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Yesterday, both the House and Senate passed a $333B spending package to avoid shutting down a quarter of the federal government [again!] - and it now heads to the President's desk for his signature [fingers crossed]. Here is what we know about the spending package so far:

  • Does not include back pay for GovCons [WTF.]

  • Continues to prohibit agencies from conducting large-scale reorganizations and reallocation of offices without explicit permission from Congress [ehm...remember that whole OPM HR moving to GSA thing?]

  • The Technology Modernization Act receives an additional $25M + OPM will receive another $14M for modernization efforts

  • DOI receives $14M in new funding to begin re-organizing BLM, FWS, NPS, USGS, and BIA.

  • USDA receives $23B in discretionary funding

  • DOT/IRS receives $11.3B in funding which includes $90M for operations + $40M for business systems modernization + $77M for Tax Cuts and Jobs Acts implementation 

  • USAID & DOS receive at least $415M for humanitarian relief along the western border + $1B toward peacekeeping activities + $1.4B to respond to the refugee crisis overseas + $1.2B for global nutrition programs 

  • DOC/NIST receives $985M in funding, while DOC/Census receives more than $1B to prepare for 2020 decennial [better late than never?]

  • GSA takes a hit - falling $847M below the President's request

  • NASA receives $21.5B in funding [they really want to get back to the moon

  • DOJ receives at least $563M in funding to DOJ/EOIR to address the current backlog in the courts 

  • DHS receives $49B in funding which includes $100M for border security technology + $59M for at least 600 new DHS/CBP officers + $9.5M for DHS/USS for overtime pay and to boost staffing + $11M in funding for DHS/CISA + $12M in funding for DHS/FEMA

*Reminder, it takes around 60-90 days for the money to flow down from appropriations so be careful about scheduling those summer vacations!* 



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