U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) Earth Resources Observation and Science (EROS) Center is sponsoring a Small Business Outreach Event to engage the vendor community. The event will be held in Sioux Falls, SD, Monday, April 16, 2018. April 16, 2018
PEO(U&W) RFI and Industry Day Notice PEO(U&W) is holding an Industry Day Event 17 - 19 April 2018 in order to share plans for the future of Unmanned Aviation and Strike Weapons. April 17- 19, 2018
ABERDEEN PROVING GROUND DISCOVERY WEEK ADVANCED PLANNING BRIEFING TO INDUSTRY The goal of the APG Discovery Week APBI is to provide industry with networking opportunities for both large and small businesses. The APBI will describe potential future contracting opportunities for mission areas that focus on: Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance; Research and Development; Test and Evaluation; Chemical and Biological Defense; APG Garrison; and US Army Corps of Engineers - Baltimore District. April 17-20, 2018
Industry Outreach for Next Generation Broker Contract, New York The U.S. General Services Administration (GSA), PBS - National Office of Leasing is hosting a series of Industry Outreach sessions in four major markets across the country. The intent of the sessions is to obtain feedback from the private sector real estate industry. The feedback will be used for the development of the next generation broker contract. This fourth iteration of the National Broker Contract is slated for award by 2020 with a Notice to Proceed in 2021. GSA’s ultimate goal is to create a contract that assists in increased taxpayers’ savings and leverage private sector expertise to assist GSA with efficiently managing its expiring lease workload. New York, NY April 17-18, 2018
DOL Small Business Vendor Outreach Session The U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) agencies buy a wide variety of goods and services valued at approximately $2 billion each year. Each DOL agency has a responsibility for procuring its own goods and services in support of the agency's mission. These sessions offer small businesses the opportunity to market their capabilities directly to procurement and program officials, and learn about potential procurement opportunities. Conversely, DOL procurement officials can learn more about the diverse small business resources available to meet their procurement needs. April 18, 2018
A New Wave: Industry Consolidation in the GovCon Market The Northern Virginia Chamber will host the annual Gov Con Symposium, which will focus on a new wave of industry consolidation in the Gov Con market caused by the Federal Government buying habits, trends in technology, and overcapacity in the Gov Con Market. April 18, 2018
MICC Fort Hood Acquisition Forecast Open House Fort Hood is hosting an ACQUISITION FORECAST OPEN HOUSE with representatives from Mission and Installation Contracting Command (MICC) providing their anticipated forecast opportunities for 2018. April 18, 2018
Spring Intelligence Symposium 2018 The Spring Symposium will provide the opportunity for Government, industry and academia to discuss the implications of the NSS and the challenges and new opportunities it presents for intelligence practitioners. The threat spectrum is large and fueled by technologies that provide capabilities to a broad variety of actors intent on doing damage to U.S. interests. Countering these threats will take the combined might of the U.S. Government, academia and industry. The Spring Symposium offers the forum for dialogue on how we can organize our efforts to succeed together. April 18-19, 2018
The Government Procurement Conference The Government Procurement Conference is a national conference fostering business partnerships between the Federal Government, its prime contractors, and small, minority, service-disabled veteran-owned, veteran-owned, HUBZone, and women-owned businesses. Now in its 28th year, the Government Procurement Conference has become the premier event for small businesses throughout the United States. Participating firms will have the benefit of marketing their products/services to procurement representatives and small business specialists from government agencies. Companies may choose to set up an exhibit table to showcase their capabilities or simply come as an attendee. The conference also includes educational conference sessions, procurement matchmaking, and a dynamic exhibitor showcase. April 19, 2018
