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Federal Government

FedGovs on Funding

Source: Army (free)

Space Development Agency lays out five-year plan in $11 billion proposed budget
Source: Space News (free)

GSA Offers More Details on Artificial Intelligence Center of Excellence
Source: Nextgov (free)

SOCOM ramps up efforts to develop ‘cutting-edge data techniques,’ opens new data engineering lab
Source: Military Times (free)

Energy to Launch $5.5M Artificial Intelligence Research Center
Source: Nextgov (free)

Lowest Priced Technically Acceptable Procurements Are Less and Less Acceptable: Proposed FAR Rule Further Continues Shake-Up of LPTA Procurements
Source: Covington (free)

Pentagon set to unveil 'adaptive acquisition framework' with six pathways
Source: Inside Defense (paid)

Pentagon To Classify More Acquisition Info, Keep Closer Eye On Fed Employees
Source: Breaking Defense (free)

Impeachment Slows All Hill Defense Biz; DoD Approps On Life Support
Source: Breaking Defense (free)

Air Force Boosts Funding Cap for Promising Startups
Source: Breaking Defense (free)

FedGovs in the Court Room

Federal Judge Threatens Education Secretary With Possible Jail Time
Source: Government Executive (free)

Feds Can Keep Info From Iranian Scientist, 6th Circ. Says
Source: Law 360 (paid)

Wash. Says ICE Contractor Not Exempt From Wage Law
Source: Law 360 (paid)

Feds Drop 'Rent-A-Vet' Civil Suit With $3.2M Settlement
Source: Law 360 (paid)

EPA Asks 1st Circ. To Uphold Policy Restricting Advisers
Source: Law 360 (paid)

VA, Employee Aren't Separate Entities, High Court Told
Source: Law 360 (paid)

FedGovs on the Move

HHS/CDC is restructuring its Government IT organization with an eye to fostering modernization & being more "customer centric"
Source: Federal Register (free)

Appropriations Chairwoman Nita Lowey announces retirement
Source: Roll Call (free)

Trump Announces Intent to Nominate and Appoint Individuals to Key Administration Posts
Source: White House (free)

NIH names new Director to lead Office of Data Science Strategy (ODSS)
Source: G2Xchangehealth (free)

CDC NCCDPHP recruits Director of Office of Informatics
Source: FedHealthIT (free)

VA taps longtime IT leader to serve as Director of Appeals Product Line
Source: FedHealthIT (free)

HRSA taps new Chief Financial Officer
Source: FedHealthIT (free)

VA Recruits CMS Technical Director to serve as IT Product Owner
Source: FedHealthIT (free)

CMS taps new lead to support Marketplace IT Group
Source: G2Xchangehealth (free)

Trump nominates FHA’s Montgomery to No. 2 position at HUD
Source: HW (free)

Veteran Affairs appoints new network director for VISN 10
Source: Chillicothe Gazette (free)

DHA identifies former HHS procurement Chief as new Deputy to the Assistant Director for Acquisition
Source: FedHealthIT (free)

VA recruits Executive Director for Office of Communications
Source: FedHealthIT (free)

HHS Office of the CTO recruits recent PSC Contact Center and Supply Chain lead to support Special Projects
Source: FedHealthIT (free)

New Director leading the SmartPay initiative at GSA
Source: G2Xchangehealth (free)

FedGovs Memos, Legislation & Regulations

Executive Order on Increasing Government Accountability for Administrative Actions by Reinvigorating Administrative PAYGO (Summary: POTUS wants to make sure there is no increase in mandatory spending. Simply put, any proposed budget increase must be offset by an equal budget cut so no net budget increase.)
Source: White House (free)

US, UK reach CLOUD Act agreement
Source: FCW (free)

Request for Comments on the Approval of a New Proposed Information Collection: Port Infrastructure Development Program
Source: Federal Register (free)

Comments on Draft Project Description - Improving Cybersecurity of MSPs
Source: NIST (free)

OPM Exploring Rotational Program to Support Reskilled Federal Employees
Source: Nextgov (free)

DOS Report: Science and Technology Cooperation: Reevaluating Assumptions, Risks to Research, and a Way Forward
Source: DOS (free)

Federal Acquisition Circular (FAC) 2020-01 published in the Federal Register on October 10, 2019. This amendment will be effective on November 12, 2019.
Source: Federal Register (free)

