Pulse Pipeline Playbook (December 13, 2018)

Pulse Pipeline Playbook (December 13, 2018)

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Our Playbooks are available for individual purchase and are easily downloadable for direct incorporation into your pipeline. Scroll down for additional information on what contracts and events are included.

Here is an example of what your GovCon pipeline can look like in just one fiscal year.

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This weeks exposé is themed! In honor of the almost ~2K SeaPort-NxG GovCon awardees, we have decided to focus a majority of our Pipeline Playbook on helping your BD team get a head start on pipeline & capture planning. Specifically, our Pre-Solicitation tab includes opportunities we believe are locked and loaded for the NxG vehicle. As a bonus, we have included two extra tabs to our Playbook this week which includes:

  • SeaPort-E Summary Tables (2004 - Present) highlighting total obligations per GovCon vendor, total obligations per set-aside, total obligations per task order, and total obligations per each Ordering Activity.

  • SeaPort-E Task Order Award Report (2004 - Present) which includes the raw data on each task order awarded under the vehicle (i.e. task order number, zone, competition, customer, awardee, award date, the potential value, ordering activity, and end date).


3 Canceled Bids

DOI/BIA. Counseling Services for Special Education Students.
Functional Area: Professional Support Services
Potential Value: -

DLA. H60 Performance-Based Supply Chain Management Support.
Functional Area: Products and Materials
Potential Value: $55M

USCYBERCOM. Tools Acquisition and Capability Integration IDIQ.
Functional Area: R&D
Potential Value: -

5 Pre-Sol Bids

USN/NAVSUP. D310-Database administration.
Functional Area: Information Technology
Potential Value: $-

USN/SPAWAR. PEO EIS Professional Support Services (PSS).
Functional Area: Program Support Services
Potential Value: $250M

USN/NAVSUP. Diving Technical and Operational Support Services to assist Explosive Ordnance Disposal Expeditionary Support Unit 1.
Functional Area: Logistics Support Services
Potential Value: $4M

USN/NAVSUP. Technical Support Services as required, shall include using Intelligence Workbook to update and maintain NAVIFOR total workforce.
Functional Area: Information Technology Support
Potential Value: $-

USN/NAVSUP. Continuous Monitoring Program (CMP).
Functional Area: Information Technology Support
Potential Value: $-

19 Awarded Bids

USN/NSWC. SeaportNxG.
Potential Value: $5B

USAF. Hanscom_DevSecOps_(HmC).
Potential Value: $-

USAF. Blended Union Of Galvanics and Hacker Operated Unconventional Software Exploration (BUGHOUSE).
Potential Value: $6M

DOE. Technical Support Services for Hanford Site, Richland, Washington.
Potential Value: $50M

DOT/FAA. Drone and NextGen Federal Advisory Committee Support Services IDIQ.
Potential Value: $-

SBA-ODA. Data Analysis and Loan Recommendation Services.
Potential Value: $100M

USN/SPAWAR. The Dolus Project Extension.
Potential Value: $44M

USDA/RD. Broadband Pilot Program Proposal Processing Support Services Requirement.
Potential Value: $16M

USDA/RD. Procurement for Broadband Pilot Program Technical Assistance Support Services.
Potential Value: $14M

DHS/OCPO. HSPD-12 Program and Card Management Support Sole Source.
Potential Value: $28M

GSA/PBS. Michigan Administrative Support Services.
Potential Value: $2M

NASA/SSC. Research and Development Services from the Mississippi Research Consortium.
Potential Value: $10M

HHS/CMS. Financial Reporting J&A.
Potential Value: $21M

HHS/CMS. Medicare Supplier/Provider Site Visit Verification for Fraud Prevention.
Potential Value: $41M

WHS. Information Support Services.
Potential Value: $8M

DHA. Reserve Health Readiness Program Bridge.
Potential Value: $998M

USN/SPAWAR. DOD Enterprise Software Initiative (ESI) BPA.
Potential Value: $3B

USAF. Cognitive Human Enhancements For Cyber Reasoning Systems (CHECR) software system.
Potential Value: $11M

HHS/NIH. Sudden Death in the Young Case Registry (SDY) - Data Coordinating Center Biospecimen and Consent Activities (DCC).
Potential Value: $2M

17 Upcoming Events

December 15-16, 2018Eastern Foundry and AWS Small Business Hackathon.

+15 more...it's slow over the winter holidays! 

23 Past Events

December 12, 2018. CXO Tech Forum: AI & Big Data in Government
December 11, 2018. EAGLE BOA Holder Meeting
November 29, 2018. NOAA NMITS Industry Day

+20 more…