Government Contracting Pipeline Playbook (November 15, 2018)

Welcome to the new look of our Industry Exposé! There have been a lot of changes but the biggest one is we have dedicated more time to get you detailed yet bite-sized information on the GovCon contracts that matter. This is just an overview - for a detailed look, click the Pipeline Playbook.

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  • 2 Cancelled Bids

  • 14 Pre-Sol Bids

  • 11 Active Bids

  • 23 Awarded Bids

  • 37 Upcoming Events

  • 36 Past Events

37 Upcoming Events

Nov 27, 2018. U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Huntington District Business Opportunities Open House. US Army Corps of Engineers Huntington District Business Opportunities Open House (BOOH), Huntington, West Virginia The Huntington District Office of the US Army Corps of Engineers is hosting its Business Opportunities Open House event and invites interested companies to engage with senior district leadership, program business line managers, project engineers, and other district personnel about our District, learn about what we do, and about upcoming projects, solicitations, and other business opportunities.

Nov 27, 2018. The first Augmenting Intelligence using Machines (AIM) Industry Day. The outreach event on November 27th will be an opportunity to hear directly from ODNI leaders and others from across the IC enterprise about the various AIM initiatives and how the community can take advantage of key transformative technologies at scale. Topics scheduled for discussion include identity, authenticity of information and data, AI security, the digital foundations of augmenting intelligence, among others.

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36 Past Events

September 6, 2018. Link-16 Alaska — Industry Day The Warner Robins Air Logistics Center hosted an Industry Day on September 6th, 2018, to solicit feedback from interested industry representatives regarding an initiative by the Common Avionics Program Office to acquire Contract Logistics Support (CLS) and services required to support Link-16 Alaska (LAK).

November 8–9, 2018. DHA Industry Exchange Nov 2018. The Industry day morning session consisted of presentations from DHA leaders beginning introduction and opening remarks followed by Joint Directorates providing overviews of selective requirements/opportunities.

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2 Canceled Bids

DOL/MSHA. Information Security Support Services. (1645BC19R0001)
Functional Area: Information Technology
Potential Value: $2M

USAF. Lactation Consultant Service, Japan. (FA520518QMG14)
Functional Area: Health Care Services
Potential Value: -

14 Pre-Sol Bids

SEC. ONE OIT Unrestricted On-Ramp. (50310218R0005)
Functional Area: Information Technology
Potential Value: $3B

DOS. Acquisition strategy for AITSS recompete. (AITSS)
Functional Area: Program Support Services.
Potential Value: -

VA. CM Support Services. (36C10F19Q0002)
Functional Area: Construction Support Services
Potential Value: $1M

DISA. Communication Technical Support Services — IV. (831812133)
Functional Area: Information Technology
Potential Value: $668M

HHS. Head Start Information and Communication Center (HSICC). (19233SOL00019)
Functional Area: Strategic Consulting Services
Potential Value: $26M

USAF. Communications, Operations, and Maintenance Functions (COM-F). (FA445218R0037)
Functional Area: Information Technology
Potential Value: $46M

DISA. Cross Domain Enterprise Services (CDES) Project Management and Engineering Support Services. (831812500)
Functional Area: Engineering Services
Potential Value: $6M

DISA. Cybersecurity Assessments and Authorization Support. (831711853B)
Functional Area: Strategic Consulting Services
Potential Value: $152M

DISA. Acropolis. (831812382B)
Functional Area: Information Technology
Potential Value: $71M

DISA. C4ISR Engineering, Integration and Operations & Maintenance Support Services. (831812549)
Functional Area: O&M Support Services
Potential Value: $188M

OPIC. Foreign Currency. (OPIC19I0001)
Functional Area: Financial Support Services
Potential Value: -

Functional Area:Software Support 
Potential Value: -

FEMA. Community Engagement & Risk Communications Support Services (CERC). (70FA6019I00000002)
Functional Area: Strategic Consulting Services
Potential Value: -