Domestic Capability Priorities (DCP) Conference Air National Guard (ANG) Domestic Capability Priorities (DCP) Conference: National Guard Bureau (NGB), Air National Guard, Washington, D.C. is planning to host the 2018 Domestic Capability Priorities Conference the week of 23 Apr 2018 in Colorado Springs, CO. At this conference field level experts identify and prioritize ANG domestic capability shortfalls, and brief their results to senior ANG leadership. Capability needs from the conference that are subsequently verified and validated become candidates for procurement using the ANG's National Guard and Reserve Equipment Account (NGREA) funds. April 23, 2018
2018 Stay Ready Small Business Conference NCMA Atlanta, Clark Atlanta University, OPM and a host of federal agencies will be at a high powered, fast paced week of learning, networking, and a host of other activities designed to expand your business network, build relationships with federal leaders, and develop new leads. Learn more about your industry and create business development opportunities or simply get inspired and reenergized! April 24- 26, 2018
Range Activity Customer Exchange (RACE) Spring 2018 Invite The Government plans to conduct a Range Activity Customer Exchange (RACE) event to provide Government and industry range customers an overview of future and current business, technical and operational practices at the Eastern Range (Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, FL) and Western Range (Vandenberg Air Force Base, CA). The RACE event will occur in the Air Force Space Command Auditorium at Peterson Air Force Base, 150 Vandenberg St, Colorado Springs, CO 80915, on 24-25 April 2018 from 0800-1700 MT. April 24-25, 2018
The U. S. Army Tank Automotive Research, Development and Engineering Center (TARDEC) Industry Days Industry Days serve as a forum to provide information on TARDEC’s ground vehicle systems technology focus, as well as ancillary force projection technologies, to include technology roadmaps, planned spending and opportunities for collaboration with industry, academia and other government partners. April 24-25, 2018
FAA Enterprise Network Services Program (formerly FTI-2) Industry Day Announcement FAA intends to hold an Industry Day for the anticipated Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Enterprise Network Services Program (formerly the FAA Telecommunications Infrastructure - 2 (FTI-2)) competitive acquisition. The FAA is holding this event to encourage open communication with interested vendors so as to improve the nature of the FAA’s eventual Screening Information Request (SIR). April 25, 2018
2018 Quantum Information Sciences Workshop Air Force Global Strike Command (AFGSC) will be hosting an UNCLASSIFIED level Quantum Information Sciences Workshop at the Cyber Innovation Center (CIC) in Bossier City, Louisiana. The goal of this workshop is to baseline government, industry, academia, DoD FFRDCs/UARCs, national laboratories, and other partners on the technological and operational challenges within the nuclear deterrence, global strike, and the National Leadership Command Capability/Nuclear Command and Control Communications (NLCC/NC3) mission areas. April 26-27, 2018
Vendor Collaboration - IT (OPM Industry Outreach Day) The US Office of Personnel Management (OPM), Office of the Chief Information Officer (OCIO) is hosting an Industry Outreach Day for information technology (IT) vendors on Monday, April 30, 2018, from 8:00 AM to 11:00 AM (EST). The goal of the day is to present information on OPM's IT mission and plans for the future, as well as to obtain ideas from industry on how it can support OPM with future IT requirements. Industry Day activities will be held at OPM Headquarters, 1900 E Street, NW, Washington, DC 20415. April 30, 2018
2018 AUSA LANPAC Symposium & Exposition The Association of the United States Army’s 2018 LANPAC Symposium & Exposition is a world-class, international event highlighting the role of land forces in the Indo-Pacific theater and their contributions to the Joint Force in peace and war. The strategic location of Hawaii brings together government and industry representatives from our allies in the Indo-Pacific theater. May 22-24, 2018
EAGLE Industry Day Army Sustainment Command (ASC) and Army Contracting Command-Rock Island (ACC-RI) are hosting an Enhanced Army Global Logistics Enterprise (EAGLE) Industry Day and One-on-One sessions May 22-23 in Moline, IL. May 22-23, 2018
Pre-Proposal Teleconference for Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Intern Program Support Services The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) had a pre-proposal teleconference for interested vendors to the FAA Intern Program Support Services Screening Information Request (SIR) on March 1, 2018 at 10:00AM EST. March 1, 2018
