FriYAY Quick Hits

🏛️ Federal Government

Labor-HHS is the first appropriations bill out of the gate this year (way to go new House!)

IRS releases modernization plan

DOS/INL is looking for COR's

DOD Memo on the next DSS Director 

GSA and NASA Partner on a National Memorandum of Agreement

USAID is looking for a Senior Strategic Information (SI) Advisor and Unit Lead

Pentagon eyes candidates for next director of DOD's growing counterintelligence arm

GAO Oks Army Corps Canceling Deal with High-Priced Bids

IRS Proposes Property, Biz Rules for Opportunity Zones

GSA announced Travel, Transportation and Logistics (TTL) Multiple Award Schedules (MAS) Consolidation & Update to Upcoming Solicitation Refresh #35 for 00CORP Professional Services Schedule (PSS): Incorporation of Changes to Proposal Instructions

$62M State Dept. Contract Fight To Go To Arbitration 

GSA's Updated Software SINs Reflect Changes to Commercial Market & Federal IT Policies

IARPA is Investing in AI That Constantly Analyzes Worldwide Satellite Images

New VA Whistleblower Protection Office Is Under Investigation for Retaliating Against Whistleblowers

Worst to First: Government Websites More Secure Than Ever

Pentagon wants omnibus reprogramming proposals by April 22

TTS Director Wants GSA’s Innovation Shop To Punch Above Its Weight

Army Wrongly Cut Contract Awardee In Corrective Action

DOI Head Under Investigation For Alleged Conflicts Of Interest

Staffing Shortages Impede State Department Monitoring of War-Zone Contracts

GAO Report: WOSB Program: Actions Needed to Address Ongoing Oversight Issues

GSA issues update on Phase 2 Congressional Report for the 2018 NDAA Section 846 Procurement Through Commercial e-Commerce Portals 

After nearly a year, Trump moves to fill VA’s second-highest leadership post

Kennedy leaving CIO Council for DOJ

GAO Will Pour $15 Million Into New Tech Assessment Office in 2020

Pentagon Calls For $3.6B Military Construction Hit List

National Park Service Accused Of Illegal Appointment



⏰ Contracts

GSA released update to OASIS 8a Set-Aside On-Ramp

It appears that Spring has breathed life into VECTOR. TOPR-0006 (SG4) is [still] in evaluation. TOPR-0007 & TOPR-0009 officially released this week.

DHS/OCPO released final RFP for CWMD R&D BAA 

HHS/CDC released final RFQ for Global Health Program Implementation Support Services under GSA 00CORP Schedule (RFQ1360180)

DHS/TSA has decided not to re-compete TSA Human Capital Help Desk Services contract 

GSA released final RFQ for  Support Services under GSA IT-70 Schedule (RFQ1360553)

Army/ACC hands down 4 awards for $82M Logistics Civil Augmentation Program (LOGCAP) V

NEH released active grant documents for Digital Humanities Advancement Grants

NGA released dRFQ documents for IT Services for Agile Operations, Adaptive Maintenance and Minor Enhancements under GSA IT-70 Schedule (RFQ1360182)

NGA issued sole-source award for Flexible Content Management Services 

USN/NSWC released OTA call for Supply Chain Awareness Tool (S2MARTS) 

Army released sources sought for Interorganizational Support Services under GSA 00CORP Schedule (RFQ1360493)

DHS/CFO released pre-solicitation notice for E-Gov Travel Services-2 (ETS2) Re-Compete 

TREAS released final RFQ for Health Care Reform Consultant/Policy Analyst under GSA 00CORP Schedule (RFQ1360312S)

Army/ACC released pre-solicitation notice for OpenStack Engineer Support for the Cyber School, Cyber Center of Excellence (CCoE), Fort Gordon, Georgia 

USN/USMC released final RFQ for Web Development Services under GSA IT-70 Schedule (RFQ1360656)

VA/RMAC released RFI for Data (ASCEND) For Veteran Suicide Prevention: Development Phase 

FHFA released final RFQ for Recruitment/Hiring/Advancement Barrier Analysis under GSA 00CORP Schedule (RFQ1360809)

DHS/OCPO released final RFP for Cybersecurity And Infrastructure (CISA) Emergency Communications Division (ECD) Priority Telecommunication Services (PTS) 

USN released final RFP for CMO Human Capital Strategy Support Services under GSA 00CORP Schedule (RFQ1360428)

GSA/PBS issued sources sought for 10-Year Contract for JFK Operations and Maintenance 

DOJ released final RFQ for Strategic Planning Guide to Prevent Drug Abuse among College Students under GSA 00CORP Schedule (RFQ1360177)

USN/NAVSEA issued sources sought for Business Case Analysis of the USS Dynamic (AFDL-6) 

