Monthly E-Newsletter (February '19)


📡 Radar

Outside of expected Q4 FY spending sprees, the Federal Government spending peaks during the months of March and April every year [sourced from DataLab]. This influx makes March Madness more than college basketball - because it's GovCon March Madness, Baby! In the spirit of the season, The Pulse will release four GovCon Scouting Reports to help you get a bid into the big dance. The first one has released this AM!



💰 FY19 Spending Update

Total FY19 Obligations*: $122.3B

  • Largest FedGov Spender*: DOD (+$55.95B

  • Smallest FedGov Spender*: Occupational Safety and Health Review Commission (-$2K)

  • Largest Vendor Awardee*: Lockheed Martin (+$10B)

  • Smallest Vendor Awardee*: American Alarm Co. (+$18K)

  • Other Transaction Obligations*: +$844M

*FPDS Data Pulled for 10/01/2018 - 2/27/2019

Disclaimer: DoD data takes up to 90 days to be entered into FPDS. FPDS does not include classified spending.



⏰ Contracts Update 

USAID is looking for an Elections and Political Transitions Research and Analysis Advisor 

DHS/ONDCP/USPS have teamed up for the $1.55M Challenge for New Solutions to Detect Opioids

DOJ/BOP released dSOW for Logistics and Supply Chain Technology Program

DOC/NIST released sources sought for Digital Risk Protection for Social Media

USAF/AFMC has finalized the designated for 2 out of 5 Technical Management Advisory Services (TMAS) TO's under GSA OASIS SB Pools

HHS/SAMSHA released active RFP for Technical Support for Drug-Free Workplace

DOS released final RFP for Open Source Intelligence Services

USAID released final RFP for $18M CASA-1000 Secretariat Project

DHS/ICE is looking for Agile Software Development Contracting Strategies

USAF/ACC says they intend to release Strategic Mission Analysis for Risk Management Framework requirement under Army CHESS IDIQ

DHRA released RFI for President Management Agenda Cross Agency Priority Subgoal Reskilling Workgroup

Army announced it will utilize CIO-SP3 for Unified ERP Capability Support Requirement 

VA/TAC announced that they will be competing Veteran Facing Services Platform requirement under GSA IT-70 as an SDVOSB Set-Aside 

CNCS released sources sought notice for Human Capital Outplacement Support 

DHS/USCG released final RFQ for Open Source Data Collection, Translation, Analysis Application 

DHS/USCG released final RFQ for OEM Technical Representative Oversight Services 

DIA released RFI for Intelligence Community Knowledge Management Tool (IC-KMT) 

NASA released an update to its procurement timeline for Spaceflight Demonstration of a Power and Propulsion Element (PPE) 

Army released final RFP for data migration and consulting support 

Navy/NAVSEA released pre-solicitation notice for Mine Countermeasures Unmanned Surface Vehicles (MCM USV) 

USAF announces that Systems Engineering & Technical Assistance Service (SETA VI) is set to be released around mid-March

DOE has opened up Financial Analysis and Support Services for Transmission Infrastructure Program requirement from sole source to SBSA

DCMA released pre-solicitation documents for DEERS CAC Card Support Services 

DHS/HQ released pre-solicitation notice for $20M HSIN Service Support Solution Re-Compete 

USAF released RFI for Cyber Workforce Development, Education, & Credentialing

OPM released final RFQ for Benefits Officers Benefits Officers Development and Outreach (BODO)

NGA, GSA award blanket purchase agreements under CIBORG

WHS released sources sought for Business Process Standardization Planning (BPSP)

SpaceX, ULA each get Air Force contracts totaling $739M for trio of space launches





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