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Dedicated to delivering succinct, substantive, snapshots of Federal contract status, which we consider to be the lifeblood of the GovCon world.

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Research is the backbone that keeps The Pulse alive. It supports the interconnections found in our content and it gives us an outlet for our obsessive need to know all things GovCon-related.  Do you need help researching a GovCon topic? Would you like it neatly packaged and presented in a printable flyer or report?

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Why is our research different?

The Pulse conducts research to inform action.

One problem that often plagues market research is the disconnect that exists between those who conduct research (us) and those who are positioned to implement the research findings (your audience). This disconnect prevails because the research product is oriented to a broad, institutional audience rather than to the day-to-day needs of large, medium, and small GovCons. The Pulse is working to take steps to overcome this barrier and provide actionable intelligence for your audience, which can be implemented the minute they re-enter the GovCon universe.


What can The Pulse create for you?

Anything! We don’t do a one-size fits all approach to our research. Tell us your vision and let’s collaborate to make a useful takeaway for your audience. Still not convinced? Check out what others are saying about our work.


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