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FedGovs on Funding

Senate Passes 2-Year Budget Deal And Sends It To Trump --> this does NOT mean the Government is funded. The work is more on the Senate-side to pass all 12 appropriation bills (the House has passed about 90% of theirs)...and then they have to agree on a compromise. Still, a long way to go with the new fiscal year quickly approaching.
Source: NPR (free)

Budget Deal Doesn’t Rule Out Inclusion of Workforce Provisions in Spending Bills
Source: Government Executive (free)

Republican Lawmaker Proposes Increased Funding for Energy’s DARPA
Source: Nextgov (free)

FedGovs on the Move

Commerce shuffling CIO chairs as Murphy moves on, Mendes moves up
Source: Federal News Network (free)

Senate filed cloture for Dale Cabaniss to be Director of OPM
Source: Senate Cloakroom (free)

Vice Adm. Raquel Bono announced that Maj. Gen. Place will take over as DHA Director upon her retirement
Source: Vice Adm. Raquel Bono (free)

Michael Kratsios confirmed as US CTO
Source: FedScoop (free)

Senate this afternoon approved more than 60 nominees for positions throughout government, beginning with Vice Adm. Gilday to serve as Chief of Naval Operations
Source: Nancy Ognanovich (free)

Pentagon Picks GOP House Candidate to Lead Cyber Office
Source: Bloomberg (free)

Dan Coats leaving post as Director of National Intelligence
Source: Roll Call (free)

EPA to Close a Las Vegas Office, Reassign Employees
Source: Government Executive (free)

VA, DOD seek director and deputy director of EHR modernization office
Source: Becker's Health IT & CIO Report (free)

NASA Administrator Names Acting Director for Goddard Space Flight Center
Source: Yahoo (free)

Trump Formally Announces Pick to Lead Small Business Administration
Source: WSJ (paid)

Trump's Pick for EEOC GC Teed Up for Senate Vote
Source: Law 360 (paid)

Indian Health Service Names New Navajo Area Director
Source: Law 360 (paid)

Hyten Poised For Confirmation Despite Sexual Assault Claims
Source: DefenseOne (free)

FedGovs on Legislation & Regulations

NBIB employees get official offers to transfer to DoD’s security clearance agency
Source: Federal News Network (free)

Senate to Move Forward with Marijuana-Related Business Banking Bill
Source: JD Supra (free)

FedGovs in the Court Room

Ex-State Dept. Official Gets 40 Months in Prison for Spying
Source: Government Executive (free)

Ex-Navy Official Sentenced to 70 Mos. for Kickback Plot
Source: Law360 (paid)

Investigations Into Mistreatment of State Department Workforce are in ‘Final Stages,’ IG Says
Source: Government Executive (free)

FTC approves $7B settlement with Facebook
Source: NZ Herald (paid)

OIG & Congressional Reports

Intelligence Community: Actions Needed to Improve Planning and Oversight of the Centers for Academic Excellence Program
Source: GAO (free)

State Department: Leadership Focus Needed to Guide Agency Reform Efforts
Source: GAO (free)

The Pentagon Spent Millions on Vulnerable Chinese Tech in 2018, Watchdog Says
Source: Nextgov (free)

Army, Navy see drops in overall satisfaction with privatized military housing amid scandals
Source: Federal News Network (free)

Human Capital: Improving Federal Recruiting and Hiring Efforts
Source: GAO (free)

Agencies Still Falling Short on Cyber Standards, GAO Says
Source: Nextgov (free)



⏰ Contracts


Army released final RFP for Financial Systems Analyst Non-Personal Services under GSA 00CORP Schedule (RFQ1382186)

Army/ACC issued dRFP for Digital Integration Laboratory (DIL)


Army issued sources sought for USSOUTHCOM Counternarcotic External Assessment Services under GSA 00CORP Schedule (RFQ1382415)

Army/ACC awarded sole source task order for U.S. Army Sustainment Demand Model

Army/ACC intends to released final RFP for Futures and Concepts Center (FCC) by September

Army/ACC issued $1.2M award for Base Operations Support Services

Army/ACC issued final RFP for AWG Senior Advisor

Army/ACC issued final RFP for Program Execution Support Svcs for Osan AB, Republic of Korea

Army/ACC issued RFI for Adaptive Squad Architecture

Army/ACC issued RFI for Civilian Workforce Transformation

Army/ACC issued sole-source contract award for Deputy Under Secretary of the Army, Army Analytics Group, Data Frameworks Initiative