USACE Seattle Industry Day 01 Mar 2018 The US Army Corps of Engineers, Northwest Seattle (CENWS) District hosted a free seminar for business owners and representatives on Thursday, 1 March 2018, from 8:00 AM to 3:30 PM (PST) to present training on how to do business with CENWS District. March 1, 2018
Industry Day Notification for SOF/PR Lifecycle Services IDIQ Effort The Government hosted a teleconference on 1 March 2018 at 10:00AM Eastern Time. The purpose of this teleconference was for the Government Technical and Procurement Leads to provide industry an update concerning this effort and a notional schedule. March 1, 2018
Industry Day for Modernizing Instrumentation Solutions for Test and Evaluation (MISTE) The Program Executive Officer for Simulation, Training, and Instrumentation hosted an Industry Day for the Modernizing Instrumentation Solutions for Test and Evaluation (MISTE) program. March 2, 2018
HIMMS 2018 HIMSS18 had the education, exhibition and networking events you need to continue to transform health through IT all year. March 5-9, 2018
JEDI Cloud Industry Day The Department of Defense (DoD) Cloud Executive Steering Group (CESG) had an Industry Day for the Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure (JEDI) Cloud acquisition on March 7, 2018. March 7, 2018
SIGMA + Sensors Proposers Da The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) Defense Sciences Office (DSO) sponsored a Proposers Day to provide information to potential proposers on the objectives of an anticipated Broad Agency Announcement (BAA) for the SIGMA+ initiative (sensors thrust). March 7, 2018
Pre-Proposal Teleconference for Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Intern Program Support Services - Rescheduled The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) pre-proposal teleconference for the FAA Intern Program Support Services Screening Information Request (SIR) was rescheduled to March 8, 2018 at 9:00 AM to 10:30 AM EST. The pre-proposal teleconference was in reference to Solicitation# 693KA9-18-R-00002. March 8, 2018
Event - Improving Child and Maternal Health: Bending the Curve USAID’s Office of Maternal and Child Health and Nutrition had a discussion on "bending the curve" to accelerate progress in preventing global child and maternal deaths. March 9, 2018
Other Transactions (OTs) and Training and Readiness Accelerator (TReX) Overview The Office of Small Business Programs (OSBP) had established a Small Business Information Forum Initiative (SBIFI) that follows the PEO STRI Acquisition Center's monthly Procurement Administrative Lead Time (PALT) update sessions. This venue provided both meaningful and timely information to all of Industry, however concentrating on small business, in an ever-changing acquisition environment. March 12, 2018
Adobe Connect Public Sector Users Group There was an opportunity to discover new best practices and current trends within agencies with similar needs in online collaboration with presentations from other public sector professionals March 13, 2018
Federal Innovation Summit The 2018 Federal Innovation Summit had top government officials and industry experts discuss ways to drive innovation around public sector mobility — from wearables on the battlefield to virtual reality as a tool for training, and more. The summit featured talks on the adoption of emerging technologies, driving improved endpoint security and transforming the federal workforce to better support the digital enterprise. March 14, 2018
Small Business Applied Research Pilot The U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) Frankfurt and Africa Acquisition and Assistance Labs intend to launch a new small business initiative, the Small Business Applied Research (SBAR) Pilot. USAID hosted the equivalent of a pre-proposal conference to brief interested U.S. small businesses on the morning of March 14, 2018 in Washington, DC. March 14, 2018
Small Business Event Vendor Outreach Session for March 2018 The U.S. Department of Homeland Security, Office of Small and Disadvantaged Business Utilization (OSDBU), hosted a Vendor Outreach Session (VOS) located in Washington, DC, on March 15, 2018, from 9:00 am to 12:15 pm. March 15, 2018
Blackjack Proposers Day The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) Tactical Technology Office (TTO) sponsored a Proposers Day to provide information to potential proposers on the objectives of Phase One of the Blackjack program in advance of a planned Broad Agency Announcement (BAA). March 15, 2018
