Monthly E-Newsletter (December '18)


📡 Radar

In case you haven't heard, we are now in our second week of a [partial] Federal Government shutdown. There are people way smarter than us pontificating about timelines - but with this new Congress being ushered in, and with the Demoncrats taking over the House, we feel comfortable telling you not to hold your breath. As the money runs out, the furloughs will increase so for those planning to target these FedGov agencies in FY19...we recommend proceeding with caution:

  • Homeland Security (TSA, CBP, USCG, FEMA)

  • Justice Department (ATF, BOP, FBI, USMS, DEA)

  • Department of Transportation

  • Housing and Urban Development 

  • State Department

  • Department of Agriculture (FDA, FS, NPS)

  • Treasury (IRS)

  • Department of Commerce (NOAA)

  • Environmental Protection Agency

  • Securities and Exchange Commission

  • National Aeronautics and Space Administration

You should note that the FedGov departments whose funding lapsed represent about a quarter of the $1.24T in discretionary spending for FY19.



💰 FY19 Spending Update

Total FY19 Obligations*: $41.54B

  • Largest FedGov Spender*: DOE (+$15.8B)

  • Smallest FedGov Spender*: HUD (-$8M)

  • Largest Vendor Awardee*: Triad National Security LLC (+$3B, 6.7%)

  • Smallest Vendor Awardee*: WIWEEKI LLC ($0.02)

  • Other Transaction Obligations*: +$30M

*FPDS Data Pulled for 10/01/2018 - 12/30/2018
Disclaimer: DoD data takes up to 90 days to be entered into FPDS. FPDS does not include classified spending.



⏰ Contracts Update 

In honor of the almost ~2K SeaPort-NxG GovCon awardees, we have decided to focus a majority of our December 13th Pipeline Playbook on helping your BD team get a head start on pipeline & capture planning. 

  • Our Pre-Solicitation Tab includes opportunities we believe are locked and loaded for the NxG vehicle

  • BONUS TAB: SeaPort-E Summary Tables (2004 - Present) highlighting total obligations per GovCon vendor, total obligations per set-aside, total obligations per task order, and total obligations per each Ordering Activity.

  • BONUS TAB: SeaPort-E Task Order Award Report (2004 - Present) which includes the raw data on each task order awarded under the vehicle (i.e. task order number, zone, competition, customer, awardee, award date, the potential value, ordering activity, and end date).

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📩 Events

Jan. 3. SBIR/STTR Proposal Writing WorkshopAs part of its outreach to technology-based small businesses, UDRI and the AFRL Small Business Hub will offer an SBIR / STTR Proposal Writing Workshop - followed by a Networking Event 

Jan. 8. ED Games Expo 2019: A Showcase for Education Learning Games and Technologies. See more than 100 learning games and technologies in action at the 6th annual ED Games Expo. Technologies at the Expo are for children and students age 3 to 18, and cover a range of topics in education and special education across STEM, reading and writing, social studies, and social and behavioral development. Bring your children after school so they can play and ask the experts "what can I do to become a game developer?"

Jan. 16. Summit Insight Trendspotting Federal FY19. Still not sure what The Pulse is all about? Have an hour to spare January 16th? Let your curiosity get the best of you & sign-up for this FREE webinar so you can assess for yourself if we really are #BDwithouttheBS.

Jan. 22. AFCEA OASIS Pools 3 and 4 On-Ramping. Join AFCEA for a discussion of how companies can bid alone or team with other small businesses to get on OASIS. They'll review the requirements for bidding, the rules around teaming and what it takes to put together a winning proposal.

Jan. 23. TSA Accessible Property Screening Program Industry Day. TSA is hosting an Industry Day to introduce the Accessible Property Screening (APS) Program to Transportation Security Equipment (TSE) Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), government partners, and other third-party organizations who have proven experience in the Computed Tomography (CT), Automated Screening Lane (ASL), TSE networking, TSE integration, and TSE deployment domains. 

Jan. 24. Public Spend Forum Breakthrough for Public Impact: Veteran-Owned Startups & Small Business Happy Hour. Veteran-owned startups and small business leaders are working every day to help government solve critical problems, deliver on important goals, and generally improve delivery of services to citizens. Come connect and meet with fellow startup and small business leaders, government officials, and changemakers to advance your journey towards public impact.

Feb. 7-9. BEYA STEM Conference. Each year, the BEYA STEM Conference brings professionals and students together for three days to share their experiences and career information. You can network with attendees from around the country while participating in seminars and workshops that explore every facet of STEM career paths. The goal of the BEYA Conference is to create connections between students, educators and STEM professionals while facilitating partnerships with individuals and their local STEM resources.




Be a part of the process! OMB opened the public comment period for the new Trusted Internet Connections (TIC) initiative. For those interested in commenting upon the new memorandum have 30 days from the publication date for doing so. Click here if you want your voice heard



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