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FedGovs on Funding

Senate appropriators to begin spending sprint next week to avoid shutdown
Source: Roll Call (free)

Census: Annual Construction Spending Release
Source: Census (free)

White House asks Congress to fund Dubai expo, farmer payouts
Source: Roll Call (free)

FCC Tees Up $950M Vote To Fortify Islands' Infrastructure
Source: Law 360 (paid)

Check out this awesome data visualization from Will Geary showing the U.S. Federal Government Outlays (discretionary and mandatory) from 1962 through 2023 forecasted.
Source: First Branch Forecast (free)

DOD starts department-wide review of admin agencies
Source: Washington Technology (free)

Citizens Against Government Waste's annual compendium of what they consider pork projects, many of which they characterize as earmarks (issued in spite of the earmark "ban"). Check out the interactive database.
Source: First Branch Forecast (free)

FedGovs in the Court Room


Letter Carriers Sue Postal Service Over Push to 'Radically Refashion' Their Jobs
Source: Government Executive (free)

DHS Ducks Suit Over NM, Texas Border Wall Waivers
Source: Law 360 Ipaid)

FedGovs on the Move

FOIA Director Melanie Ann Pustay retiring Oct. 3 after a 36-year career at DOJ
Source: Twitter (free)

Veteran IRS enforcement leaders selected to lead SB/SE, TE/GE; Hylton, Ripperda to serve as commissioners
Source: Treasury (free)

DOD hires technical director to oversee 5G developments
Source: Inside Defense (free)

DHA Director’s Innovation Group taps new Chief Informatics Officer
Source: G2X (free)

Trump Labor Aide Quits After Facebook Posts Surface
Source: Bloomberg Law (free)

Top Interior official who pushed to expand drilling in Alaska to join oil company there
Source: Washington Post (free)

VA taps permanent Deputy Under Secretary for Health for Operations and Management
Source: FedHealth IT (free)

Lt. Gen. Ronald Place becomes third DHA Director
Source: FedHealth IT (free)

CMS Innovation Center Health IT, Interoperability, and Artificial Intelligence Lead exits, now consulting
Source: G2X (free)

FedGovs Memos, Legislation & Regulations

Air Force Space Command released their "Future of Space 2060 and Implications for U.S. Strategy: Report on Space Futures Workshop". This 33-page document was based on their pace futures workshop, which was hosted in March at Peterson Air Force Base, Colorado Springs, Colorado, to explore the role space will play through the year 2060. Officials from NASA, NATO, the Defense Department, industry and academia attended.
Source: Air Force (free)

National Reconnaissance Office posted updates and revisions to its Acquisition Manual
Source: ARC (free)

Cyber Resiliency Engineering: Final Public Draft of NIST SP 800-160 Vol. 2 is Available for Comment
Source: NIST (free)

New Office of Management and Budget Memo: FY21 Administration Research and Development Budget Priorities.To save you some time - nothing really new in here - it's basically the same FY18, FY19, FY20 R&D priorities
Source: OMB (free)

White House released Executive Order 13885 to Establish the National Quantum Initiative Advisory Committee
Source: Federal Register (free)

DHS/CBP's Centers of Excellence and Expertise (Centers) becomes a permanent organizational component of the agency
Source: Federal Register (free)

DoD now has a single DoD-level Privacy Program rule at 32 CFR part 310 (84 FR 14728) that contains all the codified information required for the Department.
Source: Federal Register (free)

Pentagon seeks feedback on draft version of new contractor cybersecurity standards
Source: Inside Defense (paid)

OIG, GAO & Congressional Reports

GAO finds that DoD's transfer of amounts of available appropriations for border fence constructions was permissible under various statutory provisions
Source: GAO (free)

GAO finds that DOI violated the purpose statue during the latest shutdown
Source: GAO (free)

GAO finds that USDA's actions to make early payment of SNAP benefits during the latest shutdown were improper
Source: GAO (free)

Defense Management: Observations on DOD's Business Reform Efforts and Plan
Source: GAO (free)

DEFENSE SUPPLIER BASE: Challenges and Policy Considerations Regarding Offshoring and Foreign Investment Risks
Source: GAO (free)