DLA-Energy Industry Day Defense Logistics Agency-Energy (DLA-E) had their Recurring Maintenance & Minor Repair (RMMR) Program Industry Day. March 15, 2018
ProcureCon NOVA Industry Day & Buyer EXPO ProcureCon NOVA is the annual meeting of the Virginia Asian Chamber of Commerce Mid Atlantic Region Office, bringing together a coalition of hundreds of established contractors and local, state, federal agency, and prime contractor representatives for one full day filled with networking, business development, relationship building, and education opportunities. March 15, 2018
UNITED STATES COAST GUARD SILC CONSTRUCTION INDUSTRY ENGAGEMENT & BRIEFING - ADOBE CONNECT WEBINAR SILC Construction hosted an industry briefing to present information on requirements and opportunities with industry. The briefing focused on Senior Field Contracting Officer presentations for their respective Areas of Responsibility as well as highlighting SILC Construction FY18 requirements identified in the DHS Acquisition Planning Forecast System. March 15, 2018
Hacking For Defense Incorporated (H4Di) Congressional Briefing H4Di provided an overview of Hacking for Defense (H4D), a nationally recognized university course. Currently taught at 11 universities across the nation, H4D teaches student teams to apply lean startup methodology, developed in Silicon Valley, to rapidly solve challenging national security problems. March 15, 2018
Small Business Event - 2018 NUWC Division Keyport Industry Day NUWC Keyport hosted an Industry Day on 15-16 May 2018 at the Naval Undersea Museum, Keyport, WA to provide Industry the opportunity to learn more about NUWC Keyport, what mission they support, and areas where Industry can contribute. March 15-16, 2018
Pre-Proposal Conference Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) Energy hosted a pre-proposal conference for Mobility Fuels- Bunkers, AFRICOM Region, during the week of March 19, 2018 in Barcelona, Spain. The purpose of this Pre-Proposal conference was to provide information to interested parties and to improve their understanding of AFRICOM's Mobility Fuel-Bunkers requirements. March 19, 2018
Acquisition Improvement Initiative With the Navy's intention to collaborate with industry as often and as early as possible, the Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA), Washington DC, was seeking information from the ship repair industry regarding initiatives discussed during the January 2018 Surface Navy Association, private sector - Navy engagement session. March 19, 2018
Industry Outreach for Next Generation Broker Contract, Los Angeles The U.S. General Services Administration (GSA), PBS - National Office of Leasing is hosting a series of Industry Outreach sessions in four major markets across the country. The intent of the sessions is to obtain feedback from the private sector real estate industry. The feedback will be used for the development of the next generation broker contract. This fourth iteration of the National Broker Contract is slated for award by 2020 with a Notice to Proceed in 2021. GSA’s ultimate goal is to create a contract that assists in increased taxpayers’ savings and leverage private sector expertise to assist GSA with efficiently managing its expiring lease workload. Los Angeles, CA March 19-20, 2018
Small Business Procurement Series 2 Let's Talk About FLASH 2 and EAGLE 3 Two of the most protested federal programs are coming up as new business opportunities: FLASH 2.0 and EAGLE 3. Will DHS combine these two programs or will they procure these as two separate programs for UX/UI and development? A former USCIS FLASH procurement official, and Brian Friel, Nation Analytics, discussed the possibilities. March 20, 2018
Native American Contractors Association’s Congressional Outreach Summit (NACAOS) The Native American Contractors Association’s Congressional Outreach Summit (NACAOS) is an annual event focused on strategic advocacy. NACA Members congregated in Washington D.C. to meet with elected officials, congressional staffers and key federal agency officials. The legislative staff coordinated meetings between NACA companies and their local representatives, lending to deeper and more meaningful advocacy. The goal of the NACAOS was to bring the stories of Native contracting to our Nation’s decision-makers and produce legislative solutions that will benefit Member companies and communities. NACA Members had the opportunity to tell their stories, show how their businesses impact the economic well-being of Native communities, and discuss the pressing issues that affect them most. March 20-22, 2018
