Top FY19 Opportunity List Comparisons

Top FY19 Opportunity List Comparisons

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When developing your pipeline, it can be tempting to take the “Top 20” lists you see on LinkedIn as law. We prefer to do our own due diligence. The Pulse pulled the data from these top lists to aid you in understanding which contracts are worth your time, and which GovCon opportunities are better left on the table. Are some of these Top FY19 opportunities worth another look? We will let you be the judge.

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What’s Included?

For this report, The Pulse compared “Top FY19 Opportunity” presentations from your known GovCon databases. We researched their rankings for accuracy, analyzed the consistency of information across the procurement scene, and provided our own conclusions based on a combination of our research mixed with industry whispers. Some the identified “Top FY19 Opportunities” were already active on the street – we decided to remove those and mix in some of our favorites – and highlighted those that we didn’t think were worthy.

In total, The Pulse analyzed 20 upcoming Federal GovCon opportunities ranging from Defense to Civilian support. We looked at everything from actual funding spent under the current program, the history of the incumbent, competition summary, and Congressional, industry, and media updates.

This report covers the following opportunities: 

  • U.S. Navy Marine Corps Recruiting Command (MCRC) Advertising Services (Solicitation No. M9549418020)

  • DOL/SOL OCFO Financial Services

  • DOJ/FBI IT Triple S (Solicitation No.: ITTripleSSpecialNotice)

  • VA Pharmaceutical Prime Vendor (PPV II) (Solicitation No.: 36W79718Q9091)

  • DHS EAGLE III (Solicitation No.: W52P1J17R0059)

  • DISA Defense Enterprise Office Solution (DEOS) (Solicitation No.: 47QTCA19Q0001)

  • FAA Enterprise Network Services Program (FENS) (Solicitation No.: 30994)

  • NOAA Mission Information Technology Services (NMITS) (Solicitation No.: NAAAA001860000)

  • HHS/CMS Research Measurement Assessment Design and Analysis (RMADA 2) (Solicitation No.: 75FCMC19R0003)

  • GSA AEC Federal Strategic Sourcing Initiative for Building Maintenance and Operations Unrestricted Phase 3 Zone 7 through 14 (FSSI BMO FO) (Solicitation No.: FACILITIESMAINTENANCE18HAC)

  • GSA 8(a) STARS III 

  • U.S. Army Information Technology Enterprise Solutions Software 2 (ITES-SW2) (Solicitation No.: W52P1J18R0075)

  • DOE Management and Operation of the Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL M&O)

  • U.S. Army Operation of Lake City Ammunition Plant and Production of Small Caliber Ammunition (LCAAP) (Solicitation No.: W52P1J17R0141)

  • DHS First Source Information Technology Commodity Solutions III (FIRSTSOURCE III)

  • DOE Central Plateau Cleanup Contract (CPCC) (Solicitation No.: 89303318REM000008)

  • GSA HCATS SB Pool 1 (Solicitation No.: 47QREB18R0001)

  • GSA 2nd Generation Information Technology BPA (2GIT) (Solicitation No.: 47QTCA19Q0009)

  • NASA Rapid Spacecraft Acquisition IV (RAPID IV) (Solicitation No.: RFI2018RapidIV)

  • DOS VISA Support Services Program (Solicitation No.: 19AQMM18R0428)