OIG, GAO & Congressional Reports

FAA’s Acquisition Workforce Training, Certification, and Warrant Compliance
Source: DOT OIG (free)

Watchdog Backs VA Pick For $1B IT Deal Despite Higher Price
Source: Law 360 (paid)

GAO Backs NASA In Protest Over $77M Moon Delivery Deal
Source: Law 360 (paid)

Report: IRS Should Have an Official In Charge of Customer Experience
Source: Government Executive (free)

GAO Backs Navy Canceling Charter Deal Over Lack Of Funds
Source: Law 360 (paid)

GAO Says Air Force IT Deal Protest Wasn't 'Diligently Pursued'
Source: Law 360 (paid)

The Inspector General’s Statement on the SEC’s Management and Performance Challenges, October 2019
Source: OIG (free)

DOL-OIG Highlights for July - August 2019
Source: OIG (free)

GAO Rejects Facially Biased Procurement
Source: GovCon Examiner (free)

FCA Management Challenges 2019
Source: OIG (free)

CPSC OIG: Top Management and Performance Challenges for Fiscal Year 2020
Source: OIG (free)

MEDICAID DEMONSTRATIONS: Actions Needed to Address Weaknesses in Oversight of Costs to Administer Work Requirements
Source: GAO (free)

DEPARTMENT OF VETERANS AFFAIRS: Improved Succession Planning Would Help Address Long-Standing Workforce Problems
Source: GAO (free)





AOUSC issued sources sought for Domain Intelligence Software


Army issued final RFP for On-Site IT Support Services under GSA IT-70 Schedule (RFQ1399301)

Army/ACC issued RFI for full IT engineering and installation for the Secure Admin Operating Facility (SAOF)

Army/ACC issued RFI for Joint System Integration Laboratory Branch; Research, Development, Integration, Experimentation, Test and Evaluation and Operation of RQ-7 Shadow Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS)

Army/ACC issued $3M contract award to Advanced Resource Technologies for Multilingual Computing and Analytics Scientific Research Development, Testing, Analysis and Data Generation Support Services

Army/ACC issued $6M contract award to Dalcom for Database Administration and Geometry Editing, Mending, Development of Ground Combat, Aviation, Muntions, and Soldier Systems

Army/ACC issued $88M contract award to Northrop Grumman for Army Analytics Group (AAG) Research Facilitation Laboratory (RFL) Support

Army/ACC issued pre-solicitation notice for Application Development and Maintenance Services

Army/ACC issued pre-solicitation update on Army Enterprise Service Desk IV

Army/ACC issued RFI for Army Enterprise Service Desk (AESD) Support Contract

Army/ACC issued RFI for Intel Apps CI-HUMINT

Army/ACC issued RFI for Intel Apps Collection Management

Army/ACC issued RFI for Intel Apps GEOINT

Army/ACC issued RFI for Intel Apps Support to Cyber

Army/ACC issued RFI for Intel Apps Targeting

Army/ACC issued RFI for Intel Apps Weather Services

Army/ACC issued RFI for Social Media/Open-source intelligence (OSINT) Exploitation

Army/ACC issued sole source contract award for Mobile Federal Law Enforcement Enterprise Technical Services (MFLEETS)

Army/ACC issued sole source contract award for Virtual Experience Immersive Learning Simulations (VEILS) Updates

Army/ACC issued sources sought for Pre-Mission Training & Reach Back Support

Army/ICC issued sole source contract to The Concourse Group for Technical, Engineering, and Professional Support (TEPS) Services for the Army Housing Division, U.S. Army Office of the Assistance Chief of Staff for Installation Management (OACSIM)

Army/NGB cancelled Administrative Assistant RFP

Army/NGB cancels Environmental Analyst Services requirement

Army/NGB issued final RFP for Non-personal Healthcare Services, Periodic Health Assessment, Dental Exam, Dental Treatment, Various Locations and Dates, Florida

Army/NGB issued RFI for NG-J55 Plans Division/Strategic Planning Analysis Services

Army/USACE - Ft. Belvoir issued $2.5M contract award to Siemens Government Technologies for Navigator Cloud-Based Predictive Analytics

Army/USACE Ft. Belvoir issued $2M contract award to Colorado State University for Wildland Fire Research to Improve Military Land Use Efficiency

Army/USACE - Huntsville issued sources sought for Aberdeen Proving Grounds (APG) Remediation Services

Army/USACE - Omaha issued final RFP for $5M Geotechnical Architecture-Engineering (A-E) Services IDIQ