DEFENSE WORKFORCE: Steps Needed to Identify Acquisition Training Needs for Non-Acquisition Personnel
Source: GAO (free)

Management Report: Improvements Needed in Controls over the Processes Used to Prepare the U.S. Consolidated Financial Statements
Source: GAO (free)

Management Advisory: Allegations Related to Fannie Mae Senior Executive Spending on Entertainment, Conferences, and Training (January 2016 through September 2018)
Source: OIG (free)

U.S. Postal Inspection Service Area Case Management
Source: OIG (free)



⏰ Contracts


AOUSA issued dSOW for Electronic Public Access (EPA) Services Assessment under GSA 00CORP Schedule (RFQ1392502)


Army/ACC announced that they have awarded 3 prototype OTA's under Next Generation Squad Weapons (NGSW) OTA

Army/ACC announced that they moved their Communications Infrastructure Services Support requirements to the 8(a) program

Army/ACC issued contract award to IBM for Naval Operational Business Logistics Enterprise (NOBLE) Naval Operational Supply System (NOSS) Pilot II Demo under TReX OTA

Army/ACC issued final RFP for USACHCS IT Support Services

Army/ACC issued sole source contract award to Sherpa6 for Digital Situational Awareness Assessment and Training (DSAAT)

Army/CCDC-CBC issued pre-solicitation notice for Trusted Field-Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGA) RFP under Cornerstone OTA

Army/MICC issued $10M contract award to Interactive Government Holding for Private-Public Partnership Office Support Services contract

Army/NGB issued final RFP for Medical Surveillance Examinations

Army/USACE issued final RFQ for Network Appliance (NetApp) under GSA IT-70 Schedule (RFQ1392970)

Army/USACE issued final RFQ for WRNMMC Information Technology Department (ITD) Cisco Identity Services Engine (ISE) vendor under GSA IT-70 Schedule (RFQ1392984)

Army/USACE issued final RFP for Identification of Inventoried Lands & Data Gaps

USACE/Fort Worth issued a contract award for Real Estate Appraisals for Rio Grande Valley roads, TX

USACE/Fort Worth issued contract award for Real Estate Appraisals for tracts in Rio Grande Valley, TX

USACE/Ft. Belvoir issued sole source contract for National Navigation Operation & Management Performance Evaluation & Assessment System (NNOMPEAS)

Army/USACE issued pre-solicitation notice for National Intrepid Center of Excellence (NICoE) Satellite Infrastructure Support


DARPA issued final RFP for $1M Context Reasoning for Autonomous Teaming (CREATE) OT under AIE BAA

DARPA issued final RFP for $1M Performant Automation of Parallel Program Assembly (PAPPA) OTA

DARPA issued sole source contract award to SPA for Modeling and Simulation Support Services

DARPA/I2O issued RFI for Cyberspace Operations and Information Operations Research and Development (COIO R&D)


DCISA released final RFP for Analytic Tradecraft Instruction and Support under GSA 00CORP Schedule (RFQ1393326)


DHA/SDD issued sole source contract award to Datix Inc. to continue their support of the Joint Patient Safety Reporting (JPSR) COTS Solution


DHS/OCPO issued dRFP for Enterprise Financial System Integrator (EFSI)

DHS/OCPO issued dRFP for Enterprise Financial Management Systems (EFiMS)

DHS/ICE issued final RFP for IDDP Consulting Services under GSA 00CORP Schedule (RFQ1393552)

DHS/FEMA issued sole source contract award for Hurricane Dorian - FL Economic Impact Baseline Analysis

DHS/FEMA issued final RFP for Armed Guard II Service

DHS/FEMA issued final RFP for Contact Management Distribution System under GSA IT-70 Schedule (RFQ1391908)

DHS/FEMA issued final RFP for MHU Technical Support Services

DHS/FEMA issued final RFQ for Records Management Consulting Services under GSA 00CORP Schedule (RFQ1392679)

DHS/FEMA issued RFI for Responder Lodging Services

DHS/OCPO issued final RFP for Rapid Response Biosurveillance System

DHS/TSA issued final RFP for Court Reporting Services IDIQ

DHS/USCG issued $83M contract award to Affordable Engineering Services for Aircraft Maintenance Services

