Top Fiscal Year 2018 Federal Agency Opportunity List

An industry friend recently asked us, "so now GovWin and BGOV have Top 20 Opportunity lists out for FY18. How are they different?"

So since we own this place, we decided to answer our friend by creating our first blog post ever!

At first, we simply compared Top Opportunity lists from National Analytics, GovWin IQ (GovWin), and Bloomberg Government (BGOV). We quickly realized that wasn't enough and decided to do some more digging. We researched their rankings for accuracy and consistency across the procurement scene regarding their anticipated release dates and came to our own conclusions based on a combination of research mixed with whispers. 

When developing your pipeline, it can be tempting to take these “top” lists as law, however, we implore you to do your due diligence. Are some of these opportunities worth another look? We will let you be the judge.

SeaPort-NxG. Anticipated to be released February 2018, but The Pulse thinks it will be closer to June 2018. The number of order offices is decreasing from 121 to 75 and subcategories are going from 22 to 2. Back in the early days of SeaPort, there was only 1 ordering office with 4 functional areas and only 21 Primes. We would estimate the Government will make the same number of awards in line with OASIS, and if you have NAVSEA prime past performance and are looking to grow it - this is the contract for you.

Army LOGCAP V. Anticipated to be released October 2017, but Industry day is taking place on October 17, so we predict that this will be pushing to the start of 2018. Flour is the leader as far as revenue goes followed by DynCorp and then KBR Inc. However, it looks like spending really took a hit in 2014 and has been decreasing ever since into 2017. With the Administration's objectives and with the decrease in spending over the past 3 years, we will be interested to see if that $82B over 10 years projection holds up.

DIA SIA 3. We've been hearing some rumblings that spending on this has not been as positive as projected. We are careful to make assumptions about this one since spending information is limited.

GSA OASIS On-Ramps. Last week, Washington Technology reported that CMS will sign onto GSA OASIS service vehicle to acquire professional services. That means that CMS will join the likes of the Air Force, Army, Homeland Security, and Navy. Get your proposal shop ready! 

DOC PTO SDI-NG2. SAIC and Salient CRGT Inc. seem to be the leaders in revenue with the other 19 at half of the leaders revenue. Spending spiked in 2015 and spending in 2017 seems to be in line with 2016 spending on with a slight a decrease.

FBI IT-SSS 2. How many capture managers does it take to get to the center of this confusion? The original CO is no longer in charge, this thing has pushed right significantly, yet the FBI is still spending money.  Based on a quick FPDS analysis, there has been roughly 150 TO's and with spending at a minimum of $132M. Triple S was procured prior to the SBA ruling requiring all BPAs to tier down their assigned NAICs to the TO level, which has significant implications for offerors who may no longer be small under the $27.5 IT NAICs codes. 

AFCAP V. DynCorp leads the pack with revenue followed by PAE-Perin. The rest of the competition drops off. 2016 spending was really high with a big drop off (almost half) in 2017.

Army GTACS II. There is currently no spending data provided in so we are not able to give an accurate assessment of the contract value. The final RFP release date will depend on when the dRFP Q&A document is released back out to the public. If it is released before December 17 - possibly released by February/March but if it doesn't it will push significantly. 

DISA DEOS. According to sources, this opportunity is still in acquisition planning phase so we won't see this until late 2018.

SEC QRADS. SEC is in our top 5 favorite procurement shops. We believe them, within reason, when they put out a timeline.

Navy/Energy Management Operation and Nuclear Propulsion Work for the Bettis and Knolls Atomic Power Laboratories. 12B seems to be correct with the way the Administration is planning on spending towards Nuclear Laboratories. 

GSA FSSI BMO F&O. Watch for updates here:

DOE SRS M&O. With the recent award of Savannah River Site Liquid Waste (SRLWP), this actually might keep up with the timeline.

DISA GSM-O. Incumbent (Lockheed Martin) contract is not up until 10/2019 so we probably won't see anything move on this until middle 2018.

Air Force CAF ADAIR. Spending has increased from 2015 into 2017 so projections look solid.

DHS ICE HRSS. Spending increased in 2017. Incumbent contracts (Parker Tide & HR Anew) do not end until late 2018/early 2019 so this will probably be more like mid-2018 when we see a draft or RFI.

DoD GMD DOSP. Great shaping opportunity while they are still in the research phase.

USAID SWIFT V. USAID Forecast still states October 27, 2017, release date. We think there is a strong chance of this still coming out, even if it pushes. OCI Wins writes a great article summarizing why we also think USAID will keep the fight alive. 

GSA USA CMCC. Industry day and draft solicitation have pushed majorly to the right. We don't see any movement coming out until at least early/mid-2018.

DOE HMESC. This one has been the talk of the town for awhile. With the Administration wanting to switch the objectives of NNSA and DOE - funding might be a little slower than usual. Be on the lookout for this to move after December.

DOS GSE&SC. We are skeptical. Questions are due back into the Government on October 23rd, with the Government estimating a release for November. I don't think we've ever seen the Government turn something around that fast, especially around turkey time. Let's hope they prove us wrong.

Navy SPAWAR Shore C4ISR Global Installations Contract. GW had this being released in February 2018, but with an announcement from the CO - it has now pushed the date of release until March 2018. Questions are not due regarding the RFP are not due until March so we think this might be out of sight, out of mind for awhile. Possibly a great shaping opportunity?

Army USACE UMCS V HVAC. Spending seemed to have spiked in 2016 but decreased to half of that in 2017.