Army/USACE - Omaha issued final RFP for A-E Technical Support Services for VA Montana Health Care System

Army/USACE - Wilmington issued pre-solicitation notice for $24M Small Business AE IDIQ

Army/USAMRAA issued RFI for COTS server and mobile device-based software components for existing MHCE Systems


AUSA Army Small Business Matchmaking Sessions


DARPA issued new call under Artificial Intelligence Exploration (AIE) BAA called Artificial Intelligence Mitigations of Emergent Execution (AIMEE)

DARPA issued pre-solicitation notice for Providence BAA

DARPA issued RFI for Test and Evaluation Support for Experimentation in an Urban Environment

DARPA issued $5M contract award for Competency-Aware Machine Learning (CAML)


DFAS issued RFI for Overseas Military Banking Program


DHA/TSA looks to establish a TSA Law Enforcement Officer Reimbursement Agreement Program (LEORP) OTA


DHRA issued sole source contract award for DMDC Identity Matching Engine for Security and Analysis (IMESA)

DHRA issued sole source contract award for DMDC Identity, Credential and Access Management


DHS/FEMA issued RFI for Learning Content Management System (LCMS)

DHS/USCG issued sources sought for Contractor Support Services for the US Coast Guard Acquisition Directorate Business Intelligence Application

DHS/ICE issued $1M sole source contract award to C3 for Computer Forensics Training Certification for 166 agents

DHS/ICE issued $3.4M contract award to Thomas Reuters Special Services (TRSS) for Continuous Threat Mitigation Services Targeted at ICE Director, ICE Senior Officials, and other ICE Personnel & Family Members

DHS/OCPO issued sole source contract award for Acquisition of LERG/CLONES Datasets for DHS/CISA

DHS/TSA issued RFI for IT Hardware & Software Maintenance and Assured System Compliance

DHS/TSA issued sole source contract for Computer Network Defense Follow-On contract

DHS/USCG issued $6M contract award to Telesolv Consulting for Business Management Support Services for Office 365

DHS/USCG issued final RFQ for Risk Analysis BPA under GSA 00CORP Schedule (RFQ1399398)

DHS/USCG issued sole source contract award for Deployable Mission Support Systems

DHS/USCG issued updated SB information on Q1 FY20 Forecast

DHS/USCIS issued contract award to Guardian Defense Group to Behavioral Threat Assessments, Consultation, and Training Services


DISA/DITCO issued contract award to Athena Technology Group for Enhanced Mobile Satellite Service (EMSS) Division Support Services Contract Modification

DISA/DITCO issued sources sought for Global Content Delivery Services II (GCDS II)

DISA/DITCO issued pre-solicitation notice for High Performance Computing Modernization Program for the Defense Research Engineering Network (DREN4)

DISA/DITCO issued RFI for Compartmented Enterprise Services Office (CESO) Information Technology (IT) Services (Code Name: Javelin)

DISA/DITCO issued sole source $76M contract award to Iridium Satellite LLC for Gateway Evolution Contract (GEC)

DISA/DITCO issued sole source contract for BAH for Defense Enterprise Office Solutions (DEOS) Engineering Support Services

DISA/DITCO issued sources sought for DoD Visitor Program


DLA issued $14M contract award to McKinsey

DLA issued final RFP for Great Bay Hardware and Software Maintenance

DLA issued pre-solicitation notice for OCONUS Fuels Investigations Lab

DLA issued RFI for Reports, Interfaces, Conversion and Extension (RICE) components for Document Services Online (DSO)

DLA issued RFI for Research and Development Backorder Prediction Tool

DLA issued sources sought for DLA Enterprise Material Purchase IDIQ under GSA IT-70 Schedule (RFQ1399215)


DOC/Census issued sole source contract award for UTS Enterprise System Support

DOC/Census released RFI for DICE Re-engineering

DOC/USPTO issued final RFP for Knowledge Management Services Training Support and Library Services

DOC/PTO issued pre-solicitation notice for USPTO Search Services



DoDEA issued pre-solicitation notice for Preschool Comprehensive Curriculum and Portfolio & Assessment System


DOE issued final RFP for Technical, Management, and Administrative (TMA) Services Contract

DOE/EMCBC issued final RFQ for Technical, Management, & Administrative (TMA) Services Contract under GSA 00CORP Schedule (RFQ1373489)