HHS/CDC released final RFQ for Health Communication Marketing Services under GSA 00CORP Schedule (RFQ1360337)

DOJ/FBI is looking for Training for the introduction to Network Automation with Python and Ansible 

EPA released final RFP for Data and Analytics assessment for Office of Research Development under GSA IT-70 Schedule (RFQ1359910)

USN/USMC released RFI for Marine Corps Warfighting Laboratory - Dense Urban Operations Limited Objective Experiment 

DHS/OCPO released dRFQ for Information Technology and Data Management Program Support Services under GSA IT-70 Schedule (RFQ1359993)

CFTC/ODT extends Northrop Grumman's contract for transactional data and analytical support, report creation and prototype solutions development 

DHRA released final RFQ for Language, Regional Expertise, and Culture (LREC) Support Services under GSA 00CORP Schedule (RFQ1361204)

DHS/FEMA released pre-solicitation notice for FSM Robotics Process Automation (RPA) 

GSA - on behalf of USAF - released a market research call for Kessel Run Data Science opportunity under GSA IT-70 Schedule (RFQ1360930)

Army/ACC cancels JFHQ-NCR/MDW Force Management SME Support Services 

GSA released RFI for DoD Electronic Warfare (EW) Strategy Implementation Workshop under GSA 00CORP Schedule (RFQ1361282)

USN/USMC released RFI for Critical Infrastructure Protection

MCC released final RFQ for OGC Attorney Advisor (Administrative Law Attorney) PSC 

USN/USMC released sources sought for Business Process & Integration Services 

DOJ issued sole-source award for Case Information and Support Services 

USN/NAVFAC released pre-solicitation notice for Enterprise Computer and Information Technology Support Services (ECITS) 

USN/NAVSUP released pre-solicitation notice for Consulting, administrative support, and project management services to assist with editing, revising, and validating the Commander Navy Region Mid-Atlantic Fire and Emergency Services (CNRMAFES) 

Army/ACC released a call for white papers in support of Minority Serving Institutions Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Research & Development Consortium (MSRDC) 

WHS released sources sought for NALEMP program 

USAF/AFMC hands down $22M award for T-38/ F-5 Engineering Services II 

DHS/FEMA released pre-solicitation notice for Financial System Management Data Management Subject Matter Expertise 

OPM is looking for a place to host its OPM Retirement Services Managers Training 

HHS/PSC released dPWS for Enterprise Cybersecurity Support (ECSS) 

HHS/NIH released final RFQ for NIH IT Professional Services under GSA IT-70 Schedule (RFQ1360091)

DCA released pre-solicitation notice for UPC-based Perpetual Inventory Services including Technical Business Advice 

HHS/PSC released RFI for Executive Secretariat (ExecSec) Documents and Correspondence Support Services under GSA IT-70 Schedule (RFQ1359903)

HHS/CDC released final RFQ for NCEH Geocoding Data Tracking Tool 

DOL/OSHA released RFI for Subject Expert in Scientific Laboratory Information Technology Network Design under GSA IT-70 Schedule (RFQ1359786)

USACE/Huntington released pre-solicitation notice for $950K Appraisal Services contract 

DOT/FHA released final RFQ for Customer Insurance and Registration Information Support (CIRIS) under GSA IT-70 Schedule (RFQ1360370)

DHS/USCIS released pre-solicitation notice for Integration Testing and DevOps Services Re-Compete 

USDA/CPD released final RFP for USDA OHS Continuity and Planning Division Support Services under GSA 00CORP Schedule (RFQ1359898)

DHS/NPPD released pre-solicitation notice for $50M IP Gateway Level 2&3 O&M 

DLA released RFI for Subsistence Network (SUBNET) Research and Development (R&D) Program Support under GSA 00CORP Schedule (RFQ1360445)

Army/ACC released final RFP for IRAQ P-ISR FSR SUPPORT 

USDA/FNS released RFI for Salesforce Implementation Services under GSA IT-70 Schedule (RFQ1360080)

WHS released final RFP for Defense Installations Spatial Data Infrastructure (DISDI) 

LOC released final RFP for Business Process Reengineering (BPR) under GSA IT-70 Schedule (RFQ1360325)

USN/NAVOCEANO released final RFP for Scientific and Technical Services in support of the Naval Oceanographic mission 

DHS/USCG released sources sought for Travel Processing System/Solution 

DOS/ISM released RFI for On-Site Consulting Support for the Office of Cooperative Threat Reduction and Nonproliferation and Disarmament Fund International Security and Nonproliferation Bureau 

DHS released pre-solicitation notice for Data, Analytics, and Operations Support 

DHS released RFI for Technology Operations and Support (TOAST)





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