Army/ACC issued sources sought for Consulting Services for the Innovation Hub (I-HUB) Army Artificial Intelligence Institute (A2I2)

Army/NGB issued final RFQ for Behavioral Health Training Events

Army/USSOUTHCOM issued sources sought for Counternarcotic External Assessment Services under GSA 00CORP Schedule (RFQ1382415)


CNCS issued sources sought for AmeriCorps NCCC National Civilian Community Corps (NCCC) Impact Studies


CPSC issued sole source contract for Evaluation of Early Detection Technology for E-mobility Device Safety


CSOSA has canceled Attorney Services RFP


DARPA released final RFP for SBIR/STTR Opportunity: Expeditionary Maritime Mine Countermeasures

DARPA released final RFP for SBIR/STTR Opportunity: Novel Interfaces

DARPA released final RFP for $1M Nature as Computer (NAC) opportunity


DHA released final RFP for TRICARE Overseas Program (TOP) 2021

DHA awarded sole source contract to Immersion Consulting for Defense Travel Service (DTS) CBA Financial Operations Support

DHA issued sole-source contract and extension to McKinsey for Military Health Service Readiness and Strategic Measurement


DHS/FEMA awarded sole source contract for Multi-Domain, Multi-Stakeholder Continuity Planning and Implementation Support

DHS/OCPO awarded $71M Migrant Protection Protocols (MPP) Requirements contract

DHS/FEMA issued $33.4M award for Facilities Operations Support Services for the Center for Domestic Preparedness

DHS/ICE issued sole source contract for Leading at the Speed of Trust Training

DHS/OCPO awarded sole source contract for Migrant Protection Protocols (MPP) Requirements

DHS/OCPO issued final RFP for Compliance Investigator Support

DHS/USCG issued a final RFP for Crisis and Risk Communications Training Support Services under GSA 00CORP Schedule (RFQ1379586)

DHS/USCIS has released an update on its FY19 procurement opportunities. These slides have been uploaded to our FedGov Library!


DIA issued final RFP for Facility Management, Logistics, Administrative, Readiness, Engagement & Security (FLARES) IDIQ


DISA/DITCO issued final RFQ Communications Modeling, Simulation, and Analysis Support

DISA/DITCO released sources sought for Joint Force Headquarters - Department of Defense Information Network Operations Center and Mission Support


DLA issued $1.2M award for Wide Area Workflow Support


DMA issued sources sought for Microelectronic Authenticity and Security, Evaluation and Research


DOC/BEA issued sole source contract award for Foreign Stock Market Data

DOC/NOAA award sole-source contract modification to Maximus (formally 2020 LLC) in support of Satellite Mission Operations and Maintenance Support (SMOMS) contract

DOC/NIST issued $9.7M to Applied Research Associates Inc. and Technical Services for NIST Community Resilience Support Services

DOC/NOAA issued final RFP for Participation in Site Surveys & Documentation Services for Potential Mobile/Deployable Radar Sites in Southeastern Subregions of the United States

DOC/NOAA released final RFP for Strategic Planning Consulting Services

DOC/OS intends to issue a new non-competitive sole source BPA contract for Deloitte follow-on Enterprise Services Transformation Program Management Support Services BPA...which was competitively awarded (4 submissions) in 2015.

DOC/OS intends to released final RFP for Business Applications Solution around August


DoDEA issued RFI for Crisis Management Workshop Training


DOE issued final RFQ for Government-Owned Government Operated/Government Owned Contractor Operated Study under GSA 00CORP Schedule (RFQ1382401)


DOI/IBC issued final RFQ for FISMA Remediation under GSA IT-70 Schedule (RFQ1382229)

DOJ/FBI cancelled FBI CJIS Training Staff Instruction RFP

DOI/NPS issued final RFQ for Planning for Lower Mississippi Delta Region to support local institutions under GSA 00CORP Schedule (RFQ1381015)


DOS/OA issued final RFP for CA/PPT Customer Service Feedback

DOS/OA issued final RFP for Professional Support Services for NEA/SCA and NEA/AC bureaus


DOT issued final RFP for Enterprise Program Management Office (EPMO) under GSA IT-70 Schedule (RFQ1381383)

DOT/FTA issued dSOW for FTA Grant Accrual Support

DOT issued final RFQ for Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) Revenue & Cost Impacts of Network Changes under GSA 00CORP Schedule (RFQ1382832)

