FriYAY Quick Hits

🏛️ Federal Government

The Federal Government has issued a new memo on myth busting 

GSA and OMB has issued the phase 2 joint implementation plan for the 2018 NDAA Section 846 Procurement Through Commercial e-Commerce Portals

VA is proposing a new CBA with AFGE National where VA says will cut official time and somehow streamline the hiring and job classification process

HHS Announces Final Conscience Rule Protecting Health Care Entities and Individuals --> oh and they also finally released their data strategy (don't mind the 2018 date)

The Air Force Life Cycle Management Center opened an Advanced Technology and Training Center (ATTC) in Pittsburgh, Pa., April 29, with a ribbon-cutting ceremony and tour

A bevy of new rules (proposed, final, and interim) are up for public inspection in the Federal Register this week including a re-do of the performance-based payments

DHS released the latest Binding Operational Directive to Fix Cyber Vulnerabilities and an update to the National Critical Functions for risk analysis --> oh and they want all Federal Agencies to patch critical flaws within 15 days 

Legislative Branch Appropriations base bill in the House includes $6M for reviving the Office of Technology Assessment

Dr. Scolese is on his way to becoming NRO's 19th director and the first presidentially appointed director requiring Senate confirmation.

Senate confirms top State Department official for political-military affairs

Townsend confirmed to lead AFRICOM

Data Act: Pilot Effectively Tested Approaches for Reducing Reporting Burden for Grants but Not for Contracts

Funding dries up for DHS emerging tech investments

Veterans Health Administration: Past Performance System Recommendations Have Not Been Implemented

DOL Guidance Shows Narrowed Take On Who's An Employee

Pentagon moving to reduce 'Fourth Estate' agencies, review contracts

Trump Asks Congress for $4.5 Billion in Emergency Border Funds

US Army Medical Command Clinical Engineering Chief Retires

Questions Remain on OPM, MSPB Leadership

HHS prepares to issue a new bargaining agreement over union objections

Will agencies implement zero trust faster with TIC 3.0?

The Air Force is spinning toward a $4 billion financial disaster

Pentagon calls for 'urgent change,' but lacks strategic analysis process to drive tough budget decisions

Lawmakers, GAO worry about Census prep

Pentagon Delivers Installment on Plan to Streamline Business Operations

Audit Initiated of FAA's Roles and Responsibilities on the Aviation Cybersecurity Initiative

GSA IAE Digest (Vol 6, Issue 2 - 2nd QTR FY19)

GAO Report: Army Modernization: Army Should Take Steps to Reduce Risk

GAO Report: Critical Infrastructure Protection: Actions Needed to Address Weaknesses in TSA's Pipeline Security Program Management

GAO Report: Continued Leadership Is Critical to Addressing a Range of  DHS Management Challenges

Trump Signs Executive Order to Boost Federal Cyber Workforce



⏰ Contracts

NIST released RFI for Federal Engagement in Artificial Intelligence Standards

GSA Releases OASIS SB Pool 1, 3, 4 and OASIS 8(a) On-Ramp Solicitations 

DynCorp files LOGCAP V protest

GSA released final RFP for Defense Enterprise Office Solution (DEOS) under GSA IT-70 Schedule (RFQ1362136)

GEAR Center Challenge 

GSA/FEDSIM is looking to establish a 10-year MA IDIQ - ASTRO - to support different ISR platforms. This IDIQ will only support DoD Combatant Commands requirements - for now.

NASA/SSC released RFI for NASA CIO Consulting Support Services under GSA IT-70 Schedule (RFQ1362954)

Air Force Awards $76 Million to Fund Device Management and IT Support

DOJ/FBI released dRFQ documents for the *highly anticipated* Information Technology Enterprise Contract Services (ITECS) Re-Compete (formally known as Triple-S) under GSA IT-70 Schedule (RFQ1363852)

DHS Tries Again to Build a Contract for Agile Development

GSA released RFI and Industry Day slides for upcoming HUD Data Center requirement under GSA IT-70 Schedule (RFQ1363580) - and on FBO - GSA/FAS - on behalf of HUD/OCIO - released RFI for an upcoming Multiple Award IDIQ for HUD Data and Development  Support Services 

NGA released ITEMS update & the change in the acquisition strategy. NGA intends to release 3 new RFPs to cover all ITEMS requirements - Transport and Cyber Security (TCS), User Facing and Data Center Services (UDS) & Enterprise Management Services (EMS).