DOI/IBC issued pre-solicitation notice for Small Business Innovation Research, Small Business Technology Transfer (SBIR/STTR) Program

DOI/NPS issued sources sought for Supply Chain/Logistics Management Software


DOJ/FBI issued RFI for Data Catalog Management


DOS cancels Crowd Control and MTT Training RFP


DOT/FMCSA issued $2M contract award to National Institute for Safety Research, Inc. for Data Quality Analysis and Training Support for the FMCSA State Safety Data Quality Improvement Program


DSCA issued sources sought for Military Training


ED issued RFI for College Financing Plan Standardized Form Support Services

ED/FSA issued sole source contract award for Application and EligibilityDetermination System (AEDS)


EPA issued $89M contract award to Abt Associates for technical and outreach support services for the Greenhouse Gas Program

EPA issued sole source contract to The Cadmus Group for Technical and Administrative Support for the U.S. EPA 's National Drinking Water Program

EPA issued sole source contract to VMWare for Knowledge Management

EPA/OAS issued sole source contract award for On-site Audio Visual and Conference Facility Support

EPA/OAS issued sources sought for Enforcement, Litigation, and Technical Support


FDIC issued RFI for Learning Management System (LMS)

Federal Reserve

Federal Reserve issued RFI for Engagement Survey Support


FHFA issued final RFP for Financial and Capital Markets Advisory Services


GSA on behalf of HUD - issued RFQ for HUDCentral Contact Center under GSA IT-70 Schedule (RFQ1399265)

GSA/FAS - FEDSIM issued sole source contract award to Valid Evaluation Inc. to continue progress on $10M SBIR for AFWERX Automated Source Selection Evaluation Tool


GSA/FAS issued RFI for Appraisal Services under GSA 00CORP Schedule (RFQ1399336)

GSA/FAS issued sole source contract award to Vana Solutions for Air Force Security Assistance and Cooperation Directorate (AFSAC) SBIR III


HHS Awards Major Funding Award to WFIRM

HHS/CDC announced FY19 BAA Awardees

HHS/CDC issued RFI for Pharmacy Benefits Manager (PBM) for World Trade Center Health Program (WTCHP)

HHS/CMS issued RFI for PRRB Electronic Case Management Support

HHS/CMS issued sources sought for CMS Provider Enrollment Chain & Ownership System (PECOS) 2.0 under GSA IT-70 Schedule (RFQ1399229)

HHS/CMS issued sources sought for Medicare Part D Drug Discount Program Data Support under GSA 00CORP Schedule (RFQ1399249)

HHS/NIH issued sole source contract for Professional and Technical Support for OWS Applications


HUD/OCPO issued $10M contract award to SEBA Professional Services for Post-Closing Portfolio Management (PCPM) and Surplus Cash Analysis (SCA)

HUD/OCPO issued $21M contract award to the Institute for Building Technology and Safety for Manufactured Housing Production Inspection Primary Inspection Agency (IPIA) and State Administrative Agency (SAA) Monitoring and Inspection Services

HUD/OCPO issued $2M sole source contract award to Salient CRGT for IT O&M Support Services for Single-Family Premium Collection Subsystem Support Services

HUD/OCPO issued $3.6M contract award for BCT Partners for Electronic Online Publishing Support Services

HUD/OCPO issued $3M contract award to Premier Group Services for Financial, Audits, Compliance, and Risk Analysis


IARPA released final RFP for Secure, Assured, Intelligent Learning Systems (SAILS) BAA


LOC issued 3 contract awards in support of their $90M LBFMS Hosting and Support Services IDIQ


NASA/GRC issued $349M contract award to HX5 for Glenn Engineering and Research Support (GEARS)

NAS/LRC issued final RFP for Facility Assurance, Inspection, Monitoring, and Occupational Safety (FAIMOS-II)


NASA/MSFC issued final RFP for Consolidated Program Support Services (CPSS) Program, Planning, and Control (PP&C)

NASA/SSC issued final RFQ for System Autonomy Technical Eval & Data Analysis Presentation

NASA/SSC issued sole source contract award for Board on Behavioral, Cognitive, and Sensory Sciences (BBCSS)

NASA/SSC issued sole source contract to GRAVitate LLC for Integrated Cultural Resources Management Plan (ICRMP) for management of historic properties


NGA issued a pre-solicitation notice for Architectural & Engineering IDIQ

NGA issued sole source contract award to Richard Szafranski for Expert Consulting Services in Change Management, Performance Improvement, Workforce Recruitment and Development