DHS/USCIS issued final RFP for California Service Center (CSC) Follwership Training *aka how to listen to follow directions without objection training*

DHS/USSS issued final RFQ for Media Monitoring Services under GSA 00CORP Schedule (RFQ1392770)



DISA/DITCO issued $763K award to Data Interfuse for Global Combat Support System-Joint (GCSS-J) Data Applications & Integration Analysis Support

DISA/DITCO issued sole source contract award to LGS Innovations (now Nokia of America Corporation) for Information Assurance and Security Software

DISA/DITCO issued sources sought for Joint Service Provider (JSP) Enterprise Configuration Management (ECfM)

DISA/DITCO released final RFP for Command and Control (C2) Portfolio Systems Engineering (SE) Support Services


DMA issued $4.2M contract award to Blackwatch International Corporation for JWICS IT Support


DOC/OS issued final RFP for Business Applications Solution

DOC/NIST cancelled Video Data Collection for Public Safety RFP

DOC/NIST issued dPWS for Hurricane Maria Deaths and Injuries Investigation Support Services

DOC/NIST issued final RFQ for Data Capture Services

DOC/NOAA extended Grant Writing Workshops and Consulting Services for the NOAA Office for Coastal Management RFP submissions due to #HurricaneDorian2019

DOC/NOAA issued $700K contract increase/modification (total v. $11M) to Ace Info Solutions for Help Desk Support, Software Development, and Systems Analysis under GSA 8(a) STARS II vehicle

DOC/OS issued final RFQ for Advanced Firearms Training for Office of Export Enforcement

DOC/PTO issued final RFP for Space and Facilities Support Services


DoDEA released final RFP for Crisis Management Training


DOE/NNSA issued $12M contract award for Office of Counterterrorism and Counterproliferation Vault Activities and Technical Support Services

DOE issued $786K award to Carahsoft Technology for ServiceNow licenses and professional implementation services

DOE issued sources sought for Specialized Legal Support Services

DOE issues contract increase/modification for Technical support to the DOE Transportation Emergency Preparedness Program contract


DOI/BIA issued sole source contract award for Navajo Youth Builders Teen Pregnancy Prevention Program

DOI/BLM issued dRFP for DOI Medical Qualification Determination Services

DOI/IBC has issued contract increase and extension to Associated Veterans Quality Solutions in support of the DOI Foundation Cloud Hosting Services (FCHS) contract

DOI/IBC issued sole source contract award/modification to Fulcrum IT Services for Program Executive Office Defense Healthcare Management Systems (PEO DHMS) Support while it waits out the decommissioning and launch of Military Health System (MHS) GENESIS

DOI/NPS is looking for a Senior Oracle Engineer III SME under GSA IT-70 Schedule (RFQ1392803)

DOI/NPS issued $90K contract award for Administrative History, BRVB


DOJ issued final RFP for Support Services for the Executive Office for United States Attorneys under GSA 00CORP Schedule (RFQ1393143)

DOJ issued final RFQ for Controlled Substance Ordering Systems (CSOS) under GSA IT-70 Schedule (RFQ1392500)

DOJ/DEA issued sole source contract award to Artic Slope Mission Service for Blackbird and Legacy Support

DOJ/EOIR issued contract award to New Mexico Immigrant Law Center for Legal Orientation Program for Expedited Removal (LOPE) Support Services

DOJ/EOUSA issued sole source contract award for IT development and coding services

DOJ/FBI issued final RFQ for Unmaned Aircraft System

DOJ/FBI issued sole source contract award to Oklahoma State University for the R&D of a safe fentanyl canine training aid

DOJ/FBI issued sole source contract award to Wagner Toxicology and Associates for R&D Weapons of Mass Destruction contract

DOJ/JMD issued $700K contract increase/modification to TeraThink under Financial Management Assistance Support Services (FMASS) BPAs

DOJ/OFL issued final RFP for International Processing Serving for Office of Foreign Litigation (OFL)

DOJ/USAO issued final RFP for Grand Jury Court Reporting and Deposition BPA

DOJ/USAO issued final RFQ For Video and Graphic Production under GSA 00CORP Schedule (RFQ1392878)