DOT/OST issued sources sought for Communications, Navigation, and Surveillance, and Air Traffic Management (CNS & ATM) Support


DOJ/OJP issued final RFP for Risk Assessment for Pretrial Bail Services for Local Law Enforcement


EPA/OAS awarded sole-source contract for EPA's WaterSense program and other water efficiency efforts under the contract entitled Technical Evaluation and Market Assessment Support for the Water Efficiency Program

EPA/OAS issued $7.4M award to Deloitte for U.S. EPA eDiscovery Support and Services

EPA/OAS issued single award to Skeo Solutions for EPA Office of Community Revitalization (formerly the Office of Sustainable Communities) Policy Assistance BPA


FCC issued final RFP for Beneficiary and Contributor Audit Program Services


FRTIB issued sources sought for Executive and Hard to Fill Recruitment Services


GSA released final RFP for HHS EIS Task Order

GSA released final RFQ for Analytic Assessment Tool (A2T) under GSA IT-70 Schedule (RFQ1382922)

GSA - on behalf of HUD - released final RFP for HUD Ginnie Mae Digital Asset Management Solution under GSA IT-70 Schedule (RFQ1381362)

GSA/FAS awarded sole source contract to Boeing for Services for development and integration of solution for Required Navigation Performance Area capability for CMV/MV-22 Osprey

GSA - on behalf of USSOCOM - issued RFI for Global Operations Special Mission Solutions (GOSMS) under GSA 00CORP Schedule (RFQ1382592)

GSA/FAS awards sole source contract to Raytheon for Services to analyze and produce advanced technology software solutions for Required Navigation Performance Area capability to CMV/MV-22 Osprey

GSA/FAS has decided to re-open OPM USA Hire Support Services RFI

GSA/FAS issued final RFP for Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) Support Services

GSA/FAS issued new awards under Human Capital and Training Solutions Small Business (HCaTS SB) Pool 1

GSA/FAS issued RFI for USSOCOM PEO Maritime Requirements

GSA/OAS issued final RFP for GSA Enhanced Check Out (GECO) 2/Store Portal (SP)


HHS/PSC issued pre-solicitation notice for National Child Welfare Capacity Building Center for Courts (Center for Courts) for ACF-ACYF-CB

HHS/HRSA released final RFQ for Project Management Services under GSA 00CORP Schedule (RFQ1383061)

HHS/CMS issued RFP for High Priority Regulation and Comment Analysis Support under GSA 00CORP Schedule (RFQ1383050)

HHS announced that they released the final RFP for Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response (ASPR) Ready under NITAAC CIO SP3

HHS/CDC issued final RFP for Global Youth Tobacco Survey Support Services under GSA 00CORP Schedule (RFQ1381968)

HHS/NIH announced that they All of Us Research Program will be competed under NITAAC CIO-SP3

HHS/HRSA released final RFP for Workplace Partnership for Life (WPFL) Campaign under GSA 00CORP Schedule (RFQ1382818)

HHS/NIH issued dSOW for Implement New Library Services Platform and Discovery Layer for National Library of Medicine

HHS/NIH issued final RFQ for The Analysis of Integrated Resources (AiR) under GSA IT-70 Schedule (RFQ1382422)

HHS/NIHissued award for National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) Patient-Empowering Technology for Serious Mental Illness (PETS): Technology assisted implementation of Coordinated Specialty Care (CSC) for early psychosis

HHS/OIG issued final RFQ for Emergency Management and Preparedness Program Support Services under GSA 00CORP Schedule (RFQ1381904)


LOC issued final RFP for Copyright and Paralegal Support Services IDIQ under GSA IT-70 Schedule (RFQ1381424)

LOC issued final RFP for Library of Congress Inventory Support IDIQ


NASA issued final RFQ for NASA LaRC Technical Problem Analysis under GSA 00CORP Schedule (RFQ1381316)


NASA/MSFC issued dRFP for Consolidated Program Support Services (CPSS) Project Coordination (PC)

NASA/SSC issued sole source contract award for Community Outreach and risk communication Support for JPL CERCLA program


NGA issued sources sought for Cybersecurity Awareness Month Interactive Training

NGA awarded contract extension to Engility for Innovative GEOINT Application Provider Program (IGAPP) while we wait out the award under Zeus


NLRB issued $22M award to Puyenpa Services for Information Technology (IT) Support Services


OPM issued RFI for Child Care Subsidy Program

OPM issued RFI for Child Care Subsidy Program Administration Services


OSD issued final RFP for Staff support to the Foundation GEOINT Integrated Program Office (IPF) under GSA IT-70 Schedule (RFQ1382380).