NGA issued sole source contract for IGW3

NSF issued sole source contract award for Data Warehouse - Business Intelligence


OPM issued $1.2M contract award to Independent Medical Expert Consulting Services (IMEDECS) for Federal Employee Health Benefits (FEHB) Medical Review Services


SEC issued $50.6M contract award to Infotrend for Ediscovery Cloud Pilot

SEC issued sole source contract award for Interactive Financial Information System

SEC issued sole source contract award to Pyramid Systems for NEP Task Order Extension


SSA issued final RFP for Vocational Expert Consulting Services BPA


USAF issued sources sought for Center for Aircraft Structural Life Extension (CAStLE)

USAF/AFMC issued $495M contract award to Northrop Grumman for Joint STARS System Improvement Program (JSSIP IV)

USAF issued final RFP for Management Administrative Resource Services (MARS) IV

USAF issued dRFP for Systems Engineering & Integration 2 (SE&I-2)

USAF selects eight launch providers to compete for $986 million worth of orders

USAF/ACC announced that they plan to make Technology Applications Development and Sustainment (TADS) awards around March 2020

USAF/AETC issued contract award to Visionary Engineering Services for Computer Support

USAF/AFMC has changed its acquisition strategy for the JOCAS II Program

USAF/AFMC issued contract award to Veth Research Associates for Trajectory Determination and Analysis System (TDAS) Phase 3 Effort

USAF/AFMC issued sole source contract award to New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology (NMIMT) to continue work under $92.9M Playas Electronic Attack & Cyber Environment (PEACE) contract

USAF/AFSC issued pre-solicitation notice for Tools, Applications, and Processing (TAP) Laboratory and Overhead Persistent Infrared (OPIR) Battlespace Awareness Center (OBAC) Support Services (TLOSS)

USAF/AFSC issued RFI for Installation Commander's Channel

USAF/AMC issued sources sought for Transportation Isolation System (TIS) Decontamination Validation

USAF/Europe issued dPWS for Engineering Advise & Assist Support Services

USAF/Europe issued RFI for Test Administrator Services

USAF/Pacific issued contract award to Zblocks for Special Needs Coordinator


USAID/Egypt issued RFI for Workforce Egypt

USAID/Uganda issued $24M contract award to DAI Global for Feed the Future Uganda Inclusive Agricultural Markets Activity

USAID/Jakarta issued RFI for INDONESIA Terrestrial Activity

USAID/Lebanon issued $19M contract award to CDM International for Architecture and Engineering Mission Support Program

USAID/Nepal issued RFI for Energy Security Expertise

USAID/Washington issued final RFP for Economic Reform Activity (ERA)

USAID/Yemen issued pre-solicitation notice for Yemen Continuous Learning and Evaluation program (YCLE)


USDA/APHIS issued sole source contract award to the United States Animal Health Association for Supply Contract

USDA/FNS issued contract award for Functional Nutritionist - SME Services


USN/BMS issued final RFP for Military Family Research Support Services

USN/NAVAIR issued $13M contract award for OMNI C5ISR

USN/NAVAIR issued dRFP for PMA-281 Software (SW) & Hardware (HW) Development and Sustainment Multiple-Award Indefinite-Delivery/Indefinite-Quantity (IDIQ) Contract

USN/NAVAIR issued dSOW for C4I Operational Maintenance & Engineering Training (COMET)

USN/NAVSUP issued RFI for Mission Planning and Dispatch Support Services

USN/NAVSUP issued sources sought for Human Research Protection Program (DON HRPP) Support Services

USN/NAVWAR issued contract extension to Perspecta for NGEN

USN/NAVWAR issued sole source contract for Advanced Video Activity Analytics (AVAA)

USN/NAVWAR issued sources sought for Navy Enterprise Networks Engineering Support Services

USN/NSWC issued sources sought for Naval Surface Warfare Center, Indian Head Explosive Ordnance Disposal Technology Division (NSWC IHEODTD) Documenters for Standard Work

USN/ONR issued $13M contract award to Simmonds Precisions Products under Long Range BAA for Navy and Marine Corps S&T

USN/ONR issued $2M contract award to George Tech Applied Research Corporation for Neural Arrays for Autonomous Electronic Support (NAAES)

USN/ONR issued $2M contract award to Pennsylvania State University for Critical Function Support Services