DOL/ETA issues sources sought for Operation of the Mississippi Job Corps Center


DOS released RFI for Academy for Women Entrepreneurs

DOS/INL issued final RFQ FOR Satellite Service


DOT/FAA issued dRFP for National Airspace System (NAS) Integration Support Contract (NISC IV)

DOT issued final RFP for High Occupancy Vehicle/Managed Use Lane Pool Fund Study Support under GSA 00CORP Schedule (RFQ1390570)

DOT issued final RFQ for SafeOCS and Confidential Close Call/Near Miss Reporting System under GSA 00CORP Schedule (RFQ1393382)

DOT/FAA issued final RFP for FAA Office of Communications Social Media Team Monitoring Tool

DOT/FAA issued RFI for En Route and Oceanic Integration and Interoperability Facility (EOIIF) Support Services

DOT/FAA issued sources sought Consolidated Service Contract in Washington DC Area

DOT/FMCSA issued final RFP for Data Quality Analysis and Training Support for the FMCSA State Safety Data Quality Improvement Program

DOT/OST has announced that they are cancelling the ASR-11/STARS/ATCALS and SENSR Program Support RFP


DTRA issued sole source contract award to Knowledge Vortex for Implement and Train IndustryConnect Platform for Salesforce SaaS

DTRA released final RFP for Media Analysis Services and Reporting under GSA 00CORP Schedule (RFQ1394055)


ED released RFI for College Financing Plan - Formerly Known as The Shopping Sheet under GSA 00CORP Schedule (RFQ1393915)


EPA/OAS issued contract award to Innovate Inc. for Assessment, Development and Maintenance of Performance measures and tracking system for Human Subjects research Reviews for Office of the Science Advisor


FDIC issued RFI for Strategy and Business Solutions Support


GSA released RFI for Quality Service Management Office (QSMO) PMO

GSA/FAS - on behalf of USAF - issued RFI for Medical Treatment Facility Operations & Maintenance

GSA/FAS issued sources sought for potential HCaTS-8(a) SB Pool 1 and Pool 2 creation & on-ramp - - our only question is what is the point of 8(a) STARS then? GSA's BIC vehicles are getting a little duplicative...

GSA/PBS issued contract award to DLT Solutions for Occupancy Agreement (OA) Tool Pilot

GSA/PBS issued sources sought for NASA LRC Flight Dynamics Research Facility (FDRF)

GSA/TTS issued final RFP for FedRAMP Third Party Assessment Organization (3PAO) Assessments under GSA IT-70 Schedule (RFQ1392748)


HHS/PSC issued final RFP for Federal Occupational Health (FOH) Joint Commission (TJC) Ambulatory Care (AC) Accreditation Program Consulting Services under GSA 00CORP Schedule (RFQ1393952)

HHS/ HRSA issued sole source contract award for Architecture and Engineering Technical Assistance BPA

HHS/ASPR issued RFI for BARDA cGLP Compliant Contract Research Organizations For Non-Clinical Animal Model Development Studies, and Testing Medical Countermeasures (MCM) Against Pathogens That Require Containment in Biosafety Level 4 (BSL-4) Laboratories

HHS/CDC issued final RFQ for Public Health Communication and Marketing Support under GSA 00CORP Schedule (RFQ1393016)

HHS/CMS issued final RFQ for Film and Video Production under GSA 00CORP Schedule (RFQ1392952)

HHS/CMS issued final RFQ for Financial Data Services

HHS/FDA issued final RFQ for FDA Cloud Engineering and Application Modernization Support under GSA IT-70 Schedule (RFQ1392999)

HHS/HRSA issued sole source contract award for Architecture and Engineering Technical Assistance BPA

HHS/IHS cancelled Medical Imaging and Data Management - Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS) RFP

HHS/IHS issued final RFP for Tribal Health Steering Committee (THSC) Support Services

HHS/NIH issued final RFP for Chemistry Manufacturing Control [CMC] / Pharmaceutics / Formulation Consultant Support Services

HHS/NIH issued final RFP for Laboratory Information System Hardware, Software and Maintenance at the NIH Clinical Center

HHS/NIH issued sole source contract award to The Morgan Group for Communication Skills Workshop Series