PBGC has suspended active Procurement and Business Support Services for the PBGC Procurement Department RFP due to protest


TREAS/IRS is moving forward with FPDS-NG Data Governance and Analytics (DGA) Initiative - intends to released dRFP in August


USACE issued final RFP for Software Delivery as a Service (SDaaS) Professional Services under GSA IT-70 Schedule (RFQ1381389)

USACE/Ft. Belvoir issued final RFP for Strategic Environmental Research and Development Program (SERDP)

USACE/Ft. Belvoir issued final RFP for Transcription and Editing Services for Interviews of USACE Senior Leaders

USACE/Huntsville issued $49M award for OE Design Center For Robotics Services

USACE/Louisville issued $9M award for Indefinite Delivery Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) Contract for Small Business Architect/Engineer Environmental Services

USACE/Savannah issued final RFP for Hartwell Project Operations and Maintenance


USAF issued final RFP for Research on the Use of Autonomy and Unmanned Vehicles in Support of USAF Operations BAA

USAF/AFSC issued dPWS for Space Fence Operations and Maintenance (O&M) Contract Acquisition

USAF issued final RFP for Technical Services for ISO9100/AS9001/AS9110 under GSA 00CORP Schedule (RFQ1382436)

USAF/ACC issued sole source bridge for CENTCOM Counter Threat Finance Support contract

USAF/AETC issued sole source contract for Virtual Terrain Board (VTB) Comprehensive Support Program

USAF/AFMC issued $491M sole source award to Georgia Tech Applied Research for EW&A Program

USAF/AFMC issued final RFP for Space Technology Advanced Research (STAR)

USAF/AFMC issued pre-solicitation notice for Integrated Logistics System- Supply (ILS-S) SME

USAF/AFMC issued RFI for Contracting for Agile Software Development (ASD) Survey

USAF/AFMC issued sources sought for Space Test Course Curriculum Development

USAF/AFRC issued sole source contract for HQ RS Train the Trainer

USAF/AFSC issued $5.5M sole source award for Space Situational Awareness Environmental Monitoring (SSAEM) Sensor Integration and Support

USAF/AFSC issued + $732K sole source contract modification for Defense Support Program Sustainment Contract (DSC)

USAF/AFSC issued sources sought for Space and Missile Systems Center Overhead Persistent Infrared Research and Development Effort

USAF/AFSOC issued sources sought for Social Media Services

USAF/Europe released final RFQ for ESN Support Services


USAID/Dominican Republic issued final RFP for Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC) Advisor

USAID/Liberia issued RFI for The Liberia Youth Activity

USAID/Washington issued $21M award for Economic Development, Governance and Enterprise Growth in Europe and Eurasia (EDGE)

USAID/Washington released RFI for Changes to USAID Country Development Cooperation Strategies


USDA/APHIS issued final RFP for Support Services CenterMessage Center under GSA IT-70 Schedule (RFQ1381213)

USDA/FPCBC issued final RFP for Hawaii Administrative Services

USDA/FNS issued final RFQ for NETTA NTOS Nutritionist under GSA 00CORP Schedule (RFQ1381971)

USDA/FPCBC issued final RFP for Montana Administrative Services

USDA/FPCBC issued final RFP for Strategy Planning Pacific Islands Area

USDA/RD cancels Kentucky Rural Development Project and Organizational Change RFP


USN/NAVSEA awarded $85M contract for System Level Cost Analysis with Total Ownership Cost Modeling

USN/DON/AA issued dPWS for SECNAV and CNO Records Program Support Services

USN/NAVSUP issued RFI for Business System Center (BSC) SAS Code Review/Optimization

USN/NAVAIR issued $23M award for Cost Estimating/Analysis Support for AIR 4.2

USN/NAVAIR issued RFI for Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) System

USN/NAVAIR issued sources sought for OMNI C5ISR

USN/NAVSEA released pre-solicitation notice for FY21 SeaPor NxG On-Ramp

USN/NAVSUP issued contract award for Other Administrative Support Services. Training Administrative Support Services aboard Naval Station Newport, RI