USN/ONR issued $2M contract award to Physical Sciences for Portable, High Power Microwave Disabler (PHPMD)

USN/ONR issued $4.3M contract award to Kestrel Institute for ProtoGen Critical Function Support

USN/ONR issued $8M contract award to Charles Stark Draper Laboratory for Quantum Gravimeter Navigation System (Q-Grav)

USN/ONR issued contract award to Aimdyn for Analysis and Prediction of Sea Ice Evolution using Koopman Mode Decomposition Techniques: Multivariate Data, Model Calibration, Validation and Model-Based Prediction

USN/ONR issued contract award to BAE for LEAP Universal RF EW (LURE) Payload Concept

USN/ONR issued contract award to Energetics Technology Center for Undersea Weapons and Energetics Technology Accelerated Development Using Machine Discovery & Invention (MD&I)

USN/ONR issued contract award to Innovative Decisions for ALOFT Extensions, Testing, and Transfer to User Community

USN/ONR issued contract award to L3 for Compact High Power Traveling Wave Tube

USN/ONR issued contract award to Nour for Efficiency Optimization of MWIR and LWIR Quantum Cascade Lasers

USN/ONR issued contract award to Raytheon for Filters Incorporating Rare Earths(FIRE)

USN/ONR issued contract award to Smart Information Flow Technologies for Human Interface and Automation for Swarm Management

USN/ONR issued contract award to Teledyne Scientific & Imaging for Broadband (2-12 GHz), High Power (100 W) Amplifier MMICs Based on GaN-Based Multiple-Channel BRIDGE FET Technology

USN/ONR issued sole source contract award for Code 34 Bridge for Administrative, Financial, and Programmatic Support Services

USN/USMC issued contract award to Dynamic Planning & Response for Financial Analysis and Supply Support Services

USN/USMC issued contract award to Pride Industries for Administrative Support Services

USN/USMC issued contract award to TalkWalker for Social Media Analytics

USN/USMC issued final RFQ for II Marine Expeditionary Force Information Management Office (II MEF IMO)/II MEF's Information Management/Command and Control (IM/C2) Support Services under GSA IT-70 Schedule (RFQ1399419)


USSOCOM issued final RFP for Team Readiness Exercise - SIGINT SME/Role Player Support


VA/NCO 23 issued final RFP for Patient Satisfaction Survey & Professional Coaching Services Contract

VA issued $7M contract award to VALI Cooper International for VISN 23 Project Mgmt Support Services (Engineering)

VA/VAMROC Honolulu issued final RFP for Analytics Administrative Services for HSR&D Program Services

VA/TAC issued $49M contract award to Linchpin Solutions for Enterprise Satellite Communications Operations

VA/TAC issued $5M contract award to VECNA Technologies for VPS Operational and Sustainment Support Services

VA/TAC issued final RFP for Vocera Premier Support and Professional Services

VA/TAC issued RFI for Fiscal Review Support and Supportive Services for Grant Per Diem (GPD) and Veteran Families (SSVF) Programs

VA/TAC issued RFI for GovCloud Solution to host Censis Censitrac

VA/VAMC Martinsburg issued contract award to Rutgers State University for War Related Illness and Injury Study Burn Pit study

VA/VAMC Shreveport issued contract award to Volunteers of America Southeast Louisiana for Homeless Care for Homeless Veteran (HCHV) Program - New Orleans Area

VA/VANCHCS issued sources sought for Language Contract

VA/VANLO issued final RFP for Provide Ergonomic Support Services

VA/VISN 19 issued sole source contract award for Electronic Health Information Exchanges for Grand Junction CO


WHS issued sole source contract award for Analytic and Technical Support Services

WHS issued sole source contract award to Magellan Federal under existing Health and Human Services (HHS) Employee Assistance Program Services (EAP)

WHS issued sole source contract award to Resource Management Group under existing Health and Human Services (HHS) Industrial Hygiene Services contract

WHS issued sole source contract to Ingenesis under existing contract to the existing Health and Human Services (HHS) Medical Case Review Services contract

WHS issued sole source contract to QTC Medical Services for DoD Private Provider Network Support Services

WHS issued sole source contract to Quest Diagnostics for DoD Clinical Laboratory Support Services

WHS issued sole source contract to ServeFed under existing Health and Human Services (HHS) Clinical Occupational Health Staffing Services contract

WHS issued sole source contract to Spectrum Healthcare Resources for DoD Nursing, Physician and other Clinical Health Services