HHS/SAMSHA issued $4M contract award to CDM Group for Technical Support for Drug-Free Workplace


HUD issued $1.1M contract award to Schatz Publishing Group for Student Housing Competition

HUD issued sole source contract award to Federal Practical Group for Financial Advisory Services

HUD/OCPO issued $8M contract award to IBTS for Design Approval Primary Inspection Agency (DAP1A) Monitoring and Inspection Services


MDA issued $4.4M contract award to Boeing for Hypersonic Defense Weapon Systems Concept Definition HYVINT

MDA issued sole source contract to McAleese and Associates P.C. for Headquarters Integrated Consulting Services


NASA/MSFC issued final RFP for Strategic Research and Analysis, Communications, and Exhibits Services (SRACES)

NASA/AFRC issued dRFP for Research Facility and Engineering Support Services


NASA/LRC issued pre-solicitation notice for Facility Assurance, Inspection, Monitoring, and Occupational Safety (FAIMOS-II) RFP

NASA/NSSC issued sole source contract to Excelous for Office 365 Post Migration Support


NGA issued final RFQ for GitLab

NGA issued sole source contract award to inVisionApp for Private Cloud Prototype

NGA issued $55M contract award to Tesla for Protected Internet eXchange (PIX)

NGA issued a statement that they will be releasing NGA BIG-R BAA this month

NGA issued pre-solicitation notice for NGA Digital Engineering (NDE) RFP

NGA issued RFI for GEOAxIS Next


NSF issued RFI for ISSO Support Services


OPM issued sole source $5M contract award to PowerTrain for Staff Acquisition Group (SAG) Operations Support


OSD issued final RFQ for Chemical Accountability Management Information Network (CAMIN) under GSA IT-70 Schedule (RFQ1382942)

OSD release final RFP for Broad Technical Support under GSA 00CORP Schedule (RFQ1393744)


PBGC/CMO issued RFI for DevOps, Data Integration & Application Performance Monitoring

Peace Corps

Peace Corps issued sole source contract award to Microsoft for Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Development Support


SEC issued sole source contract award for System for Workflow Activity Tracking (SWAT) Logical Follow-On


SSA issued contract award to MBJ3 Family Enterprises for SSA Region 5 (Chicago) Regional Medical Consultants. Blanket Purchase Agreement for reviews by a medical consultant of disability claim case files for agency disability program.


TREAS/IRS released RFI for LB&I Compliance Improvement Data Analytics under GSA 00CORP Schedule (RFQ1393558)

TREAS/BFS issued sole source contract to FM Talent for Writer/Editor Support Services

TREAS/IRS issued final RFQ for BMC Software Licenses, Maintenance and Services under GSA IT-70 Schedule (RFQ1392672)

TREAS/IRS issued sole source contract AssetTrack for technical support and consulting services for the AssetTrack barcode scanning solution

TREAS/IRS issued sources sought for Accounting Software


USAF/AFMC issued RFI for Enhanced Technical Information Management System (ETIMS) II

USAF issued RFI for Information Technology Consolidated Contract (ITCC)

USAF issued dRFP for USAFA Cadet Support Services

USAF issued final RFP for 19 AF Information Technology Support Services under GSA 00CORP Schedule (RFQ1381725)


USAF/ACC issued contract award to Simigon for Mixed Reality Training Hardware/Software

USAF/AFICC issued dRFP for DoD IAC Program Management Office (PMO) Support

USAF/AFICC issued dRFP for DoD Information Analysis Center (DoD IAC) Basic Center of Operations (BCO)


USAF/AFMC issued RFI for Strategic Development Planning & Experimentation (SDPE), Directed Energy Counter-Cruise Missiles (DE C-CM)

USAF/AFMC issued RFI for Training System Acquisition (TSA) IV

USAF/AFMC issued sources sought for LADO Sustainment Services Follow-on

USAF/AFRC issued final RFP for Psychological Health Advocacy Program Services

USAF/Europe released RFI for Advisory and Assistance Services


USAID/Tanzania issued RFI for USAID/Tanzania Public Sector Systems Strengthening Plus Project


