What's Included?


Each article focuses on a different topic, but they all include the following elements:


GovCon Pulse Insights (GovCon PI)

Containing contract information relevant to the context of the article (i.e. contracts for the subject agency, contracts that pertain to the subject trend, etc.). These reports include pre-solicitation, active, and awarded bids.


analysis & data breakdowns

Analysis and data breakdowns from a variety of sources to include USASpending.gov and FPDS.


Analysis of fedgov procurement spending & trends

Analysis of FedGov procurement spending and trends to assist with business development and customer relationship strategy.


Other Resources

Links to other Industry and FedGov publications



What Makes us Different

This is our take on “thought leadership” — where we make GovCon connections so you don’t have to.



Honesty > Sugar Coating and Alarmism

Some of the industry articles out there are written through rose-colored glasses, while reading others you’d think our world is imploding. We take the hyperbolism out of GovCon.


Our own research > Article Piggybacking

Other publications will read what their “competimates” say and then repackage it without doing their own analysis. Not The Pulse. We don’t start writing our articles with someone else’s conclusion.


Mythbusting > Hot-Button Topics

The Pulse takes hot-button issues out there that have been beaten into the ground, and then verifies and extrapolates the claims.



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