SSA. IT Modernization Customer Communications. (28321319RI0000021)
Functional Area: Information Technology
Potential Value: -

11 Active Bids

VA. VISN Wide Transcription Services. (36C24719R0009)
Functional Area: Administrative Support Services
Potential Value: $1M

HHS. FOH Wellness and Health Promotion Portal. (19233SOL00036)
Functional Area: Information Technology Services
Potential Value: $4M

DARPA. Launch Challenge.
Functional Area: Federal Challenge. 
Potential Value: $29M

NSF. Career Compass Challenge.
Functional Area: Federal Challenge. 
Potential Value: $100K

U.S. Army. xTechSearch.
Functional Area: Federal Challenge. 
Potential Value: $2M

DOJ. BJA FY 18 Justice Reinvestment Initiative: Reducing Violent Crime by Improving Justice System Performance.
Functional Area: Federal Grant. 
Potential Value: $2M

DOS. Enhancing Transparency and Accountability in Prosecutors’ Offices.
Functional Area: Federal Grant. 
Potential Value: $3M

DOJ. OVW FY 2019 Justice for Families Program Solicitation.
Functional Area: Federal Grant. 
Potential Value: $11M

Functional Area: Federal Grant. 
Potential Value: $3M

HHS. Supporting Healthy Start Performance Project.
Functional Area: Federal Grant. 
Potential Value: $2M

DLA. Emergent R&D. (BAA000117)
Functional Area: R&D Services.
Potential Value: -

23 Awarded Bids

DOI. Technical Support Services Contract.
Potential Value: $28K

WHS. DLSA JSP Bridge. (CSL110720181010)
Potential Value: $28K

DOJ. ICITAP/OPDAT Worldwide Support Services (Extension). (DJJI17RFP1037)
Potential Value: $1B

USAMRAA. Tricare Evaluation, Analysis, and Management Support (TEAMS) IDIQ — Extension. (RDF190001)
Potential Value: $9M


Potential Value: $4M

OPM. Case Processing and Enhancement Support Services.
Potential Value: $9M

Potential Value: $1M

EPA. Economic Analysis and Control Strategy Development for Air Pollution Control Reg (Modification).
Potential Value: $13M

U.S. Army. Construction Surveillance Services.
Potential Value: $50M

U.S. Air Force. Sensing, Learning, Autonomy, and Knowledge Engineering R&D.
Potential Value: $39M

U.S. Navy. Integrated Business Systems Support Services.
Potential Value: $125M

U.S. Navy. Human-Machined Interfaces IDIQ.
Potential Value: $18M

U.S. Navy. NAVAIR Program Management Support Services IDIQ.
Potential Value: $960M

U.S. Navy. Implementation of New Naval Sustainment System (NSS).
Potential Value: $21M

DHA. Global Service Center.
Potential Value: $16M

DHRA. Federal-Funded Research and Development Center (FFRDC). (H9821086924)
Potential Value: $2M

Treasury. Technical Support for Enterprise Services, Enterprise Systems Testing (EST).
Potential Value: $24M

GSA. Program Management Support Services for GSA SmartPay Transition (Bridge).
Potential Value: $1M

WHS. Crowdsourced Vulnerability Discovery and Disclosure (CVDD) Services. (HQ003418R0202)
Potential Value: $34M

DHA. Budget Formulation and Execution Support. (HT001118R0006)
Potential Value: $21M

DHS. Border Enforcement Management Systems (BEMS) (Funding Increase). (HSBP1012R0025)
Potential Value: $526M

DHA. DOEHRS-IH. (CAE1800069)
Potential Value: $6M

VA. Electronic Health Record Modernization Task Order 005 — Functional Baseline Design and Development. (RTEP0005)
Potential Value: $171M

Our Playbooks are available for individual purchase and are easily downloadable for direct incorporation into your pipeline.

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