USDA/FPCBC issued RFI for Data Mining, Forensic Data Analysis


USITC issued sole source contract to Shahid Yusef for SME Services for in China's Economy, its banking sector, and its innovation policies


USN/NSWC issued final RFP for Advanced Python for Data Analysis Training/Support

USN/BMS issued sole source contract award to Machine Cognition for Algorithm Development Study

USN/NAVAIR issued $3.4M contract award for Integrated Mission Management Computer (IMMC) Update

USN/NAVAIR issued $43M contract award to Sabre Systems for Cyber Resilient and Full Spectrum Cyber Warfighting Capabilities

USN/NAVFAC issued $49M contract award to CDM Smith for Professional Services to Assist in the Management of the Navy Electric Civil And Mechanical Utility Systems Predominately within NAVFAC Atlantic and Pacific AOR


USN/NAVSUP issued sole source contract award for Helpdesk services to support the Joint Staff/J7

USN/NETC issued sole source contract to Clear Science for Climate Analysis and Forecasting Support Services

USN/NSSC issued sole source contract to Thermo LabSystems for Sample Manager and Integration Manager Software

USN/NSSC issued sources sought for Southwest Regional Maintenance Center (SWRMC) PROJECT MANAGEMENT PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT (PMPD)

USN/NSWC issued pre-solicitation notice for Risk Management Framework Support Services - HUBZones only

USN/NSWC issued sole source award to Applied Technology Institute (ATI) for Naval Surface Warfare Center Indian Head Explosive Ordnance Disposal Technology Division (NSWC IHEODTD) Explosive Technology & Modeling Training

USN/NUWC issued contract award for Enterprise Services

USN/ONR issued RFI for Atomic and Quantum Science and Technology

USN/USMC issued $173K contract award to Northern Roots Consulting for Base Law Enforcement Management Support Services (PSL)

USN/USMC issued sole source contract award to ANASEC for Human Capital Management Software


USSOCOM announced that they will be using GSA Schedules for Manpower Support Services RFP

USSOCOM issued $50M contract award to 9Line, LLC for WCGS Services

USSOCOM issued RFI for NSWC Logistics, Administrative & Technical Support Services IDIQ - a new IDIQ which will be combining several other contracts into one


USTDA issued final RFP for Acquisition Support Services


USTRANSCOM issued RFI for Integrated Booking System (IBS) Support Services


VA/OISC issued final RFP for Human Factor Services

VA issued RFI for Employee Education System (EES) Administrative/Clerical Support Non-Personal Services for (EES) Support Division services under GSA 00CORP Schedule (RFQ1393278)

VA/GLVAHCS issued sources sought for Guest Speaker -Suicide Prevention

VA/OSDBU issued RFI for VHA Caregivers Financial and Legal Services

VA/TAC issued $3M contract award for IBM-MVS_SW Maintenance

VA/TAC issued contract increase/modification to Three Wire Systems under their NASA SEWP V GWAC contract

VA/TAC issued final RFP for Cisco Business Critical Enterprise Service Agreement

VA/TAC issued final RFQ for Supply Chain GUI O&M

VA/TAC issued sole source contract award to Liberty IT Solutions for Management Consulting Services and Healthcare Revenue Workflow Management and Business Information Technology Tools under T4NG contract

VA/TAC issued sole source task order to Cognosante MVH for Community Care Referrals and Authorizations (CCRA) On-Going Development and Sustainment Services under T4NG contract

VA/VAMC Hampton issued sources sought for Clinical Documentation Improvement Specialist Services

VA/VAMC Houston issued final RFP for Integrated Case Management (ICM) Case Manager Training for Veterans Affairs Registered Nurses

VA/VAMDHCS issued RFI for Health Information & Gateway Exchange Software Assessment & Architectural Improvements (HINGE) - Consultative Services/Pilot Study


WHS issued sole source contract award for Cyber Security Support Services

WHS issued sole source contract award to Seneca Global Services for Case Lifecycle Management Suite (CLMS), Program Management & Advisory Services (PM&AS)/ Business Requirements Analysis and Support Services (BRASS)

WHS issued sole source award contract to Magellan Federal for Employee Assistance Program and Work Life Support Services

WHS issued sources sought for Talent Management Systems Support Services





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