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The Pulse
Dedicated to delivering succinct, substantive, snapshots of Federal contract status, which we consider to be the lifeblood of the GovCon world.

Adding the human element back into GovCon so that you can bid with intent.


What We Do

GovCon has developed an over-reliance on bulky, expensive subscription services that are used to fill the void of meaningful business development. The Pulse of GovCon is different. We identify impactful contracts and events across the FedGov universe. This information is not exhaustive, but it is contextual. We are not only telling you the what – we strive to make connections that provide you with the why.


Our Research

Research is the backbone that keeps The Pulse alive. It supports the interconnections found in our content and it gives us an outlet for our obsessive need to know all things GovCon-related. Our research offerings include:


Our Purpose

Simplicity is the name of our game. We know GovCon is engorged, stuffy and cumbersome, but not us. The Pulse provides succinct, bite-sized access and editorial insight on the status of impactful contracts across all FedGov Agencies.


Our Sources

We can't reveal our sources. Kidding - they are the same ones you use. The Pulse just monitors them more frequently and with more enthusiasm.; Expensive Industry Databases; Congressional Appropriations & Legislation; Industry Publications; Industry TV Shows & Industry Podcasts; News Media; Twitter; LinkedIn  



Research that makes a difference.



We are data literalists.

Putting your trust into one expert or system who seems to “have all the answers” is just the blind leading the blind. Let us help you develop strategies with real facts, figures and trends.


We are your force multiplier.

Feel like you are missing out on GovCon industry insight? Have the skill but not the manpower? Let us be your force multiplier.



We bring in the voices of subject experts.

Tired from hearing from the same voices that have rotated among the GovCon panel circuit for years? Yeah, us too.


We save you time.

FBO, Acquisition Gateway, USA Spend, FPDS – the list goes on. You don’t have the time to be monitoring these sites 24x7, so let us obsess for you.


Our Story

Picture it - two twenty-somethings in a love/hate relationship with GovCon…



Three Cheers for The Pulse!