Analysts dissect Air Force S&T plans for industry partnerships

TREAS/IRS released final RFQ for IRS Criminal Investigation (CI)Inclusion Training under GSA 00CORP Schedule (RFQ1362805)

HHS/CDC released final RFQ for Speechwriting and Strategic Communications Support Services under GSA 00CORP Schedule (RFQ1362680)

NASA/MSFC released final RFP for Marshall Operations, Systems, Services and Integration (MOSSI)
DOS released final RFP for Protected Health Information Management Services 

DLA released final RFQ for Technical Support Services DLA Energy-Strategic Policy and Programs Directorate under GSA 00CORP Schedule (RFQ1355172)
NASA/GSFC released final RFP for Program Analysis and Control (PAAC V) 

Army released final RFP for Staff Assistance & Support Expertise (SASE) for Stuttgart Area DoD Tenants BPA under GSA 00CORP Schedule (RFQ1363367)
USTRANSCOM released an update on the final RFP release for Enterprise Architecture, Data, and Engineering (EADE) opportunity 

GSA released RFI for Region 9 Emergency Response Equipment Management Services (EREMS) under GSA 00CORP Schedule (RFQ1363897)
OUSD released RFI for Case Reporting and Information Management System (CRIMS) User Training Content Update 

GSA - on behalf of DOL - released RFI for TAP Curriculum and Learning Platform for Military Spouses under GSA 00CORP Schedule (RFQ1363402)
GPO issued sole-source award for Oracle Planning & Budgeting Cloud Services 

TREAS/IRS released final RFQ  for Disabled Employee Support Acquisitions Contract VI under GSA IT-70 Schedule (RFQ1363863)

USN released final RFQ for Training Services

DOT/FAA hands down two awards for Enterprise Financial Service IEFS)  contract. The unrestricted $135M award went to E&Y, and the restricted $180M award goes to Cexec Inc. 
USN/ONR released pre-solicitation notice for MANUFACTURING TECHNOLOGY (MANTECH)Electro-Optics Center of Excellence (EOCOE) 
USN/NAVAIR released dRFP for 4.0 Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) Contractor Support Services (CSS) 

Does anyone have any book recommendations? USN is looking for summer reading 

GSA - on behalf of Army - released RFI for Army PEO EIS I3M Time Division Multiplexing (TDM) Decommissioning under GSA IT-70 Schedule (RFQ1363161)

DHS/USCIS released dPWS for National Records Center (NRC) Records Operations Support Services (ROSS) 

VA released RFI for Admin and Logistical Support under GSA 00CORP Schedule (RFQ1363233)

DLA released RFI for Reasonable Accommodations, Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Casework Management Support 

HHS/IHS released final RFQ for Health Education Network specific to the Native American Population under GSA 00CORP Schedule (RFQ1363000)

DIA released final RFP for Graphics Design and Dissemination Services 

DOC/PTO released RFI for USPTO's Initiative to Stabilize Critical IT Applications 

USAF released dRFP for Systems Engineering Technical Assistance (SETA) Follow-on 

USAF/AFICA released RFI for DoD IAC Program Management Office (PMO) Support 

DOC/NOAA released final RFQ for NOAA/NOS/IMO IT Support Services under GSA IT-70 Schedule (RFQ1363607)

DOJ/BOP released final RFP for Logistics and Supply Chain Technology Program 

DOI/BLM released RFI for Information Technology Support Services (ITSS II) under GSA IT-70 Schedule (RFQ1363574)
DHS S&T released pre-solicitation notice for Cyber Risk Collaboration and Knowledge Tool 

VA released final RFQ for Veteran-Facing Services - Applications under GSA IT-70 Schedule (RFQ1362938)