USN/NCIS issued sources sought for NCIS Culture Assessment

USN/NRL issued RFI for Research, Development and Engineering Support for Specialized Aerospace Systems

USN/NSWC issued $900K award for Cloud Measurement Analysis

USN/NSWC issued final RFP for Data Destruction Service

USN/NSWC issued final RFP for Test and Evaluation, and Integrated Logistics Support

USN/NSWC issued pre-solicitation notice for Administrative Support Services

USN/NSWC issued pre-solicitation notice for Training Services BPA

USN/ONR issued $2.9M award for Advanced ASW Kinetic Effects (AAKE)

USN/SSP issued $2.3M sole source contract award for SP32 SUPPORT

USN/USMC issued $114K award for Telephone Infrastructure Support Services

USN/USMC issued RFI for Installations and Logistics (I&L) Contracts Division (LB) Vendor Feedback

USN/USMC issued sole source contract award for Behavior Assessment Support Services

USN/USMC issued sources sought for Close Quarters Tactics Evaluation



USSOCOM issued sole source award for MSOC C CCE ISR Support


USSOCOM/NAVSOC cancels Communications Workshops requirement

USSOCOM/NAVSOC issued final RFP for Communications Workshops


VA issued final RFQ for Music On Hold Services under GSA 00CORP Schedule (RFQ1382268)

VA/NCO 23 issued final RFP for VISN 23 Project Mgmt Support Services (Engineering)

VA issued final RFP for IT Support Services under GSA IT-70 Schedule (RFQ1383083)

VA issued sources sought for Reference Tool for Human Resource Staff under GSA IT-70 Schedule (RFQ1381865)

VA/SAC issued pre-solicitation notice for Veterans Health Administration (VHA) Integrated Healthcare Transformation (IHT) RFP

VA/TAC exercised option period 2 for Vertical - Mobile App

VA/TAC issued RFI for Clinical Quality Language (CQL) role with BusinessProcess Management-Micropurchase

VA/TAC released dRFP for Enterprise Satellite Communications Operations

VA/TAC released T4NG On-Ramp Q&A and Industry Day On-Ramp documents

VA/VAMC issued sources sought for Digitizing of Tapes

VA/VAMC issued sources sought for the Design and Production of Brochure for Survivors of Military Sexual Trauma

VA/VAMC issued sources sought for VA Boston Human Resources Recruitment

VA/VBA issued final RFP for Stress Management & Resilience Skills Training


WHS issued RFI for Virtual Facilitation Solutions



📆 Events

August 6, 2019. GSA/FAS Contract Acquisition Lifecycle Management (CALM) System Vendor Update

August 7, 2019. USDOL Industry Day - Specialized Labor Services for the Enterprise Service Desk

August 7-8, 2019. HHS ASPR Next Innovation Day

August 8, 2019. USAF/AFMC Small Business Event: Understanding the Facility Clearance Process: Small Business Edition

August 13-14, 2019. DOT/FAA FENS Acquisition Prime Vendor Site Tours

August 14, 2019. USAF Public Alerting Service Industry Day

August 15, 2019. DHS/ICE Environmental Planning Industry Day: Compliance with National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA)

August 15, 2019. DTRA Small Business Outreach Event: How to Survive and Thrive in a Category Management Environment

August 21, 2019. HHS/NIH 2019 NICHD Office of Acquisition Vendor Outreach Session

August 22, 2019. DHS/OCPO Small Business Event Vendor Outreach Session for August 2019

August 23, 2019. DHS/OCPO Office of the Chief Human Capital Officer HRIT Strategic Improvement Opportunities Industry Day

August 26 - 29, 2019. DOT/FAA SENSR Industry Week

August 27, 2019. USAF/AFMC Technical Management Advisory Services (TMAS) 2 Industry Day #4

September 17, 2019. Army Rapid Capabilities and Critical Technologies Office (RCCTO) Innovation Day

September 18, 2019. NASA/GSFC Save the Date for the Fourth Technology Transfer Industry Day

October 3, 2019. ED/OSDBU San Francisco Small Business Conference

November 6, 2019. 2019 Special Operations Forces (SOF) Warrior Operational Requirements Discussion Symposium (SWORDS) and 2019 Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC) Capabilities and Technology Expo (JCTE)

April 28-30, 2020. Army/ACC Team Aberdeen Proving Ground (APG) Advanced Planning Briefing to Industry (APBI)




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