SMALL BUSINESS FORUM FOR WOSB The Small Business Programs Office from the 11th Wing at Joint Base Andrews, hosted a Small Business Forum, for Women Owned Small Businesses from 9:00am to 11:00am at Joint Base Andrews, 11th Contracting Squadron, Conference Room 1120, which is located at 1349 Lutman St. The goal of the forum was to allow companies an opportunity to present their capabilities, (oral presentation only) speak with the acquisition team members and to network with other companies for future teaming opportunities, in an informal setting. March 20, 2018
INSTALLATIONS OF THE FUTURE The Association of the United States Army's Institute of Land Warfare (ILW) presented its Army Installations of the Future Hot Topic on 20 March 2018 at the AUSA Conference and Event Center in Arlington, Virginia. March 20, 2018
DOE OFFICE OF ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES FORUM - 3-2018 The next Office of Environmental Management Business Opportunities Forum was scheduled for March 20, 2018 from 10:15am-12:00noon (Arizona, MST). Topics included a discussion on status of ongoing and upcoming procurement opportunities. March 20, 2018
Artificial Intelligence, Robotics & beyond The FedHealthIT Executive Breakfast Series Event was on Driving operational efficiencies through automation: Artificial Intelligence, Robotics and beyond. The event brought together the Federal Health IT community from government and industry to provide awareness and gain perspective about how Robotic Automation and Artificial Intelligence will play a role in the Federal Health IT modernization journey. March 21, 2018
Loudoun GovCon Workshop: Pricing Strategies and Current Indirect Rate Trends The event provided the information and tools to understand and develop pricing strategies and cost pools to enable companies to be competitive in the current environment. March 21, 2018
NGA Mentor-Protégé Program Industry Day The National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) hosted a NGA Mentor-Protégé Program Industry Day. This was an opportunity for industry and academia to gain insight and perspectives from NGA on their approach for the NGA Mentor-Protégé Program. March 21, 2018
GovLoop Virtual Summit: Tech Trends You Need to Know in Government More than 2,000 federal state and local government employees attended on March 21 from 10AM-4:30PM ET/7AM-1:30PM PT to learn what’s on the horizon in emerging tech, how agencies are getting rid of outdated legacy systems and how governments are staffing and training their personnel to use the new technology. March 21, 2018
2018 SOFIC The Special Operations Forces Industry Conference is the premier venue for the SOF community to interact with industry and to collaborate on the challenges, initiatives and way-ahead in delivering the most cutting-edge capabilities into the hands of SOF operators. May 21, 2018
Ship building and repairing at Naval Sea Systems Command NAVSEA HQ Industry Day The Government held an Industry Day on Thursday, 22 March 2018 in conjunction with the 2018 National Ship Repair Industry Conference (NSRIC) to further collaborate on ideas and initiatives to support the Navy's efforts to assess, refine or develop solutions to further increase workload stability and predictability for industry while ensuring a competitive environment that drives On Time Delivery (OTD) of ships with the Optimized Fleet Response Plan (OFRP) construct. March 22, 2018
INSCOM Industry Day 2018 The U.S. Army Intelligence and Security Command (INSCOM) held its 2018 INSCOM Industry Day on Thursday, March 22, 2018, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. (Eastern), at the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) in Springfield, Virginia. At the event, leaders from INSCOM and U.S. Army Contracting Command-Warren discussed INSCOM's priorities, future contract opportunities, capability gaps, and other info intended to help Industry do business with INSCOM. March 22, 2018
Cyber Security Summit: Denver The second annual Cyber Security Summit: Denver connected C-Suite & Senior Executives responsible for protecting their companies’ critical infrastructures with innovative solution providers and renowned information security experts. March 22, 2018
Small Business Strategiesfor FY2018’s year-end spending spree With nearly $300 billion in new money poised to flow into the federal budget over the next two years, it’s a crucial time for federal contractors to position themselves to benefit. Set-Aside Alert partnered with CQ Roll Call's Intelligence Unit to offer this webinar to help small businesses get their share of the windfall. March 22, 2018