DHS/CBP released pre-solicitation notice for Information Technology Business Support Services Re-Compete 

DHS released pre-solicitation notice for $50M IT development services for DHS Consolidated Asset Portfolio And Sustainability Information System (CAPSIS) opportunity 

DHS/FEMA needs someone to help them migrate to Office 365 

DIA released RFI for OCC Social Media Support 

Army/ACC released final RFP for EAGLE Logistics Support Services, Ft. Hood, TX 

DOI/BOR hands down $10M award for eDraws Services IDIQ 
OPM/NBIB released ANOTHER sources sought for Employment Verification 

GAO released final RFQ for Integrated Workspace Management System Support under GSA 00CORP Schedule (RFQ1363047)

DOL/OASAM released RFI for Curriculum and Learning Platform for Military Spouses

SBA released final RFQ for Oracle Federal Financials Support Services under GSA IT-70 Schedule (RFQ1362783) 

DOJ issued sole-source contract modification & extension for Infrastructure Engineering Services 

DARPA issued sole-source contract modification for University Affiliated Research Center Essential Research, Development, and Engineering Capabilities 

USN/USMC released RFI for Cyber Security Support Services 

VA released sources sought for Assertive Case Management Services (ACT) for Veterans 

DLA released new RFI for Air Force Energy as a Service 

HHS/CMS released final RFQ for ServiceNow Application Development & Workflow Design under GSA IT-70 Schedule (RFQ1363218)

USN released RFI for Cyber Security Workforce Information Assurance TECHNICIAN (CSWF-AIT-II) under GSA 00CORP Schedule (RFQ1363146)

DHS/USCG released sources sought for USCG C4IT SC NAVCEN Cloud Hosting and Professional Services 

Army/NGB released final RFQ for Sharepoint Migration and Upgrade 

DHS/CBP released final RFQ for Comprehensive 360 Degree Assessment BPA under GSA 00CORP Schedule (RFQ1362614)

Army/ACC released dPWS for Professional Support Services 

HHS/CMS released RFI for National Strategic Leadership (NSL) under GSA 00CORP Schedule (RFQ1362893)

FERC released final RFP for Engineering Support Services 

LSC released final RFP for Preferred Vendors for Graphic Design Services under GSA 00CORP Schedule (RFQ1362856)

DHS/ICE released pre-solicitation notice for SEVP Programs Operations Support Re-Compete



📆 Events

May 3, 2019.  SBA  #SmallBusinessWeek Hackathon 2019

May 7, 2019. Army Futures and Concepts Center (FCC) Industry Day 

May 7-8, 2019. USAF Readiness Analysis and Decision Support Industry Day 

May 9, 2019. Army Assured Position Navigation and Timing (APNT) Cross Functional Team (CFT) Partnership Day 

May 9, 2019. VA Small Business Event for Medical-Surgical Prime Vendor (MSPV) 

May 9, 2019. Harbor Patrol Boat Repair and Maintenance Industry Day 

May 13, 2019. NASA/JSC Human Space Flight Technical Integration Contract (HSFTIC) Industry Day

May 13-14, 2019. VHA Integrated Healthcare Transformation Industry Day/Pre-Solicitation Conference 

May 14, 2019. DARPA Automated Rapid Certification of Software (ARCOS) Proposers Day 

May 16, 2019. DHS Secure and Resilient Mobile Network Infrastructure Industry Day

May 20, 2019. NASA/JSC Administrative Support Services (JASS) III Industry Day 

May 22, 2019. DHS/USCIS National Records Center (NRC) Records Operations Support Services (ROSS) Industry Day 

May 29, 2019. VA/TAC OEHRM Industry Day 

May 29, 2019. IARPA SMART Proposers Day

June 4-5, 2019. FBI ITECS (formally known as Triple-S) Industry Day 

June 5, 2019.  Army Southwest Oklahoma Procurement Outreach Event 


June 6, 2019. 2019 NIH Small Business Industry Day 


June 25-27, 2019. USDA/FS Wildfire Technology Modernization Industry Day 

August 15, 2019. USAF/AFMC Small Business Cyber Security Workshop




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