WMATA issued final RFP for 3rd Party Wheel Inspection




October 15, 2019. USAF/AFMC SAFE Industry Day

October 15, 2019. GSA OSDBU Understanding the Federal Procurement Data System (FPDS)

October 15-16, 2019. Army AUSA Army Small Business Matchmaking Sessions

October 15-16, 2019. BARDA Industry Day 2019

October 16, 2019. HHS/CDC Advisory Board on Radiation and Worker Health (ABRWH) Public Meeting

October 16, 2019. DOL/OSDBU Small Business Vendor Outreach Session

October 16, 2019. DOS/OSDBU Small Business Industry Day 2019

October 16-17, 2019. USAF/AFMC AFWIC Game Development Environment Industry Day

October 17, 2019. GSA Stakeholder Forum: Decommission and Opportunities Transition

October 17, 2019. DHS/OCPO Small Business Event Vendor Outreach Session for October 2019

October 17-18, 2019. USN/NAVAIR Joint Services Aircrew Systems Industry Day

October 22, 2019. MHS Cybersecurity Industry Day Social

October 22, 2019. USSOCOM Small Business Roundtable

October 22-23, 2019. USAF Air Force Technical Applications Center (AFTAC) Strategic Research and Development (R&D) Roadmap Forum

October 23, 2019. DTRA Enabling Capabilities Department (RD-EC) Informational Session

October 23, 2019. DHA Managed Care Support, T-5 Industry Day

October 22-24, 2019. USAF/AFMC issued new RSVP instructions for upcoming ITCC Industry Day

October 25, 2019. National Gallery of Art Coding Our Collection Datathon

October 28, 2019. GSA Gateway U Fall 2019

October 28, 2019. GSA Cloud and Infrastructure Summit 2019

October 28, 2019. USN NSWC Acoustic Research Detachment (ARD) Industry Day

October 29, 2019. USN/NUWC Undersea Weapons Program Office (PMS404) Industry Day

October 29, 2019. DOC/NIST Visiting Committee on Advanced Technology (VCAT or Committee) Public Meeting

October 30, 2019. DHS/OCPO Office of Biometric Identity Management (OBIM) Mission Systems Lifecycle Support (MSLS) Industry Day

October 30, 2019. HHS/NIH Surveillance, Epidemiology, and End Results (SEER) Program Pre-Proposal Conference

October 30-31, 2019. USAF/AFMC ATSSI II Industry Day

October 30-31, 2019. USAF/AFMC StreamlinedML Developers Day

October 31, 2019. Managing VBA Performance & Results: Q4 Summary with Under Secretary for Benefits

November 5-6, 2019. USACE/Rock Island Construction Quality Management (CQM) for Contractors Presentation

November 6, 2019. DARPA Providence Proposers Day

November 6, 2019. 2019 Special Operations Forces (SOF) Warrior Operational Requirements Discussion Symposium (SWORDS) and 2019 Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC) Capabilities and Technology Expo (JCTE)

November 6, 2019. USN/NSWC 2019 Industry Summit "Creating & Maintaining a Sense of Urgency"

November 6-7, 2019. NAWCWD Industry Day Event (now called California Contracting/Acquisition/Procurement (C-CAP) Expo)

November 7, 2019. GSA/OSDBU Access Forum for Vendors

November 14, 2019. USAF AgileISR (Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance) Hangar Open House Industry Day

November 15, 2019. Air Force Technology Executive Officer (TEO) Pitch Day - AF SBIR/STTR

November 16, 2-019. National Gallery of Art Drawing From the Collection: An NGA Wikipedia Edit-a-thon Celebrating Works

November 19-20, 2019. GSA Professional Services Category Information Exchange Forum Round Tables for Small, Mid-tier or Large Businesses

November 20-21, 2019. Army/ACC announced Army Network Capability Set 23 Technical Exchange Meeting

December 4, 2019. Army/ACC Tactical Intelligence Targeting Access Node (TITAN) Industry Day

December 4-5, 2019. DTRA Defense Threat Reduction Information Analysis Center (DTRIAC) Industry Day

January 14, 2020. USAF/AFMC Town Hall Meeting: United States Air Force Weather Capabilities Roadmap

April 28-30, 2020. Army/ACC Team Aberdeen Proving Ground (APG) Advanced Planning Briefing to Industry (APBI)

October 12-14, 2020. Army/ACC Expeditionary Technology Search - xTechSearch






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